Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 18

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Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 21, 2010 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

At school, Alex is selling t-shirts she designed. Justin sees this and tells Alex that she will have to give the money she has made to the Student Council since she was selling her t-shirts on school grounds without permission. Later, Mr. Laritate calls Alex into his office. Apparently, she has earned a citizenship award for her contributions to the school. Alex laughs at this, since she doesn't recall doing anything beneficial to the school. However, Mr. Laritate points out that since she is a cheerleader, she painted the school mural, she turned the Happy Helpers Club around, and is now a financial contributor to the school from selling her t-shirts, she has earned enough credits to win the award. Alex is not really willing to accept the award, but suddenly gains interest when Mr. Laritate mentions that Justin, the student body president, will have to present the award to her during the school assembly. At home, Alex shows her certificate of authenticity for the award to her family. Jerry assumes it must be a forgery and Justin is shocked that she won and he didn't. Assuming she must have used magic to earn the award, Justin uses a truth spell on her. Alex tells the truth that she earned the award fairly, and Jerry and Theresa are proud of her. Justin is even more upset that he will have to be the one to present the award to her. Later at the assembly, Alex starts giving her acceptance speech in front of the whole school. But still being under the truth spell, Alex starts making a lot of insulting remarks to the students and staff, including spilling embarrassing secrets about her family. After the assembly, everybody is angry at Alex. Everyone stops talking to her and they even start trashing her t-shirts. Justin comes open to Alex that she is still under the truth spell. Justin takes the spell off her, but not before Alex admits that she may act like she doesn't care if people care about her but that's only a defense mechanism to hide her true desire to be liked. Later, Mr. Laritate saying he is "never the one to follow the herd", allows Alex to come into his office so they can talk. With their usual bonding, Mr. Laritate assures Alex that her problem at school will blow over eventually. After a week, it seems as though Mr. Laritate is Alex's only friend. When Alex shows Mr. Laritate how to text, he sends Alex a text message saying his first name is Hershel, thinking that they should now be on a "first name basis". Alex is a little creeped out by this. When Alex walks outside, Max has all the students throw Alex's t-shirts at her. Alex is officially distraught, but Mr. Laritate helps her by playing western music on the school's intercom and square dancing in front of the students. The students, forgetting about Alex, laugh and throw t-shirts at Mr. Laritate. Mr. Laritate gives them all detention, including Alex as though she threw a t-shirt at him too. Alex thanks Mr. Laritate for what he did.
Meanwhile, Theresa thinks that she can get everyone at school to like Alex, since she was wildly popular at her high school. Jerry then tells Alex how Theresa was one of the first girls to attend an formerly all-boys high school, and it wasn't so hard for her to become "wildly popular".
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