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  • Season 5
    • Goodbye Wizadora
      Goodbye Wizadora
      Episode 7
      Wizadora Is Rushing about because she needs to pack for her holiday, where Hangle is trying to help. Meanwhile the draw people are trying to get in Hangles good books by cleaning his cupboard. Then Suddenly, pheobe's phone begins to ring, its Wizadoras Parents, saying she's going on holiday and staying with them for the future. Making everybody sad and making her say no, Tatty tries to persuade Wizadora, what will we do without her, but Wizadora has to go, so she packs her backs and says her found farewell to the kitchen. But in the garden everybody is waiting for one last goodbye. Will her last goodbye be final....???????moreless
    • I'm In Charge
      I'm In Charge
      Episode 6
    • Whats Yours Is Mine
    • The Jumble Sale
      The Jumble Sale
      Episode 4
      Wizadora is wanting to get rid of some her old junk, so she has a clear out. While the draw people have stole some biscuit and munching on those, Hangle is in a bad mood because he's lost his new teddy. Meanwhile, Tatty is making a very big invention for his jumble sale, and isn't doing to badly, except the crows keep distracting him. When Pippa calls round, she has a present for Wizadora, and Hangle finds his teddy. Later, everybody goes to Tattys Jumble Sale, and Hangle finds a replica of his new teddy, but where's the draw people...Can Wizadora Find Out?moreless
    • The Useful Spell
      The Useful Spell
      Episode 3
      Pippa Need something to deliver the post more quickly and wants to be there fast, so Wizadora looks for a spell in her book. Meanwhile the draw people need something with fast wheels, so they can cause mischeif. But when Wizadora does the spell for Pippa, the draw get caught in the spell and get them-self a skateboard, so they hop on board and cause chaos for Stan. Pippa gets her fast wheels to, some rollerskates and Stan gets his very own shop-carrier, the skateboard.moreless
    • Things That Go Bump In The Night
      Its The Middle Of The Night, and everyone is asleep, except tatty. He was finishing his new invention called the sleepomometer and needed a tool box, he grabs a torch and goes in search for one, only to knock into everything in the dark. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Hangle hears noises and thinks theres a burgalar, and gets a shock by Tatty creeping inside. By all the confusion, everyone is woken up, except Wizadora, so they try to get her attention by making so noise. Eventually, Wizadora comes out of her bedroom and sorts everyone out, only to fall a sleep herself.moreless
    • Down Goes Top
      Down Goes Top
      Episode 1
      Wizadora is trying to make a potion for her wizards exam next month, and keeps getting distracted by the Draw people. Meanwhile Top has an argument with sticky & bottom and is forced to leave home, giving Sticky his place as The Top Draw. When Wizadora finds out, she furious and everyone searches in a desperate hunt for Top. Later, Hangle Gets a very nasty surprise in his cupboard.moreless
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