Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 18

Alex's Logo

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 21, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Once again, this series blows me away in ways I don't undersand.

    Okay, for starters, we all know the character Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, right? She's the apathetic, manipulative troublemaker, who doesn't care about the rules or what what others think. Put it simply that she is not what people would expect as a role model or somebody you can rely on. But this is where we find more of what is hidden underneath. The character Alex Russo is very complex, to which though she seems very predictable with her irresponsible actions, and makes it very clear that she is just your basic bundle of sarcastic wit and charming manipulation. But she still manages to surprise us with a little quirk every once in a while that makes us see the better person in her, to which she cares about more than you would think. In this episode, Alex gets an award for all her contributions to the school over the years, which have surprising added up. Usually, people would just think she was getting in trouble for a scheme to get out of work, or maybe for some vandalism to the school, but this is where Alex may not always apply to the stature she's put into. But I think an award is just a label, or in this case a "logo". You would think this makes her part of the goodie-goodie crowd like her brother, who does not believe that this is true, assuming this is just another scam of hers. You would think, because this what Alex is known for, this what you would expect from somebody like her who is so easy to figure out, because she makes herself seem that way. In this episode, Alex once again proves herself to be who you would expect, because that's what she wants you to think. But still key in mind that there is always more than what seems to be. Remember "Everything is not what it seems". Alex only likes the idea of getting the award, because she is able to show it up to her over-achieving brother, whose main "logo" is being the one who follows the rules and is willing to achieve. That makes him the complete opposite of Alex, which is known to all of us who watch the show. But Justin is only willing to keep it known that Alex is who she appears to be, and should therefore be treated that way for it, because Alex still has away of avoiding her usual stature. But in this case, she was under a truth spell, which had her being more open to things ten she usually is. She starts spilling secrets and remarks during the assembly, and ends up insulting all of the students and staff. This causes everyone to respond to Alex the way it would be expected for people to respond to somebody like her. Why should people care about Alex, if Alex is not the kind of person who cares about anything? Well, this may appear to be what Justin's plan was. Even if he didn't mean to keep the truth spell on her, he still feels that Alex has now gotten what she deserves for being the slacker and scoundrel she is. But once again, this is only what we see on the outside. Oh, haven't I mentioned that before?... Well, Alex only appears to be that kind of unlikable person on the outside, when it has always been shown that she is very pleasant on the inside at a lot of points in the show. She always has a clever and profound way of thinking, even if she is not open about it. She is very accepting to her peers, always having her special way keeping the relationship strong, even though she's always not open about it. And she is very funny and charming no matter she does, even if she doesn't always intend on showing it. The point is is that we see more and more of the kind of special person Alex is through the settle way she expresses it. We've seen her develop over the years, and there is never something that is just the same with her. I mean, how many other characters do you see like her on television, let alone a kid's show. A person who is uncommon, unpredictable, and entertaining in all kinds of ways, to more just comedy, romance, or drama. There is always something that makes you see more of her, and you never always have it figured out. Like in this case, Alex never cares what people think unless they mean much to her, and if she has a special connection with them. She needs the kind of people who understand her. Take like her paradoxical relationship with her friend Harper, where Harper accepts Alex for who she is but knows that there is more to her than what you see. Her complicated relationship with her older brother Justin is very similar as they are polar opposites that repel each other, except it revolves around them using those differences to form a close bond. But one of the things that interferes with the relationship is Justin's inability to see more of who Alex is on the inside. He is annoyed by her, but is loving and protective of her no matter what. But he still only sees her as the person she seems to be on the outside, which is probably because of their usual conflicts. This is where Mr. Laritate comes in. He is the cowboy-loving principal who seems to have a particularly interesting relationship with Alex. Unlike the traditional principal, he's not going to be general with the hooligans he deals with, as he prefers to keep a exact profile on them as a person. In which case, he knows that Alex is one of the biggest trouble-makers you can find, but that doesn't mean he's going to give up on her. He is aware of the different sides of Alex, and will do whatever it takes to reach out to her, feeling that she is the kind of clever, cunning, mischievous human being that can be brought around. Because Alex has many ways of going into life, even if she doesn't try or make an effort. Now, back to the ideal of the entire school wanting anything to do with her. This is something that Alex is concerned about, which is something she would not be open to admitting, but she is in this case, because it affects the way she normally interacts with people. Like she said herself while under the truth spell, that she only acts like she is too cool to care about anything because it's just a defense mechanism to hide her true desire for others to care about her. Now that is something nobody would just figure out about her right away. It's because you have to sink a little bit deeper to understand the deep root of what makes a person who they are. Alex proves herself to be more sensitive than you think and yet she expresses it with such maturity. Although, it seems this episode was a blur, it just kept opening my eyes more. There was a lot to feel in this episode, and it goes to prove how Wizards of Waverly Place is better compared to as one of the best shows on Disney Channel. And if Selena Gomez keeps it up with her acting like this, she is going to go so far in life, because she knows how to make ends meets with both her career and her life as a person. And I can honestly say that have never seen such a more talented young actress as mature and dedicated as she is. With the way the character Alex Russo is thriving, along with all the other great aspects of the show, I highly doubt this show will be leaving anytime soon.