Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 17

Alex Does Good

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 05, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Another episode which doesn't focus on Alex as a lazy, ignorant lady but as a more mature and understanding wizard

    Much like 'Art Teacher', this episode gives us Alex as a more mature an understanding character. She really was a different person in this episode and it was great to see her like this. It was a well made episode. The Max/Justin plot also was well done and overall the episode was well done
  • a hillarious awesome exciting Wizards of Waverly Place.


    a hilarious awesome, exciting Wizards of Waverly Place. I'm not a big fan of Wizards of Waverly Place season 2, but this episode was so hilarious and exciting. Wizards of Waverly Place keeps getting better and better. Ok the main plot was so funny and the Happy Helper Club was funny as well. Yes most of Disney Channel shows have a message but this message was entertaining. The Max/Justin plot was for the first time worse than the main plot but it was still pretty hilarious. Overall a perfect Wizards.

  • Fine example of why Wizards is different than the rest Disney's shows.

    I am in no way a good reviewer, but as an avid viewer of Disney's most recent, and past, live action offerings, I thought I'd chime in.

    Yes, most of Disney's shows share similar plot lines and "lessons learned" by the end of the episode, but what makes WOWP episodes good is the delivery. Most all of the WOWP cast are first and foremost, actors. They were not extremely famous (and at the risk of being type-casted), they were not promoted primarily as singers, and they weren't main characters in previous Disney installments.

    Now that that's out of the way, on to how this episode is actually a fine example.

    The actors/actresses have great comedic timing both in their dialogue and their actions. Mr. Laritate and Alex's interactions in most of the episodes are full of funny, playful banter, and this episode is no exception. In the scene near the beginning of the episode when Alex goes into Mr. Laritate's office, they turn dull small talk and serious lecturing into something extremely enjoyable to watch. They take a normally fearful scene (much like a student visiting the principal's office) and turn it into a series of seamless, comfortable, nonchalant actions: tapping of their mugs, Mr. Laritate sliding a napkin underneath Alex's feet, the two talking like they're old friends, etc.

    The writers of WOWP may not necessarily always write the best plot lines, but when they can slip a few "darker" lines into the dialogue in a predominantly family show, it always brings a smile to my face:
    "Then we can make fun of tourists who visit New York and visit chain restaurants." says Theresa, with an accompanied "I love you" approval from her husband.
    "I've got a suit I've been dying to wear since Grandma made that miraculous recovery" Justin says happily
    "It's about time I've got some appreciation, MOM" Harper remarks, continuing the ongoing joke of the Finkle's domestic troubles.

    Those are just a few examples (and you're probably sick of reading this review) but they show how the humor for WOWP is a lot more diverse than it is in, say, Hannah Montana and Cory in the House, where their idea of funny is ALWAYS somebody getting messy, somebody delivering a line poorly with an accompanied stupid face, or somebody doing something totally outrageous and not have the acting chops to turn a poorly written scene into something the audience doesn't have to cringe at. I'm not singling out HM or CITH, as many of Disney's recent shows and DCOMs fall victim to this.

    I know I haven't touched on a lot of stuff like Max's absent mindedness and ability to find humor in the worst situations, but it's there. Also, it was nice to see Justin and Max interactions. I might get completely discredited for the following statement, but I feel it has to be said: I am bummed there hasn't been much Jalex in the past few episodes. It's like the writers are purposely not putting them in the same scenes! Anyways...

    WOWP goes for, or tries to go for, a more mature approach in getting laughs through subtle actions mixed with great comedic timing. Now I'm not saying all of the actors should be nominated for Oscars or anything, but their skills definitely stand out, and set them far ahead of most of Disney's other live action shows.