Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 1

Crazy Ten Minute Sale

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Alex duplicates herself so she can be in magic class and at a sale at the same time. Meanwhile, Jerry gives Max his first wand.

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  • A decent pilot to a decent show

    This pilot was pretty good. It was better than many pilot episodes, but it doesn't really add enough to what a pilot should normally do. This episode illustrates what every WOWP episode is like: Alex learns magic, then uses that very piece of magic to fix a problem or uses it for her own selfish reasons.

    I didn't really like the idea of Alex skipping class to go to the sale. It was boring to be fair. We are hardly introduced to Harper in any way in this episode, nor much about Gigi or any of the Russos. Max and Justin were the ones who had some moments in this episode.

    Okay episode to an okay show.moreless
  • A silly first episode.

    This was a great way to begin the series. The first funny thing I saw was when Max said that the bunnies will duplicate by themselves. At the end of this episode Harper tells Alex's mom to buy some tapichinos and she totally fell for it and was asking her husband to make her a tapichino that was totally funny. Alex wants to go to the crazy ten minutes sale when she has to go to Wizard training. She duplicates herself and that was really cool. But she messed up the spell and then the duplicate form of Alex started to bark like a dog. That was another funny part.moreless
  • Great, but they gave too much away.

    Me and a lot of other people believe that they gave away too much to this one episode because of all the different commercials they had for the whole show together. All in all, I still liked it though.

    I think this episode was enough to describe the personalites of each and every character for the most part. Enough for you to know a little about them.

    For the episode plot itself, I can say that its never relaly been done before. Never has writers creted a Crazy 10 Minuete Sale before. And I liked the rively that they put in between Alex and Gigi. Even though Alex was trying to hide from her parents.

    As for Max, I personally loved him in this episode. I luahged when he said he wanted to get a wedgie from somebody he trusts. And it was pretty great how they put him trying to deal with the powers of his new wand.moreless
  • A great start to an... underrated series.

    It's come to my attetion that this episode, despite it's flaws, actually displays what will be on the recent newer episodes and how it actually is.

    "Edgebonoutwosis!" (first lines of the series)

    Meet Alex Russo, a girl with magic powers who learn with her brothers, Justin and Max. Their duty is to not tell anyone their magic powers (well, that's original, since the ditsy friend, Harper, dosen't know)

    When Alex hears that Gigi, her rival, gonna get that one-of the kind sweater, Alex must devise a plan to get into the ten minuet sale without Jerry knwing she's gone. Then, she tries the duplicate spell to make a doppleganger of herself and trudges into trouble, as Max got his emimic wand.

    This episode takes on a drug, and it grows on you. It's not the best pilot, but, it'll make you want more.moreless
  • good start to an OK series

    this is a good start to the series and it does a good job at showing the viewer what the characters are like, especially with Alex. Alex wants to skip her wizard lesson to go to some sale at the mall to get an outfit her and her rival, Gigi want.

    Jerry gives youngest son Max a wand.

    A good episode to a mostly OK series. Pretty funny and had an interesting plot for a pilot. My overall grade is about a B+ or so, because whilst I think it is good, I don't consider it "A" material to be honestmoreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When Theresa picks up a sweater from the large close pile, you can see that the sweater actually has 4 arms.

    • We learn Max wears a size 5 in shoes and Harper wears a size 7.

    • Goof: Factual Errors: Max says he wants a wand so he doesn't have to do spells anymore but when Justin does the duplication spell he says the spell while using the wand, which means they still need to do spells with a wand.

    • Goof: Factual errors: When we first get introduced to Gigi and her back round girls, they walk down the school stairs. As a joke in the background you see a boy that is operating the fan. However, if the girls are walking away from the fan, then their hair should be flying forwards, not backwards and fancy like in a shampoo commercial.

    • Alex's cell phone is a T-Mobile Sidekick II.

    • In the scene where Alex duplicates herself, Max is playing a Nintendo DS.

    • Goof: Factual Errors: Harper said that Gigi backwards was still Gigi, but it is actually Igig.

    • Spell(s) Featured: The Duplication Spell
      Incantation: Edgebonoutoosis
      Description: Used to duplicate objects or people. (Note: needs concentration on the thing they are duplicating or else it may come out wrong.)
      Used by:
      Justin: Uses it at the beginning of the episode to duplicate a rabbit however he was thinking about dogs at the time and ended up barking.
      Alex: Uses it to duplicate herself however she was thinking about the rabbit Justin made earlier and it came out barking. Later at the end of the episode she uses it to duplicate her dad and unlike the other dopplegangers it seemed to come out right.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • (Looking over Alex's duplicate)
      Justin: You really think dad'll be fooled with this thing sitting here with that glassy look in its eye, totally disconnected during class? (Thinks about it) Wow, you're right. This could work.

    • (Talking about Jerry's first wand)
      Jerry: There's a lot of great memories wrapped up in this wand.
      Theresa: And a lot of stories I'm tired of hearing.

    • Max: (After Alex's clone falls down) Justin will you at least help me prop her up?
      Justin: (Sarcastic) Yeah, 'cause she's done so much for me!
      (Max picks up Alex's clone and drags her over to chair and Jerry walks in)
      Jerry: Max, what are you doing?
      Max: Dancing. With my sister. Practicing for that new reality show. Dancing with my sister!

