Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 19

Alex's Spring Fling

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 20, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Alex makes a mannequin come to life and goes out with him, in order to make Riley jealous. Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa go out of town and leave Justin in charge of the household.

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  • Nah, still not happy

    I really didn't find this episode very entertaining either. The plot was boring and you just can't connect between Alex and Riley. It doesn't even seem like a relationship. It seems more like a light friendship. The Mannykin idea was pretty stupid.

    I honestly don't get why this episode and why this completely pointless relationship was in this season. Its completely stupid.
  • Nice

    First of all this was a great episode. Second I liked it and Justin is really obssesd with action figures still and is 16 years old that is gotta be silly. Riley breaks up with Alex and then he wants to get back together which is pretty cool and the manequin made Riley jealous. The end was really cool how Alex said that he is a magician which made me crack up like crazy and Alex turns Justin's cat woman action figure which was funny and she became in love with the manniquin and this was a great episode. 10 out of 10.moreless
  • It's a good episode, but has kinda... the wrong message.... eww.

    Well, this episode, it was okay, as long with it's storyline. An okay showbert, full of lively characters (I'm glad Harper's back) the storyline was amazing, the magic is free lance, and the magic.. epic. And the humor, fantastic.

    Alex tries to date Riley, but she then dosen't want to and turnes a manquinne into Manny Quinne. Then, this happens, then that happens, then you see the wrong message; you can fall in love with your brother. WHEN was that much better?!

    Even though this eppi is okay, I really don't like the pairing of Jalax in this episodes. Ewww! Sanatiy! Overall

    Characters; yey, variity! (10/10)

    Storyline; It's just good. That's it. (8/10)

    Humor; Dare not to laugh. (9/10)

    Message; Oh, c'mon! Sanity! (1/10)

    Overall, this episode is super-special-awesome!moreless
  • Loved It.

    I liked this episode very much and i liked the I liked the part when Alex was teaching, or rather, making Riley jealous with "Manny". I thought it was really funny and creative. I also loved how Max and Justin were bickering about the Calico woman doll. It really made them seem like real brothers and it was really funny.

    What I really didn't like about the episode was that it didn't have much "funny" in it as some of the other episodes and it was all in one day. Though I must say, I loved Alex's outfit in this episode.moreless
  • mediocre

    riley breaks up with alex because she is constantly jealous. so, alex uses a spell to bring a mannequin to life, to make riley jealous. this works, until alex learns that if the mannequin is human for too long, it will develop actual feelings for alex. will she be able to get herself out of this one?

    it was really boring and it did not make me laugh a lot, if at all. it did not interest me and it is pretty forgettable, so my overall grade for this episode would be in the high "D", low "C" range methinksmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Alex mentions to Justin how she had hid his lightsaber and cape. In "Wizard School", the principal announces that they found these items.

    • It is stated that when an object that has been brought to life has been alive for too long, it starts to develop emotions and can't be un-animated. But in "Pop Me and We Both Go Down", when Alex used the animation spell on the trophy man and the pimple, they were alive for days of time and the un-animation spell still worked on them. Manny was only alive for a few hours.

    • The episode featured a cameo appearance by Dallas Lovato (the girl that asks the boy who was talking to Alex to continue their date), Demi Lovato's older sister, which in turn, in real life, Selena and Demi are best friends.

    • Goof: During the chase everyone runs down the street, then when Justin and Max come out onto the street, they run right back the way they came, even though presumably they haven't turned around.

    • Goof: At the end of the chase, when Riley and Alex pull up to the dunk tank, Calico Woman can be seen in the background casually standing around by a lamp post, even though she's supposed to be chasing after them. After Alex tells Riley that jealousy on him is so hot, Calico Woman can be seen starting to run, as if given the cue to do so.

    • Goof: Although her name is "Calico Woman" all throughout the episode, the end credits say "Calico Girl".

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      The Animation-Growth Spell. Incantation: Murrieta animata grande.
      Used by:
      Alex: This spell is a version of Murrieta animata in which it can also increase the size of the object being animated.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Justin: I have a little quiet time for myself.
      Max: What are you gonna do? Light some candles and take a bath?
      Justin: My quiet time is my quiet time.

    • Riley: I didn't know what it felt like to be jealous until I saw you with that guy over there.
      Alex: His name is Manny.
      Riley: I prefer to call him "that guy over there".

    • Harper: What am I thinking? We're not in our twenties. We don't watch the news.
      (Harper and Alex laugh)

    • Justin: Where's Calico Woman?!
      Max:(Looking at box) Well, it says right here no chains can hold her!

    • Justin:(After checking Max's test) You might wanna take a look at spell five.
      Max: I got spell five wrong?
      Justin: No, spell five is the only one you got right!

    • Harper: (Showing Max her rock family) This is my mom, my dad, my grandma, me.
      Max: (Observing the rock with one eye) Your dad is a pirate?
      Harper: Oh my gosh! One of my dad's eyes fell off! Nobody move! Nobody. Move.

    • Max: Looks like he got wet. Sometimes water can make spells wear off.
      Justin: He he he how do you know that?
      Max: Cause the spell just wore off.

    • Riley: That guy over there just turned into giant doll pieces.
      Dunk Tank Announcer: That's it, I am calling Waverly Place security.

    • Justin: Hey, mom, okay so you and dad crossed over into New Jersey right, then it's official, I'm in charge because what if there was a tidal wave or something? I know I know I know but what if there was, then would I be in charge? Yes!

    • Justin: (To Max) Okay let's split up and find Alex because wherever Alex is that is where my Calico Woman doll is.

    • Manny: (To the statue) You look just like my uncle.

    • Justin: Don't touch that. That's Calico Woman. They only made 1000 of these lovely ladies.
      Max: So there are 999 other guys that couldn't get a girl to talk to them.

    • (Justin hears from his parents that he's in charge if there is a tidal wave)
      Justin: All right! (blows whistle) I'm in charge!
      (Alex throws some watery substance, hitting Justin's shirt)
      Alex: Oh, look! A tidal wave! Now you're in charge!
      (Alex and Max hi-five each other)

  • NOTES (3)