Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 7

Alex's Choice

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 16, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Gigi invites Harper to her annual tea party and Alex gets mad when she accepts. Alex learns that Gigi plans to embarrass Harper so she uses her magic to get back at Gigi. Justin and Max send out prank wizard mail, but the plan backfires when the people who receive the mail take it seriously.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I didn't like Alex's part here....

    I really didn't enjoy Alex's part in this episode, and I really didn't enjoy her in Season 1. I found her character to be very annoying and she constantly had me nerving up. However, what I loved in this episode was Max and Justin. They have easily being Season 1's best characters. This is the Justin that needed to stay until the end. Max cracked me up but Alex's plot constantly had me bored.moreless
  • Pretty darn good.

    Gigi invites Harper to her annual tea party and Alex gets mad when she accepts. Alex learns that Gigi plans to embarrass Harper so she uses her magic to get back at Gigi. Justin and Max cause send out prank wizard mail, but the plan backfires when the people who receive the mail take it seriously.

    This episode was pretty darn good in my opinion. it was funny, dramatic, and it really pitted Alex and Gigi against each other. It also was a test of Alex and Harper's friendship. It wasn't my 1st favorite episodes in the series, but it was still pretty good.moreless
  • great episode

    Gigi invites Harper to her annual tea party and Alex gets mad when she learns about it. Alex learns that gigi is planning to embarrass Harper at the party and make her look like a fool. When they get to the party, Alex uses a spell to make everyone tell the truth without being held back by their conscience. It's a really funny episode, I had a good time watching this episode. The party scene is so hilarious, I can't stop laughing. This is definitely one of the best episodes so far. I really had a good time watching it, it was so funny.moreless
  • A pretty good plot, with funny moments.

    This episode reveals a lot of secrets that we never knew before about certain people. We know ow that Harper has always wanted to go to a real tea party like that, and that Gigi's friends are sick of Gigi bossing them around. So it reveals a lot, but only because of the spell that Alex made while at the tea party.

    As for the episode all together, I really liked it. It had a lot of funny moments, and it was nice to see Harper doing something that seems to be a little more out of her character. Too bad it was all a big joke created by Gigi to see who could bring the biggest loser. I loved that hostess, and her actually being able to say the name all fancy like when nobody else could say it at all.moreless
  • Good episode, though.

    Gigi is inviting Alex and Harper to a tea party! Harper accepts, but, Alex is kinda suspicious. So, she tries figuring out that Gigi is actually gonna crown Harper the LOSER of the year! Alex decides to tag along, though.

    When the big day arrives, Alex and Harper are intered with Hotel Fler-Do-Fla-Do-Flru-Do-Fla-Di-Flah. (someone should by a t-shirt for this) Alex uses ahearing speel to make people say what they think. Alex then reveals she's a wizard (no one knows) and then, a tea fight starts!

    In the side quest, Justin and Max decides to make joke mail... which turns real in Wizard World. So, Theresa and the boys try to escape... but, crud. Their punishment is laundry, though.

    I don't really recommend this episode, but, it's kinda funny to see it, though.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof:: Continuity: Theresa puts the giant lock from the lair door down on the counter. In the next shot it has magically reappeared back on the door.

    • Goof: Revealing Mistake: Harper takes an apple off of a stand, causing them all to fall to the ground. Watch carefully and you'll notice that the stand is tilted downward and the front side is latched and released, which is what really causes the apples to fall.

    • Spells Featured: 1. The Ear of a Bat Spell. Incantation: "Some people are a gem, some people are a rat. To learn who's who, give me the ear of a bat."
      Used by:
      Alex: Suspecting something's up when Gigi supposedly "befriends" Harper, Alex uses this to eavesdrop and learn Gigi's real intentions.

      2. The Truth Spell. Incantation: "Some are evil, some are kind, but now all must speak their mind."
      Used by:
      Alex: To get Gigi to reveal her true intentions with Harper, Alex uses this spell. However, it causes everyone to admit things they never wanted to. Amidst the craziness, Alex announces that she's a wizard, but not even Harper believes her.

    • Gigi's last name is Hollingsworth.

    • Goof: Continuity: When Harper makes all the apples fall down, there is one more left on the stand, when it switches to Alex and then switches back to the stand, there are no apples on it.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Alex: What are you wearing those gloves for?
      Harper: I'm getting used to them for Gigi's tea. I need to practice handling.
      Alex: Why?
      (Harper tries to pick up apple, drops apple on cart and makes all the other apples fall)
      Harper: That's why.
      (Harper bends down to pick up apples)
      Harper: Aren't you gonna help me?
      Alex: Why? They're already bruised.