    • Jerry: (To Theresa) Honey? Honey. So I need you to back me up on this. I told Alex she couldn't miss wizard class to go to some crazy sale on Thursday.
      Theresa: Ok. Wait! Do you mean the Crazy Ten Minute Sale?!
      Justin: That's the one.
      Theresa: (Gasps) Thank you for reminding me! I almost forgot!
      Jerry: Well, it doesn't seem like you're gonna back me up on this!
      Theresa: Don't worry! I will! Who's not allowed to go again?
      Jerry: (Frustrated) Alex.
      Theresa: Right.

    • Harper: Are you as excited about the crazy ten minute sale as I am?!
      (Alex and Harper start to scream)
      Alex: I can't go.
      Harper: But I drew up a game plan so we can get into the store before Gigi.
      Alex: I thought we agreed we hate Gigi so much we would never say her name?
      Harper: But you just said Gigi?
      Alex: Ok, from now on we'll say her name backwards.
      Harper: But Gigi backwards is still Gigi.
      Alex: That's right. We'll say Gigi but only we'll know it's backwards, it'll be hilarious!
      Harper: I like it!

    • Max: You broke his new drill?
      Justin: I think so. I'll find out when I put the pieces back together.

    • Harper: I told her to get us tappuccinos.
      Alex: Harper, there is no such thing as tappuccinos.
      Harper: I know.

    • Alex: Oh, you want me to duplicate you so you can watch the game and go dancing at the same time.
      Jerry: A little.
      Alex: Well,dad, if you have to punish me I guess you have to punish me.
      Jerry: (to his duplicate) Have her home by 11:00

    • Max: Cool! I wanna make two of me so I can give myself a wedgie!
      Alex: Why would you want to give yourself a wedgie?
      Max: Because, I want to see what it feels like, but I want to get it from someone I trust.

    • Alex: I'll work it out with my parents.
      Harper: You're right, they're really understanding.
      Alex: No, I'm just reeeeally sneaky.

    • Jerry: Now, does anyone have any questions about the spell?
      Justin: (very eagerly) Ooh, ooh, ooh!
      Jerry: Anyone who doesn't look like they're about to wet their pants?

    • Jerry: Good. Thank you, Justin. That is how you execute the duplication spell properly.(Pointing to rabbits) Real rabbit, duplicate rabbit.(Confused) Duplicate rabbit, re-, it's... Anyways there's two now!
      Max: What's the big deal? They're rabbits, wait five minutes and they'll duplicate by themselves!
      Jerry: Remember, as with any spell, if you don't concentrate, it doesn't come out exactly right.
      (Duplicated rabbit barks)
      Alex: Oh that's cool. I've always wanted a guard rabbit. You know, scare off the mailman.

    • (in the Magic Lair, Max is using his new wand to make the clone of Alex hit herself)
      Max: Why ya hittin' yourself? Why ya hittin' yourself? Why ya hittin' yourself?
      (at the store, the real Alex is hitting herself as a result of Max's antics)
      Gigi: Why are you hitting yourself?
      Alex: (a little freaked out) I don't know!

    • Gigi: (about her feud with Alex) A fight? Let's see, I've won, like 300 times, and you've won, like, zero, so it's not really a fight.

    • (Justin comes into the room and sees the two Alexes)
      Justin: Hello, Alex, other Alex. (stops and stares) You're both clearly up to no good.

    • (Max sits down on something, and ends up breaking something)
      Max: Uh-oh. Either I just found Dad's wand, or I cracked my butt knuckle.
      Justin: I'm no doctor but I'm fairly sure there is no such thing as a 'butt knuckle'.

    • Alex: How do I look?
      Max: Why?
      Alex: Because I'm going to duplicate myself, and if I look ugly, I don't want to look twice as ugly.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The series was originally called The Amazing Hannigains, then changed to The Amazing O'Malleys. Then it was changed to Wizards of Waverly Place and lastly Disney Wizards. In the end, Disney decided on Wizards of Waverly Place.

    • Wizards of Waverly Place premiered on the same day as Twitches Too as a part of Disney Channel's Witches and Wizards Night.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Canada: October 26, 2007 on Family Channel
      Poland:March 7, 2008 on Disney Channel
      Denmark:March 28, 2008 on Disney Channel
      Slovakia: September 18, 2012 on JOJ Plus

    • Skyler Samuels (Gigi) has played the mean girl on other Disney Channel shows. These shows are That's So Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    • This episode was legally available on the iTunes USA website a week prior to the original airing.

    • This episode was filmed on March 9, 2007.


    • Max removes the safety strap from his wand and accidentally throws it backward. This is a reference to incidents usually involving the Nintendo Wii Remote, which comes with a safety strap that people sometimes ignore, and as a result, they accidentally throw them backward.

    • Max mentions that he's practicing for "Dancing With My Sister" and it's clearly a parody of the hit show, Dancing With The Stars.

    • The spell Edgebonoutoosis is a play on singers The Edge, Bono and the band U2.

    • The store Suburban Outfitters, is an allusion to the store Urban Outfitters.

    • This series holds many similarities to the two Twitches movies aired on Disney Channel. Examples include:

      1. Both this series and the Twitches movies feature a lead witch named Alex.
      2. Waverly Place is similarly named for the high-society town of Waverly, where both Twitches live as of Twitches Too.