Without a Trace

Season 5 Episode 8

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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2006 on CBS
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Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Alex Stark after his girlfriend reports him missing, and soon learn that Alex didn't own a cleaning business like he said he did but was actually involved in an illegal gambling operation. Jack goes undercover at a club that Alex would gamble at to find out what happened to him, and ends up being taken hostage by an associate of Alex's who becomes convinced that Jack is actually there to kill her. Unfortunately for Jack, his team believes that he has changed his cover story and has no idea that he's actually been kidnapped.moreless

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  • Jack goes undercover at an illegal gambling operation in an attempt to track down a man who had a hand in the operation. However things take an unforseen turn and Jack finds himself taken hostage and submitted to a horrifying interrogation.moreless

    I did like this episode but the interrogation scenes are definitely very difficult to watch. I'm surprised that the show took such a turn to brutal violence. I know November is sweeps month but I believe Without a Trace went too far this time. Anthony Lapaglia gives a great performance as usual so there is something positive to say about this episode but it is definitely not one I plan to watch again anytime soon. At least not right after I have eaten.moreless
  • A scary look into just how dangerous it can be for an FBI agent...

    Granted, this was a well-wriiten episode of Without a Trace-- one of the best written episodes in the show\'s history. However, I feel that this episode would have been a lot easier to watch if not for its graphic torture of Agent Jack Malone. I will say this though: it will remain in your mind long after you watch it and re-appear everytime you watch the show.
  • Jack gets the bejezus kicked out of him.

    This was a pretty good episode. At first, I wasn\'t really interested in the Alex guy going missing, but I thought it was awesome how they went right into Jack getting kidnapped pretty early on in the show. That was pretty intense and made me sit there and wonder how they were going to find him. That lady.....OH MY!!! That lady was evil and I felt no sympathy for her when she was killed at the end, even if she thought she was doing it for her son. The best part of the epi....THE BANTER!!!! The team seemed more like a family in this one. Bestest part ever was Viv, Jack and Martin\'s scene. Props to Elena in this one, I thought she was hilarious starting the pool. Of course, all of my reviews have to add something about Martin, my boyfriend. I have decided I really like it when he laughs, his whole face lights up with that gorgeous smile and he just looks ten years younger. On a side note, was his hair shorter in this ep??

    About Jack and Sam....what is going on? Is it me or does every epi this season have to add in a personal conversation between these two?? Look, obviouosly I am pro Martin/Sam, but I\'ll take them never being together again over Jack and Sam reuniting....that is just so pathetic. I\'ll still watch the show, but that would irk the hell out of me.moreless
  • Acting and writing saves this really grossed out show.

    Don't usually like blood or gore at all myself

    As this really was too much to stomach as Jack goes

    Undercover as a gambling associate only to have the case go wrong as he is kidnapped himself as the person that kidnapped him tortures him all throughout the show from anything and everything you can possibly think of.

    As the team themselves must work against the clock to try to save one of their own from being a statistic.

    Writing and acting save this blood and gore show!moreless
  • Normally I don't mind a bit of gore, but this episode I couldn't watch!

    I am like the hardest person to gross out. Or to scare with grusome stuff, such as stuff that is show on these crime shows. And normally, Without A Trace is pretty easy to watch as it isn't as gorey as CSI, Criminal Minds, etc. But this episode, I honestly had to just cover my eyes and mute it for most of it. I just couldn't bear it. Definitly take head of that viewer discression. The whole mystery was a bit confusing on my end, quite ossibly because I refused to listen to most of it, but oh well. I did enjoy the scenes where they were betting on how much Jack would lose!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Promotional spots for this episode included a missing person's alert for Jack Malone that gave his date of birth as January 14, 1959, his missing date as November 12, 2006, age as 47, height as 6'0", weight as 190 lbs, hair and eyes and brown, and 'last seen' location as New York, New York.

    • When the team were betting on how Jack would do, Danny, Elena, Vivian and Martin all bet that he would lose everything. No one bet that he would lose half, and Samantha gave him the benefit of the doubt by betting that he would break even.

    • Jack had his appendix taken out when he was 32. He tells Cynthia it was removed at St. Vincent's, but it isn't clear if that was part of his cover.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jack Malone: Heard you took the long odds on me.
      Samantha Spade: I'm glad I was right.
      Jack Malone: Me too.

    • (Sam threatens the guard at the club for Jack's whereabouts.)
      Guard: I got nothing to say.
      Samantha Spade: I'm going to ask you one more time have you seen him?
      Guard (looks at her gun): You won't do it.
      Samantha Spade (quietly): You have no idea what I will do.

    • (Cynthia believes Jack was sent to kill her, and tells him to contact the people who sent him.)
      Jack Malone: What if they tell me to put a bullet in you?
      Cynthia: Then that's what I do with you.

    • Martin Fitzgerald: I'd be more than happy to go in. (Silence from Jack and Vivian.) What?
      Jack Malone: Do you remember the last time you played poker? You went all in with a 7, 2.
      Martin Fitzgerald: Sometimes it hits.
      Jack Malone: Yeah? When?
      Vivian Johnson: Then who, she asks, already knowing the answer.
      Jack Malone: Hey, the next time we investigate an illegal chess operation it will be your turn, okay?

    • Samantha Spade: Wow. Jack can't seem to catch a break, huh?
      Elena Delgado: You're the only one who's backing him. Do you really think he's that good?
      Samantha Spade: Honestly, I just figured I'd go for the long shot.

    • Elena Delgado: (to Martin) So we're doing a pool. How much money Jack is going to lose when he's under. So what can I put you down for?

    • (Jack is going undercover at an illegal gambling parlor.)
      Vivian Johnson: Just be careful with the government's money.
      Jack Malone: Why? They're not.
      (Martin and Vivian both laugh.)

    • Danny Taylor: (on his cell phone) I want to change my bet about Jack.
      Elena Delgado: (in the office on speakerphone) Nope, sorry, you can't. I wrote it in Sharpie. Bye. (disconnects)

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: August 26, 2009 on Nrk1
      Slovakia: October 18, 2010 on Markiza

    • This episode contained a missing person's alert for Tariq Elsafi, who was kidnapped in 2003 by his father, Ahmed Elsafi. Elsafi shared joint custody of Tariq and his sister Sarah with their mother, and did not return the children after a scheduled two-day visit. It is believed that Elsafi may have left the country with his son and daughter.

    • This episode included the following information at the beginning:



    • Jack Malone: Lady, I'll put the lotion in the basket, whatever you want. This line, coming soon after Cynthia kidnapped him, is a sarcastic reference to the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs.

    • Cynthia Neuwirth: You know what Joe Torre says.
      Jack Malone: Oh, I don't know, what? Go Yankees? Cynthia Neuwirth: Win today. And all he's got is George Steinbrenner to worry about.

      At the time of this episode, Joe Torre and George Steinbrenner were the manager and owner of the New York Yankees respectively. "We play today, we win today" is being attributed to Torre in this episode, but it is actually a term coined by Mariano Duncan.