Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 15

Art Teacher

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 01, 2009 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Alex, Justin, and Max are in the magic lair, Jerry announces that wizard class is canceled. Justin asks why and Jerry says that since Theresa is out of town, they can have some fun with magic. Jerry has Alex, Justin, and Max play a game where they recite a random spell from a spell book. Max does this and turns himself into a dog. Jerry shows them the "undo dust" which can be used when wizards forget a reverse spell, and changes Max back. It's Alex's turn, but she decides to choose a specific spell that chains up Jerry, Justin, and Max. Alex takes $25 out of Justin's wallet and leaves.

At school, Max tries to get Justin to sign a note to his gym teacher saying he has a made-up disease that makes him color blind to the color orange. A girl overhears this and Max gives Max sympathy. Meanwhile, in art Alex's teacher Ms. Majorhealey tricks Alex into helping clean up after To finish early, Alex uses a spell to clean up the entire oom while her teacher isn't looking. Ms. Majorhealey, however, is shocked and suspicious of how Alex cleaned the room so fast. Alex stammers a bit and then leaves, leaving Ms. Majorhealey confused.

Later, at the Russo house, Alex and Harper are having a sleepover. Ms. Majorhealey comes over unexpectedly, and accuses Alex of being a wizard. Alex is defensive, but Ms. Majorhealey explains that she knows T.J Tayor is a wizard too, and tells Alex that she needs her help. Alex doesn't admit to her that she's a wizard, but asks her what she needs help with. Ms. Majorhealey tells her that she dated T.J. over the summer, and that when they broke-up, he turned into a 40 year-old woman (the worst possible thing he could think of). Still assuming she's a wizard, Ms. Majorhealey begs Alex to change her back. Alex goes to get the undo dust from the lair and Alex sprinkles the dust over Ms. Majorhealey, who changes back into a 16 year-old girl. Alex also puts Ms. Majorhealey up to the condition that she does not reveal that she is a wizard.

The next day, Alex confronts T.J. about what he did to Ms. Majorhealey. Mr. Laritate then walks up and tells Alex that art is canceled since Ms. Majorhealey had 'texted' in her resignation. Concerned about her favorite being canceled, Alex has the young Mrs. Majorhealey come over to the Sub Station and asks her to come back to teaching art at Tribeca Prep. She refuses however, so Alex decides to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Olympic volleyball player Misty May-Treanor comes by the Sub Station. She asks Justin where she can find Max Russo, apparently hearing about his 'disease'. Misty meets Max and asks him if he wants to hang out. Justin is left to cover Max's shift at the restaurant.

At the school, Alex tells Mr. Laritate how important it is for students to be creative in school. Mr. Laritate is moved by Alex's dedication and says he will find a way to get the art back. On the way out, Alex runs into Dwayne Johnson, who is looking for Max about his disease, but Alex comically mistakes him for a plumber. Meanwhile, Justin tries to tell Jerry about Max faking a disease, but Jerry is only caught up in it being mentioned that Misty May-Treanor is in their house. Meeting Misty, Jerry stalls by lying that Max does have a disease. Misty's niece comes by and tells her aunt that she found out that Max's disease doesn't exist. Misty is disappointed at the Russos and leaves, also saying that ever since the Olympics this has been happening a lot.

Back in art clas, Alex is gloating to T.J. about how she got the and Ms. Majorhealey back. But Mr. Laritate walks in and announces that he will be the one teaching the to which Alex is not pleased. Mr. Laritate has the paint him while posing in his cowboy suit, and tells them to be exact with their painting. Alex disagrees with this, telling Mr. Laritate that art is not supposed to be exact, it's about everybody's own individual interpretation. At odds with Alex, Mr. Laritate decides to have Alex teach the students. Alex does well at this, until T.J. shoots paint at Alex, starting a paint battle between the two wizards. During the fight, Mr. Laritate becomes splattered with paint all over. Alex thinks she is in trouble, but Mr. Laritate says that he is actually inspired by Alex's dedication to something she cares about. Mr. Laritate then says he will hire a real art teacher and will make Alex 'teacher's deputy'. Alex accepts and then asks T.J. to 'draw himself a detention slip'.

At the end, in the Sub Station, Justin tells Theresa that Dwayne Johnson is upstairs because Max faked the disease again. Theresa, however, is only surprised to hear that Dwayne Johnson is in their house. Meeting Dwayne, Theresa stalls by making it as though Max actually does have a disease. However, Misty May-Treanor's niece comes back again and tells Dwayne that Max's disease is fake. Dwayne leaves disappointed at the Russos, also saying that ever since he became famous this has been happening a lot.