Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 21

Alex Russo, Matchmaker?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 02, 2010 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The big silver trophy at the science fair was previously used in the episodes "Marathon Helper" "Smarty Pants" and "Dad's Buggin Out".

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      The Sparks Fly Spell: "Zippozap, Zippozee, Zippozarum" - Creates a small flame. If ever used on people, it intensifies their emotions, which may cause electrical zaps on contact. Alex misguidedly uses this spell on Harper and Zeke to make "sparks fly" between them.

    • In this episode we learn Zeke has a fear of water, however in the Season 2 episode "Smarty Pants" he was at the water fountain and couldn't get enough of the "delicious water".

  • Quotes

    • Justin: (in his thoughts) All you lab losers stand back cause Zeke and I are gonna take it again this year.
      Alex: (in her thoughts) Oh I see. In your mind, they're losers and your not.
      Justin: (in his thoughts) Go away Alex! I hate it when you use magic to listen to my thoughts!

    • (Alex is reading Zeke's mind)
      Zeke: (in his thoughts) So if our universe is actually on a speck of dust, then that speck of dust could be on another speck of dust...and another...and another!
      Alex: (in her thoughts) This is going to take a lot of meddling.
      Zeke: (out loud, hearing Alex's voice) Hello?... Who's there!?

    • Alex: Harper, what are you doing? I sent you guys on a romantic afternoon and you come back with robot parts?!
      Harper: Yeah, isn't it amazing? Things are going great between me and Zeke.
      Alex: No! You're not doing the romance thing right at all!
      Harper: (scoffs) Not doing it right? Let's see, the longest time you've had a boyfriend was two months, and that guy ended up running into the woods to live with other wolves. And don't get me started on the mannequin, the gearhead, and that baseball player with curly hair one day and straight hair the next...man, he couldn't make up a decision.

  • Notes

    • This is the third episode to be directed by David DeLuise.

    • In this episode, Zeke is featured in one of the scene changes, interacting with Harper. This is the first time a recurring character has made an appearance in a scene change.

    • A lot of Alex's old boyfriends were mentioned. Riley, Dean and Mason were mentioned, as well as Manny Kin, Alex's fake boyfriend in "Alex's Spring Fling". Also, it is revealed that Alex and Mason dated for two months before his permanent transformation in "Wizards vs. Werewolves."

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