    • Harper: Wow, that last multiple choice question was really hard. I got A.
      Alex: I got D and I'm pretty sure I'm right.
      Harper: D wasn't even close.Why are you so sure you're right?
      Alex: No, I got D on the test, I'm pretty sure I'm right about that.

    • (Alex and Harper were invited to Gigi's tea) Harper: Alex, I've always wanted to go to a high tea! I love the idea of eating tiny little sandwiches! Alex: You're serious? I don't mean to sound unsupportive, but are you out of your mind, woman? Gigi has terrorized us since we were in kindergarten! Harper: Well, I think Gigi's taking the high road, and I want to reach out to her, and if you want to be a negative Nellie, then go ahead. Alex: Okay, see, the only Nellie I know is Nellie Rodriguez, and she's a very positive, upbeat person. (Nellie Rodriguez, as if on cue, arrives) Nellie: (excited) Hey Harper! You coming to Gigi's tea? Harper: You bet! I'm so excited! (Harper and Nellie leave while talking) Alex: Ugh, there's nothing worse than a positive Nellie.

    • Harper: I don't care about your soapy lumps!

    • Harper: (amid the magic-induced chaos) Stop! Stop! All I wanted is a tea with sandwiches and gloves and small talk that no one would remember when they got home!

    • Hostess: Ladies... Welcome to tea at the Hotel Fleur-de-Vla De-Vla Flu-Fla De-Vra.
      Alex: The Hotel what? How do you spell that?
      Hostess: (to Alex) In French. (to everyone) We are proud to present this tea served to you on the finest china imported from Japan... hosted by young Miss Gigi Hollingsworth. (applause) I know you'll act in the most ladylike fashion. Enjoy your tea here at the Hotel Fleur-de-Vla De-Vla Flu-Fla De-Vra. (the Hostess leaves)
      Alex: Remind me to stop by the gift shop and pick up a T-shirt with the hotel's name on it.

    • Alex: (fuming) You know what today's a great day for? Today's a great day to throw myself into work, take orders and not talk about my problems, slice salami and not talk about my problems, be nice to rude customers and not tell them about my problems! You know me, service with a smile!
      Theresa: Oh, honey, you sound like you want to talk about your problems.
      Alex: Mom, why are you always in my business?
      Theresa: Sorry.
      Alex: Fine, Fine. I'll tell you. Gigi invited Harper and I to her annual tea, but Harper's gonna go. She thinks Gigi's nice all of a sudden.
      Theresa: Well, honey, people change. Maybe Gigi is nicer.
      Alex: Mom, if I'm gonna tell you about my problems, you have to agree with them.
      Theresa: Ok, Ok, Gigi, horrible, mean.
      Alex: I know, isn't she?

    • Theresa: (about the prank) OK! We did it! Well, technically, they (Justin and Max) did it, but I let them into the lair, so I guess we did it!
      Goblin: We, I? Who was it, lady?
      Theresa: It was me, but they drove me to it! I mean, there was leg-shaking and ear-flicking, and I had to do the bank deposit! (grabs Officer Lamp) DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO RUN A BUSINESS FROM YOUR HOME?!

    • Gigi: Hello Alex, Harper.
      Alex: (to the wannabes) What happened to your faces? Apply your makeup with a hammer?
      (Gigi and her clique laugh)
      Wannabe #1: What you see is the result of a new method where they inject stuff into your forehead. Then after a few days it falls down into your cheekbones.
      Alex: Wait, this isn't right. We just insulted you guys. Why aren't you fighting back? We just bagged on your faces, which should be in a bag. (Gigi and the clique laugh again) See? You're doing it again. Why aren't you insulting us? Remember, we can't stand each other?
      Gigi: Oh, but that was back when we were young and foolish.
      Alex: That was yesterday.
      Gigi: My point exactly.

    • Officer Lamp: Officer Lamp. This is my partner, he's a goblin.
      Goblin: I have a name.
      Office Lamp: Yeah, but nobody can pronounce that.

    • Maitre'D: (while swinging on the chandelier) I feel so free! I hate the Hotel Fleur-de-Vla De-Vla Flu-Fla De-Vra!

  • NOTES (3)


    • The title of this episode, "Alex's Choice," is a reference to the bestselling novel, Sophie's Choice by William Styron, about Sophie, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps. In popular culture, a "Sophie's Choice" is a decision between two unbearable options.

    • Justin: These are not the droids you're looking for.

      Obi-Wan Kenobi says the same thing to a Stormtrooper in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.