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Wizards of Waverly Place is about a family of with 3 children who are wizards. But, Only one child from each family can keep thier powers and when they learn enough they compete to win the family powers. There's Alex who doesn't really care about life and uses magic to do things she thinks are hard which usually makes things worse. Justin is the oldest russo child and is very smart and plans on becoming the family wizard. Max is the youngest and the spells he uses usually backfire. He is odly the farthest in the competition since his two older siblings were set back from the Competition for revealing the secret. Harper Finkle knows the Russo's secret and lives with them. She is Alex's best friend. The series won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children's Program of 2008-2009 and 2011-2012.

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Fan Reviews (252)

  • One of the last good shows on Disney

    This show was really good at first but I hated it in the last few seasons. The actors were good and it was funny. When it ended, there was only 1 other good sitcom- Good Luck Charlie. Now that that's gone, there are no good sitcoms. This is a lot like Harry Potter, which I like and is one of the main reasons I like this. I wish this would come back.moreless
  • Recommended for the guys who like the magic theme

    The show is good enough to watch but it is not strong enough to be my favorite. Selina Gomez really has been good with her role and some of the other actors actually did a decent job but I found most of the plot lines too shallow and dry. I`d recommend it if you are into wizardry but if your looking for really high quality, forget this show and keep looking.moreless
  • Disney ruins what was an interesting formula.

    When I heard there was a show about wizards learning how to use their powers by DISNEY of all companies, at first I was excited.

    But then the horrid truth still remained in the back of my head, that this show would have a canned laugh track, a couple of obnoxious characters, and stupid scenarios sometimes barely focusing on magic.

    and that's exactly what I got.

    I didn't mind it for the first season, but man the show went weak from there on out.

  • wizards of waverly place -where it went so wrong

    the answer on most fans lips about why did the show

    ended up dipping was this it went from a good family

    comedy show to the realms of buffy and twilight by

    having the lead characters alex and justin have

    unconvensional lovers like for alex a werewolf

    called mason and justin's vampire girlfriend juliette

    that her father alucard is dracula backwards that

    both lovers revealed they were once lovers that ended

    up in a battle in resorting to alex getting hearbroken

    the biggest mistake in family tv is including love

    the show almost became a dramedie and in the

    episode eat to the beat alex became realy nasty

    towards justin by calling him a joke thanks to stevies

    intravension stopped it before he got hurt bad the show

    basicaly lost it's magic after season 2 thats why it went so wrong.

    frankie (cool rider ) smales

    frankie smales tv and movie review ukmoreless
  • It's Magic this show some what funny

    Yeah it's kind of funny. But it's far from great. Or even good. But I feel like they turn clever characters into idiots. Max Russo started out as a witty kid who towards the end of the show became so dumb it was ridicules. I never liked the story or even the CGI but it was funny enough to get a pass for a lot of it. But at the end of the day it's not good enough to recommend. The dialogue is of mixed quality and goes from a great joke down to garbage. The acting is descent and the story is nonexistent but theres not much to say so if it sounds up your alley and you like the clips watch it and enjoy.moreless

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