Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • his was the last episode. I would've certainly love to watch more of WAT, but instead of colouring this review with bitterness and what-might-have-beens, I prefer to use it to say a big "Thanks" to all the actors, and the team who made the show possible.

    Well what can I say? It was a wonderful seven years, and a wonderful show. Definitely one of my very favourites. I enjoyed it very much, had come to love every character and to anticipate each new episode every week. But now it's over. CBS has officially cancelled it. This was the last episode. I would've certainly love to watch more of WAT, but instead of colouring this review with bitterness and what-might-have-beens, I prefer to use it to say a big "Thanks" to all the actors, and the team who made the show possible. I will be missing Jack very much, he was a great character portrayed by a great actor, but the rest of the team as well. Martin, Vivian, Danny and Elena, Samantha, all of them will be missed. Thanks guys for a great seven years! Hope to see you somewhere else in the future.

    Now to the actual episode, I must admit that it was below my expectations for the show's finale. The case was nothing extraordinary, not that it wasn't interesting but I expected something with more impact on the viewer. It was the last case after all. However, I liked Jack's moments with little Travis, he is a natural with kids and it's touching to see how he makes it up as he goes along, being as uncertain and worried as the kid itself. He's not one of those grown-ups who look down at kids and try to impose on them, being completely sure of what they're doing, but the exact opposite. He is constantly aware of the possibility of mistakes, and I believe that's a great quality in a parent. I also loved the scene where he and Vivian walked out of the crime scene teasing eachother. Two senior partners enjoying a moment on the job, knowing they can depend on one another at all times. That was great to see.

    Jack seems to be absolutely committed to fixing his relationship with his daughters. He knows his life will never be complete without them, and in this episode he makes the decision to follow that certaintly instead of trying to juggle everything - his relationship with Samantha and her son, as well as his own daughters.

    Samantha on the other hand makes the same decision, choosing the simple, uncomplicated life with Brian and their son being a family. Her attraction for Brian had started to show in the previous episodes so it was kind of expected, but I think the way it was shown in this epi was a little rushed. Especially the conversation between Jack and Samantha, that was horrible. They seemed to be reaching to that conclusion way too quickly, the whole dialogue seemed staged. I know it's how things work sometimes in life, people drift apart and relationships just kind of fall apart, but I can't accept that after everything they've been through, the only thing left between Jack and Samantha is embarrassment... They deserved a better ending. And that's my main objection to the finale. That and the fact that I wanted to see Danny and Elena's wedding! We've been waiting all season for that!

    However, it's over now and nothing we can do or say will bring it back. So thanks to everyone for this great show, and best of luck for the future! You will be missed.
  • After a late night dive, a man disappears and the team tries to determine the cause of his disappearance. Meanwhile, Danny and Elena prepare to make the next step in their relationship.

    I must say that this episode is the most disappointing one ever..And i am talkin about Jack and Sam relationship which i always have been a fan of. In this last episode i was sure they will sort their relationship out, once and for all; especially after 7 years by closing a chapter in their long love rollecoaster. The fact that Sam allows this man she barely knows move in with her, did not make sense to me at all and the end of the episode was even more painful when i had to watch the scene in the office where Sam leaves Jack for who? A guy from one night stand? That was completely non-sense and out of reality...We did deserve a better finale than this, with Sam and Jack ending up together, they relly deserved a chance, the writers did a very bad job and they will be not forgiven this time. What they were thinking really...I hope if there will be another season this big mistake will be sorted...
  • So that's it folk's cbs have cancelled without a trace so make the most of it this is the last and final episode

    Did wonder if this was going to be the final episode of the complete series for the way they showed the end with Jack, Martin, Sam, Vivian, leaving the Office to go to Elena's and Danny's wedding then camera zooms in on the Missing people's notice board with all the peoples faces flashing of all the missing people that they have investigated this season, that's it. Without a trace will be missed.
  • a man goes missing after going for a dive the team dont know who could've taken him danny and elena get married and the worst thing ever jack and sam finish something to do with always having bad timing (which just isnt true and thats it)

    could've had better finale there is no way jack and sam should've finished they have been inlove for over 7 yrs and deserved the chance to give there relationship another go.when they got together all the JSR fans were really happy it's really sad it had to finish i still cant believe it what is the point in having a brilliant relationship and then just ending it if they knew they were gonna finish the show they shouldve done it so jack and sam stayed together or sam could've left and jack couldve went after her and been together always.
  • NOTE: If you want to watch this episode in its entirety watch the original airing. The repeat on 8/2/09 on CBS cut off the ending with the montage of the people who were missing persons on the show.

    It was a good ending to the show. If the show had continued I think they would had to get rid of a couple of characters and add at least one new major character to fill the void of the character or characters leaving. The Samantha and Jack relationship story arc was getting old. They could have had a story arc with Martin getting promoted and meeting some upper level FBI woman that he gets involved with had the show gone on. But I don't think the Danny and Elena Marriage story would have been very interesting had the show gone on. Vivian could also been promoted to a new task force that looks over specific kinds of missing persons cases like they had her do with that sex slave ring a while back if they brought back the show.
  • The seventh season (and the series) ends with the team investigating the disappearance of a man who vanished after a late night dive. Elsewhere, Jack struggles with his daughter Hannah's decision to move back to Chicago.

    It's too bad that CBS decided to cancel "Without a Trace". Maybe the network should have allowed one more season so the writers/producers could bring the show to a more satisfying conclusion. This episode is not terrible, but not a fitting way to end the series. The story and acting were all well and good, but I found myself just not getting involved in the episode and not really caring about how the investigation turned out or the stories involving Jack and Samantha's personal lives. Life goes on, but "Without a Trace" deserved a chance for a better final episode.
  • A man goes missing after a suspicious night dive. Jack's and Samantha's relationship

    I feel very emotional right now! i'm gone miss this show!
    i started watching it randomly and it must be at season 5 when a became serius fan!

    The dive-missing story wasn't a great storyline for a season or series finale, it could be an ordinary episode! The real interest part was the Jack-Samantha-Brian triangle!
    I didn't like the how easy they broke up, all that about "bad timing".
    Really??? Really???
    and they just finish it???
    so Jack could spent more time as a father and Samantha be with Brian? are they kidding?? this is the finale? and then they all go to the wedding???

    I just didn't expect it! and i think it was a bad finale! they could make it better!