Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 16

Alex in the Middle

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 15, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Jerry's fun-loving brother comes for a visit, Alex tries to get him to be her magic teacher instead of her strict dad.

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  • Again, not good

    I, to be perfectly honest, did not enjoy this episode. It was boring, Alex was cruel. It seemed so obvious that Alex wanted to hurt Jerry's feelings, the man who helps Alex survive by teaching her magic. The ONLY good thing about this episode is where Jerry explains the story of their Family Competition.

    Other than that, Uncle Kelbo is pretty funny, but this was an extremely boring episode.
  • Good lessons

    Jerry's brother comes to town. He is the one with powers and he is also the fun one. Alex starts hanging out with him. She wants him to be her new magic teacher instead of Jerry. Jerry's brother teaches Alex a valuable lesson in magic and family. Jerry tells them that he originally had the powers, but gave them to his brother to marry Theresa. Justin has a secret admirer, but it's really Alex.

    This episode was okay. I liked the story behind why Jerry doesn't have powers. Alex and the secret admirer prank was a good one! This episode gets a 7.5 out of 10!moreless
  • It was ok

    A very, very sweet episode. I loved it. Just... just- just- it was just touching.

    Uncle Calbo comes to visit the Russo family, and he brings gifts! Alex grows on to Uncle Calbo the most of all three of the Russo kids. After hanging out with Uncle Calbo a lot, Alex decides s he wants Uncle Calbo as a magic teacher instead of her father, Jerry. The two pair up, but lessons don't go well at all.

    Justin tries to find the identity of his very much secret admirer.

    Alex, Justin, and Max discover it was Jerry who won the magic competition, but gave up his powers for Theresa.moreless
  • 116

    "Alex in the Middle" featured Jeff Garlin as Uncle Kelbo, but it just did not give the viewers too many laughs. If anything, a lot of the material was downright bizarre. Is peoples' heads spinning 360 like in The Exorcist something kids want to see or should even be exposed to?

    Selena Gomez has really carved out a niche for herself with this role as Alex Russo, but it took her a little while to find her footing and find her voice on television. She was really young at the time and thankfully has improved her acting from this point.

    Not a horrible episode, but just not Wizards quality.moreless
  • fair

    kelbo, jerry's brother, comes for a visit, and alex likes him and wants him to be her magic instructor, because he is fun loving and jerry is so strict. has alex made the right decision?

    OK episode, i am glad kelbo has appeared since, he is a pretty funny character. not really in this episode so much, but in future episodes. this episode bores me and it does not make me laugh a lot. probably one of season 1's weakest, if not the weakest, and so because of all this my grade is a low "C". Not horrible but not greatmoreless

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    • Kelbo: Cranium revolvus!
      (The people around Alex and Kelbo's heads spin)
      Alex: I love that! I can't wait for our next school assembly!

    • Alex: (calling on Kelbo's wand) Excuse me, I was just checking to see if your refrigerator is running?
      Theresa: As a matter of fact, my refrigerator is broken.
      Alex: (to Kelbo) It's not running. What do I do if it's not running?
      Kelbo: She's on to us. Run!
      (Kelbo runs away, and Alex, Justin, and Max follow)

    • Alex: Daddy, it's kinda okay that I'm late because Uncle Kelbo has been teaching me magic for the past few days. In fact, he and I were talking and he said that he could be my wizard trainer instead of you.
      Jerry: He did?
      Kelbo: I did?
      Alex: (to Kelbo) You did!
      Kelbo: Hold on
      (He poofs out of the room and goes back, getting a glass and doing a spit take)
      Kelbo: I DID?!

    • Kelbo: (To Jerry, about Alex) Please! I beg of you, take her on. You know me! I can't handle it! I-I get distracted and then I get careless and then- (notices his towel and starts rubbing it on his face) This towel is so soft. (notices the others are looking at him weirdly) And distracted! You know I get distracted!

    • (After Theresa tells how Jerry didn't keep his powers)
      Alex: I think that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard in my life.
      Max: (To Jerry) Give your powers up for a GIRL?!
      Justin: Yeah, right!

    • Kelbo: (After he and Alex get back from the old west) I'm gonna get me a sasparilla, and a nice hot bath.
      Alex: Partner, I'd love me a sasparilla, whatever that is. I hope it's root beer!

    • (After Alex poofs out a sweater)
      Theresa: Hey! That's my sweater!
      Alex: Oh, I'm sorry, Mom! Let's talk about it.
      (Alex and Kelbo poof out of the room.
      Theresa: (sarcastically) Great conversation.

    • Jerry: Alex, your report, on crystal balls history, usage, and manufacturing?
      Alex: Crystal balls. Usage and manufacturing. Oh, I did mine on how to use the really little ones for earrings!(Alex shows Jerry her crystal ball earrings) Cute, huh?

    • Jerry: Where is she? I don't want to teach the magic safety course twice.
      Max: We don't want to hear it once!

    • Jerry: Kelbo, what did I say about poofing in when you visit?
      Kelbo: Oh. Right, right, right. Its sets off all the smoke alarms.

    • Alex: You're the best, Uncle Kelbo.

    • Uncle Kelbo: You haven't told them?
      Theresa: Honey, go ahead, I think they're old enough now.
      Max: Alright! We're getting dirt bikes.
      Jerry: No

  • NOTES (3)


    • Episode Title: Alex in the Middle

      This is an allusion to the FOX sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle. The show starred Frankie Muniz and was about him and his wacky family.