Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 17

Alex Does Good

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 05, 2009 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • If you look closely at Alex's "Happy Helper's Club" binder, you can see she crossed out the symbol and wrote "Boo!" to rebel against the club, where the members only do mundane everyday tasks as good deeds to earn rewards.

    • This is the first time we see Mr. Laritate's office.

    • We learn that Harper's mother doesn't appreciate her.

    • Spells Featured:
      "I need to travel on my own, help me get there through this phone"- The ability to travel through a phone.
      "Pound for Pound, You're a Clown"- The ability to turn somebody into a clown.

    • Second appearance of Miss Majorhealey, this time as a teenager who has gotten used to being sixteen again. Her first appearance was in "Art Teacher" when Alex turned her back from a forty year old woman to a sixteen year old teenager.

  • Quotes

    • Alex: NO! I don't want a ribbon!
      Mr. Laritate: Well it's either the ribbon or suspension...
      Alex: Oh it's a lovely ribbon.

    • Max: Justin, one last favor. Could you maybe pretend to be the waiter so she doesn't know I'm being chaperoned?
      Justin: Yeah dude, no problem. I got a suit that I've been dying to wear ever since Grandma made that miraculous recovery.

    • Alex: (to Mr. Laritate) You're giving me an award for something I didn't even do? You honestly see nothing wrong with that!
      Harper: I don't. It's about time I got some appreciation, MOM!
      (everybody gives Harper an odd look, and she slowly hides behind her binder)

    • Max: Where did she get those clothes? Forever 1985?

    • Theresa: (about Justin chaperoning Max's date) Aw, my big boy looking after my little boy... (to Jerry) You're taking me out that night.
      Jerry: Movie in Time Square?
      Theresa: Yeah. Then we can go make fun of tourists who visit New York and eat at chain restaurants!
      Jerry: I love you.

    • Mr. Laritate: (to Alex) No more detention for you. I came to that decision when you brought a blow-up mattress and a clock radio that made ocean noises.

    • (In Mr. Laritate's office)
      Alex: Blueberry or apple?
      Mr. Laritate: Apple.
      Both: Two marshmallows.
      Alex: Hey, nice new Navaho Blanket.
      Mr. Laritate: Thanks, I picked it up at a yard sale.
      Alex: It really ties the room together.
      (They do cheers with their cups of hot chocolate)
      Mr. Laritate: You're in here way too often.
      Alex: Hey dude, that's your call not mine.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Max's clown look is very similar to Pennywise from Stephen King's novel "It".

    • Maggie is seen walking off chanting, "Sock it to 'em, Sock it to 'em." Maggie is played by Jo Anne Worley, who was a regular on the 1967 television series Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. One of the show's catchphrases was "Sock it to me."