Wizards and Warriors

CBS (ended 1983)


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  • One of my favorite all time shows - Gone Far Too Soon

    My friend and I LOVED this show and have talked about missing it for years. Does anyone know if the actual episodes are online or available on dvd?

  • In the 60s "camp" was king. Shows like Batman tore up the ratings but audiences seemed to tire of camp fairly quickly. Since then a few shows have tried to recapture the camp enjoyment of Batman. Wizards and Warriors is the best of those.

    Wizards and Warriors came on the heels of the Conan movies and other "sword and sandal" epics. It was fantasy movie's answer to the 60s Batman. Pure camp. Pure absurdity. The show lasted only 8 episodes, but those of us who love camp still remember this series with fondness. In fact, it has grown to cult status.

    If you don't like camp (such as the 60s Batman) then avoid this by all cost, but if like off the wall self reverential fun, this is the series for you. Interestingly enough some directors, like John Carpenter, even borrowed some things from this short lived series. For example, those of you who remember Big Trouble in Little China may remember the hokum macho line, "I was born ready." What you may not know is that that line was borrowed from Wizards and Warriors.

    The show featured Clive Revill, a well known English actor, as well as Jeff Conaway, Julia Duffy, and Randi Brooks. Julia Duffy was reunited with fellow Newhart actor Thomas Hill in this show as well. It was also directed by famed Incredible Hulk actor Bill Bixby.

    Interestingly, the studios decided to air "Unicorn of Death" as the first episode. This fact alone may have help speed the demise of the show. Not only was this one of the weaker episodes, but because it a late production episode, many of the characters were already "in character" meaning that the audience was sometimes unaware of the in jokes and rivalries. For a self reverential TV show, this is death. The first episode left many wondering if this a campy comedy or just plain bad! The next episode aired (the true pilot) dispelled any doubt for those who watched it, but the ratings were already rock bottom. The show was cancelled after only eight episodes, but it is still fondly remembered by its many cult fans.
  • not bad

    this show was not that bad for 1983. i do not know how many episodes actually ever got aired. i think i saw it replayed on the sci fi channel in the early nineties. like i said it was pretty cool for the times i am suprised it ever got made to tell the truth.