Wives & Daughters

Episode 2

Episode 2


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As she comforts Mrs. Hamley, who is upset about Osborne??s banishment from the house, Molly realizes the declining state of the frail woman??s health. Later, Molly finds herself comforting the entire grief-stricken family. Molly returns home to find that her new mother has made some changes to the household. Molly soon discovers the outwardly sweet woman is selfish and manipulative at heart, but she looks forward to the arrival of her new stepsister, Cynthia, who is studying abroad. A visit from a former acquaintance elicits strange reactions from both Cynthia and her mother. Roger encounters Cynthia at a local card party and is captivated by her. The reason for Osborne??s excessive spending and unexplained trips are revealed.moreless
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family tragedy, dysfuntional families, for the aarp crowd, for women, gender roles