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Wizards of Waverly Place is about a family of with 3 children who are wizards. But, Only one child from each family can keep thier powers and when they learn enough they compete to win the family powers. There's Alex who doesn't really care about life and uses magic to do things she thinks are hard which usually makes things worse. Justin is the oldest russo child and is very smart and plans on becoming the family wizard. Max is the youngest and the spells he uses usually backfire. He is odly the farthest in the competition since his two older siblings were set back from the Competition for revealing the secret. Harper Finkle knows the Russo's secret and lives with them. She is Alex's best friend. The series won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children's Program of 2008-2009 and 2011-2012.


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    Fan Reviews (257)

    • Meh. It's okay

      I don't like this show but I thought season 3 and 4 were kind of good. I found season 1 and 2 super boring and the only reason I even watch it is because of Selena Gomez. I honestly don't see why people think this show is so great, it is just another boring Disney show.

      I love this show it is basically a combination of the Fairly Odd Parents and The Simpsons, it was a pretty hilarious and fun show
    • A good Disney Channel sitcom mixed with bad "Disney Kidcom" cliches

      WoWP was pretty good, for the most part. However it did suffer from a lot of cliches from worse shows like Hannah Montana, Shake It Up, and Dog With A Blog. Alex Russo was an okay protagonist but she could get pretty annoying fast. I liked how Harper dressed like it was the 50s or 60s but the story arc where Max was turned into a girl in season 4 was a pretty big "WTF!" moment! Other than that, this was an okay show. It's no Harry Potter but then again at the same time, it's no Hannah Montana, thank God!moreless
    • From Good to Bad

      I used to adore this series as a pre-teen. The only reason I watched it because of Selena Gomez. Wizards of Waverly Place is about a half Mexican and half Italian family called the Russo's who are wizards. There are three wizards: Alex, Justin, and Max. They are practicing to become a better wizard who is taught by their father, Jerry.

      The plot of the early season is Sabrina: The Teenage Witch meets Harry Potter. It felt like a parody of Harry Potter; they made made references of the books series throughout the show. Around season 3 and 4, the plot was complicatedin a terrible way. It became more Twilight by focusing more on the romance than on the adventure and coming-of-age story. What the writers did was a mistake. In fact, new directors and writers were hired to write the episodes between seasons 2 and 3. Season 1 was their best season. Even though the episodes became repetitive with Alex's troubles, it was still enjoyable and somewhat humorous. The writers put some effort in them. By the time it was mid-season 2 and 3, the series went downhill with its corny jokes, terrible plot lines. and over-exaggeration with their characters. They could have focused on character development instead of the romance. Instead, the writers turned this series into Hannah Montana and Twilight.

      The main characters of the series are Alex, Justin, Max, Harper, Theresa, and Jerry. They were quite likable in season 1, but by seasons 2 and 3, their personalities changed drastically. Alex went from troublemaker to an evil teen snark; Justin was geeky and kind, but turned into a mad-crazed scientist hypocrite; Max went from book dumb to too-stupid-to-live; Theresa was a good mother to Miss Piggy wannabe. The only character that had character development was Harper. During seasons 1 and 2, she was the girl who stalked Justin, but she became more likable around season 3. Why did the writers do that with the other characters? I guess they were too lazy to do so. There were some interesting recurring such as Gigi, Dean, and the Genie. But no. They all disappeared and brought horrible characters: Juliet and Mason. Mason was the main problem to the series. He was character that could have been based on a Twilight fan fiction. In other words, he is the love child of Edward and Jacob, but British. He was an eye-candy for the little girls (he was never attractive in my opinion). Seasons 3 and 4 were the "Mason" seasons. As the love interest of Alex (they are one of couples in Disney Channel history), he has to be mentioned in almost every single episode. What the heck writers? The worst part of the series was the romance between Alex and Mason. It was cheesy, predictable, and just painful to watch. Alex and Dean were a better couple/ WOWP would have been better if they have never added that so-called British werewolf.

      The actors were impressive and passionate in the beginning. They were witty and had good comic-timing. In later seasons, it looked like that they did not want to be there anymore. They did not put any effort. It is not their fault that their characters were annoying.

      The special effects was not good. The people never put any effort. It was either because it was of the productions fault or Disney in general. The music was okay, but it could have been better.

      In my opinion, Wizards of Waverly Place would have been better if it did not have a laugh track, had the same format as Phil of the Future, and focused more on the main plot. Wizards of Waverly was a good series in season 1, but after that, it suffered.

    • My character review

      Wizards Of Waverly Place follows the adventures of the Russos, a family of wizards living in New York disguised as humans. The series mainly focused on Alex Russo, the middle child in the Russo family who was known to use her powers for her own nefarious purposes and eventually having to solve the problems she caused along the way. In my opinion, it was an okay show, entertaining with a few things that bothered me.

      Alex Russo was a very laid back character. Though her sarcastic remarks can be entertaining, I feel that she is not a very good role model. She was very nonchalant, often doing things in her own way and time, and often had to correct her various mistakes, in both the wizard and mortal worlds. A specific thing that bothered me was a speech Alex gave in The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex. Though she was giving the message that you shouldn't let anyone change who you are, she also refused changing for the better, indirectly stating that is okay to be selfish and lazy if that is who you are.

      Justin Russo is a somewhat stereotyped character, often classified as nerdy or geeky to an extravagant extent (speaking an "alien language" with his best friend, running for student body president). I also found it annoying how he always seemed to belittle his siblings, constantly pointing out their flaws, though he seemed to have many of his own. Another thing that bothered me was his narcissism. He always seemed so sure he was going to win the wizard competition, and even went as far as to trash Alex in her celebratory speech, saying he should have won her award because of all of his achievements in "Wizard Of The Year".

      Max Russo was a character I never really found myself liking, often shaking my head at his stupidity (sorry WOMP fans, but there really is no other way to describe his intelligence). His jokes were a bit overrated, and his low intelligence was too exaggerated.

      Jerry Russo wasn't necessarily a likable or unlikable character; he was just, well, okay. He was rather clueless at times, but had his wise moments and seemed to be involved in his children's lives, unlike most current Disney Channel parents. I liked how he always watched out for Alex, especially in her times of need, and was fair with his punishments.

      Theresa Russo was always a character that greatly annoyed me. I hated that she, like her eldest son, was always a narcissist, but to a greater extent than he was. She always thought she was so young (I believe there was an episode where she even wore a skirt that belonged to Alex when she was younger) and beautiful, and oh so talented. She was clueless, more so than her husband, and wasn't as involved as he was, though she did seem to genuinely care when they had problems and often called Alex "Mija" .

      These are just my opinions, others may think differently.


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