Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 15

Art Teacher

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 01, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • The only episode we see Alex dominating at school in some class, and its actually pretty good

    Art Teacher was a pretty fun episode. The plot was good and it was GREAT to see Alex as a person who little children can follow up on, HOWEVER she did something extremely stupid and irresponsible and that was using a spell to clean up the room RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER!

    Apart from that, most of the episode was good including the Max story where we see the ROCK come to Wizards. However, the younger version of the art teacher WAS IRRITATING AND JUST A HORRIBLE ACTRESS
  • Not one of my favorites, but it wasn't bad. Pretty decent episode.

    Alex discovers that her art teacher is actually a 16 year old girl trapped in the body of a 40 year old by T.J. a fellow wizard who after going out with her put a spell on her. When Alex turns her back into a teenager she is upset because she no longer has a teacher to her favorite class. Meanwhile Max pretends to have a disease where he can't see the color orange and is visited by two very famous celebrities. This episode was only average to me. The parts with Max were a little funny, but also kind of weird. Max had two famous people come visit him because of his "disease" and Justin was upset that he was lying. Just get over it, Justin. Alex, on the other hand was great in this episode. She loved art class and did what it took to get back the class she loved. For most classes she could care less, but she really like art class. Although this episode wasn't great, I was glad they made it because it was worth it to see Alex stand up for what she believes in.
  • wow "the rock" is here ...

    ha "the rock" was here just to see max russo but i really like the alex having paint fights with tj but whats up with his hair. tj's hair sux big time and i laugh at that. alex' art teacher is 40 years old but in reality she's just 14 or 15.well the women when turned to a 14 year old has an annoying screech and has a high pitched sound.well i dont really care about justin but i knew that having 'the rock' was the best part of this episode.but i dont really get why he just blow off max russo in the end.
  • More pushover to a famous person(s), but it's enjoyable.

    Although they did fool us with Misty May Treamor and The Rock, it's not what the episode is about. It's about Max's "fake" orangitis and an art teacher spell. Who'd a thunk that T.J. "I'll show you!" Wheeler would come back!
    For me, I didn't expect the art teacher/annoying voiced teenager (yes, it felt like ice picks) to know that TJ and Alex are wizards
    For some reason, I love the fact that T.J.'s back, but I really want him to be a BIT LESS steryotyped.
    But my favorite part has got to be the paint fight at the end. Why? 2 reasons;
    1. The principle DOSEN'T know about this! Well, that's excuseable, since I'd shut my eyes when paints are thrown.
    2. Listen, it's PAINTBENDING! Need I say more?

    But, it still goes to WOWP standards. Not a good standard, but it's one standard.
  • This episode portrays each character perfectly in their natural setting. Alex Russo, was able to show her artistic side while standing up for what she believes in when her favorite class was canceled and her beliefs were challenged.

    Meanwhile, Max Russo fools everyone by making up a fake disease he has been diagnosed with. He tricks a girl into believing his sob story, and manages to draw attention from two famous celebrities. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Misty May Treanor. But this was pretty much one of my favorite episodes, and its not because of the celebrity appearances. I loved seeing Alex stand up for what she believes in, other than cutting class and fashion. From what I've seen, I think Alex would make a great art teacher herself. The way she stood up to TJ, and how she managed to get him that detention slip, shows her cleverness and wit. I admire this about Alex's character (: .
    I really do think that she could be a good leader, and wouldn't it be ironic if it ends up being at school?
    I didn't exactly like seeing The Rock and Misty storm off on them, but hey! Max deserved it.
  • Art Teacher

    A very funny episode of Wizards of Waverly Place here tonight. The opening five minutes or so featured some great Alex Russo lines, some of the best I have heard on this show. Her character is what hooked me initially, but she keeps getting funnier as I watch more episodes.

    The Rock and Misty May-Treanor made guest appearances here. Treanor does not really have a future in acting, but Johnson, probably doing this for his kids, managed to be just as funny as ever in the appearance. I did not like how he refused to acknowledge his wrestling past by saying he has been an actor all his life, but it's a small complaint.

    Great episode here.