Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 23

Two of Us

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 06, 2007 on CBS
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A high school student goes missing after leaving her prom early to get some rest in her hotel room, leaving behind a bloody dress and a lot of questions about what may have happened to her.

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  • [Sam finds a guy locked in a trunk] Sam: See, this is why I didn't go to my Prom. All is not as it appears when a girl goes missing from her prom. One of my fave episodes. (CONTAINS SPOILERS)moreless

    I've seen this episode like 3 times and it's still a fave. The plot was not outlandish, the writing was good, and the minor parts were well-cast. I think the girl who played Ella should have been the one cast as young Sam in the episode 'At rest' as she looks more like Poppy Montgomery than that other girl did. Is it possible that the name of Ella is a reference to Cinderella, running from the ball at the stroke of midnight? Just speculation.

    On some episodes the minor characters serve only to further the plot with information, but Ella's two parents and Alex's (callous, as it turns out) Father were well-developed and as time passes you see why they would run away. I also liked the friend of Alex's with the dog (cute and helpful, but none too bright).

    For a show that commonly uses the flash-back method, you don't often see the interplay between the truth in flashbacks and falsehood in them. In this case, the play between what Seth told them happened (he was making out with Ella when there was a knock, and someone knocked him down with the door) VS. what really happened (he was about to rape Ella when an expected knock came, and he knocked Alex down with the door) was noticeable, and I liked it.

    I found the idea that Seth went to group therapy purely to get information from Ella a bit far fetched, but still interesting. Also interesting was the ending. I liked Jack's chewing them out at the end, but I must say considering the morass of spiteful parents and drug problems I'm glad that the episode ended so well. What, would it have been better to find Ella locked up in a cage? (whoops, that hasn't happened yet...) Maybe he was annoyed at losing ten bucks to Vivian when he bet that Seth locked himself in the trunk

    Also, who did Ella remind him of? For us to guess, I guess.

    Anyways, a fine episode in my books.moreless
  • What seems to be an open and shut case

    What seems to be a "simple" open and shut case with a prom girl wanting to get some rest as well as her going missing with a bloody dress. Turns out to be very complicated as the young boyfriend wasn't really murdered. As he and she really wanted to get married. Loved it when Jack yelled at all in the end. You can't blame him for yelling at the parents and the kids for wasting their time when they could have been investigating other case.moreless
  • A seemingly obvious case takes some great turns with a surprisingly upbeat ending.

    At the start, this ep seemed so obvious: Missing girl at the prom, bloody dress, it seemed either abducted and killed or had a baby and went off alone. Finding her still moping over the death of her boyfriend seemed to confirm the dark fate in store for her.

    But then the show has the great twist that the boyfriend was never dead at all. That had the interesting dynamic of the dad who had basically made a new career talking about his son's murder realizing it was in jeopardy. While you can blame him for being selfish, he did raise the good defense that he was making his son's death more meaningful than his life had been. Still, it seemed a sad ending was in line and thus it was quite surprising that the end was not only good but even funny with Jack yelling at the two for wasting the FBI's manpower but then saying "after meeting your parents, I can understand." His reaction finding out these two crazy kids got married was hilarious as he just sits down and lets them deal with their parents. So an ep that looked dark instead ends on a up tone and it's the great twists like that which make this show so enthralling to watch.moreless

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