Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 2

Beware Wolf

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 21, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Justin falls for a new girl who is a werewolf and turns him into one, too; Max starts a dog-walking business with a new friend.

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  • One of the more disappointing WOWP episodes

    I'm not saying that this is a bad certainly not but its such a let down considering how much better this episode could easily have been. For one, the werewolf absolutely annoyed me. Not only did I hate the character, but I hated the guts out of the actress. I didn't find too many jokes in this one. Maybe it was funny, but the whole time I was wondering "Why am I watching this?"

    Certainly, one of the WORST Season 2 episodes.moreless
  • holy crap this episode was so hilarious and epic and intense.

    holy crap this episode was so hilarious and so intense. ok where do i begin the beginning was funny. When a lady from another comes, but Justin thinks it's her date was so funny. Max was also hillarious in this episode as well (obisously) I'm not going to give away much because if i give anything else away it'l tell the whole episode. You gotta watch this episode. Overall 10/10
  • I love it! I like were wolves. Isabella has a big forehead. So awesome! Do it again. Even though werewolfes are just a myth, It seemed to real! The fur, Where do they get it? What? Fur R us? Ha ha! good one! How do they come up with this stuff?Stuff R us?moreless

    Awesome! Reached the jackpot on great episodes! Boo yah! The werewolves looked real. Anybody agree? If you do, PM Me. All the way great episode! Anyway, There was alot of things that looked real in that episode. I like Max's new friend Alfred. And Cups on A chain? Bad name but great idea. Huh? So as I was saying, It was a awesome, Radical, Out of their mind episode. Agree, Anyone? I totally, as always agree with my self. My self is always right. Ok not really but you get the point, Don't you? So If anyone agrees with me on the great episode thing, PM Me.moreless
  • Kiss a werewolf, Become a werewolf!

    This episode was the best of season 2, so far. I really thought it acctually has a good timing effect for Justin.

    As if Miranda dissapered from thin air, Justin writes about his place on WIZSPACE, which is revealing. Then, with admiring trouble, he meets Isabel, who's.... a WEARWOLF! And, the only way to reverse the curse is if he drinks milk.

    I liked this episode so cooly, and it's just the best when they go to werewolfs and half-horses... but, I wonder about Fairies... hmm...

    Anwyas, this episode is the best of Season 2, and, I temped to watch this first, insted of the first one.moreless
  • Justin dates a girl who is supposed to be a werewolf.

    I kind of like Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena is cute and adorable, but her character is really annoying! On the surface, the series has a good premises and characters, but where it falls apart is the plots. This episode is a fine example of how bad it gets. The idea is to show how bad it is to date a person met over the Internet, but the general premise that the movies got everything wrong about movies is not realistic. The movies got a lot of things right about the werewolf legends; Justin's girlfriend seems to be a bit more of a shapeshifter with a wolf fixation, and that would have been the better direction to take there. The only reason to skew her rationing lays in the fact that Disney would not want to explore the actual wolf legends (I just hope that girl runs into the real thing and gets her due for lying). Another thing that bothers me is that the episode seems to be just an excuse for Alex to rattle off several really bad dog jokes. The ending is also stolen from an episode of the Munsters. With the series never reaching its full potential with lame scripts like this, no one will miss the show when ends.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • We learn Justin went to Wiz-Tech prom with a centaur, which was another situation where he wanted to start a relationship with somebody he just met on WizFace, in which the person turned out not to be who he thought she was when they officially met.

    • Theresa states that they don't have a dog, but in the first season, they adopted/bought a dog named Dragon.

    • Goof: Justin's shirt changes from his house, to the park.

    • Goof: When Justin walks into the restaurant from the stairs to introduce Isabella, you can see the off-screen mic can be seen.

    • According to Justin's Wizspace, his hobbies include school, chess, and robot making, his favorite spell is McReary-Time Reary, and his favorite wand is the I-WAND.

    • Typical werewolf mythology states if you are bitten by a werewolf then you turn into one, but in this episode, it is stated if you are kissed by a werewolf then you become one.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Justin kisses Isabella on the cheek)
      Isabella: Oh, Justin, there is one more thing that you should know about me.
      Justin: Yes, my love?
      Isabella: When you kiss a werewolf, you turn into a werewolf.

    • Max: Bye mom, we're going to go walk the dog at the park.
      Theresa: Wait, wait, wait. We don't own a dog.
      Alfred: This is Tucker, Mrs. Countens' dog. She's going to pay us $5 a day to walk him.
      Max: We're saving up to buy those cups on a chain so we won't have to keep asking you guys for cups.
      Theresa: You know honey, it's really not that much of a bother. We own a restaurant, we've got hundreds of cups.

    • (Isabella picks up Alex's sweater by the mouth and Alex wrestles it from her)
      Isabella: Now that was fun.
      Alex: Really? 'Cause my word was awkward.

    • Theresa: Most moms have to look for their lost kids at the department store, but no! I have to look for my werewolf son in the park!

    • Justin: I love having fur. I'm enjoying my new lease on life.
      Alex: Don't you mean "leash" on life? Man, that is a good one! (to Isabella) Up top! Oh, careful with the claw there.

    • Justin: Alex, what am I gonna do?
      Alex: Well, don't ask me. I proved you guys don't know each other. My work is done.

    • Justin: You're not a dog, are you?
      Isabella: No.
      Justin: See!
      Isabella: I'm a werewolf.
      Alex: Hohohoho-whoa! I did not see that coming.
      Justin: So what! Not seeing things coming is the rollercoaster of love, and I'm strapped in, ready for the ride. Today I found out my girlfriend's a werewolf. Yay! How many other guys can say that?
      Alex: Well, none, 'cause I'm guessing anybody else who could say that has been eaten.

    • Isabella: (drinks water from a glass like a dog) Oh... (drinks normally) Hi, Alex!
      Alex: I saw that.
      Isabella: Saw what?
      Alex: I'm not sure what I saw, but I saw that!

    • (Werewolf Justin surprises the Russos in the park)
      Justin: Oh, guys, there's something I have to tell you!
      Alex: You won best in show? Congratulations!

    • Justin: So I have to drink my own bath water?
      Alex and Max: Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!

    • Theresa: (about Justin being a werewolf) What are we going to do?
      Alex: I'm not shaving him.

    • Alex: (about Isabella) She jumped into the air and caught a flying disc in her mouth!
      Justin: That's one of the many things we have in common. We both love catching flying discs in our mouths!

    • Alex: (to Justin) You can't catch a flying disc in your mouth! You can't even catch a flying disc in your hand!

    • Alex: (to Justin) Yeah, your girlfriend's a dog.

  • NOTES (1)