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Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 8

Curb Your Dragon

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Alex buys a new Dragon-Dog for Justin after she tells him she let his old one run away so many years ago. But, the guy who sold it to her is a scammer.

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  • OK episode

    The problem here is that "Dragon" was a one time character. Other shows like the Simpsons featured a pilot episode in which the Simpsons won "Santa's Little Helper" and from that point on, he became an actual Simpson? I guess shows such as Wizards of Waverly Place cannot afford to do this as they're special effects are already extremely fake looking.
  • justin finds a lost dog who is also a dragon and his parents lets him keep him but when the owner claims the dog what will the three kids do to get him back?moreless

    i did like this ep..it was relatively funny..like not the comedy im used to..but still funny..like i mean it was funny but not as funny as some shows are and so im like not laughing almost every min..just almost half the show..it was interesting tho..i always wondered what would happen if dogs could fly..its cute..and i like that spell to turn ppl into animals..that was cute..i would be a dog for the day lol..it would be fun..alex is very good..she can trick ppl so well..even her own brothers..shes just very good..justin was his usual self all crying..big turn off..hes alright but a little too dramaticmoreless
  • great episode

    Justin gets a new pet beagle that turns out to be a dragaon in disguise. When someone claims the dog, Justin becomes broken hearted after he became so attached to it. Alex helps out Justin in finding the dog. But in order to get the dog back, they have to enter a dog show and use their magic along the way. It's a really funny episode, I had a great time watching this. This is a very funny episode. It was so funny, I had a really great time, the jokes at the dog show were so funny. This is a great episode.moreless
  • Cool

    This was another great episode to the series that I liked. What I really liked about this episode was the dog he was the best. The first funniet thing was when the dog burned Alex's homework and said my dog burned my homework that was the best. Another cool thing about this episode was how Alex triked the magazine owner with the money and that was a really good smart move. The last and final funny thing was at the end when dragon farted and when fire came out that was another funny thing about this episode. I liked it alot.moreless
  • Good episode to Disney standards.

    When Justin's dog reminds him of his youth of trouble, he finally gets what he wants... not! Alex and Max buys him a dragondog named, well, Dragon. So, the kids hide the fact about the dragon for Jerry and Theresa. And the rest of the world.

    When the dragon tamer comes for the dog, the kids try to rescue it, by digusing Max as a dog and Alex as a tiger, trying to trick the conwizard again. Well, it didin't work... no, wait, it did. Justin got Dragon while the conwizard got the blowdried rat.

    Well, not much to say about this episode except, good episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Plot hole: We know that the Russo's decided to keep Dragon, but in later episodes he is never seen or heard of again.

    • When Alex buys the dragon dog the seller never gave her the "tomato slicer" or the "smoke detecter".

    • Goof: The red dog carrier containing the "blow-dried rat" dog appears out of nowhere shortly before the dragon seller appears with his own identical dog carrier.

    • Goof: Shortly after changing Max back into a human, the three kids stop to talk. As soon as they do, Alex's hands change position from by her side and touching a table to folded in front of her.

    • We learn that when Justin was seven he had a dog called Willie who was accidentally let out by Alex who was five years old at the time and Justin never knew that until now.

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      The Animal Transformation Spell. Incantation: Animosa espinosa.
      Used by:
      Alex: The first time she used it, she turned Max into a dog so that he, Alex, and Justin could get into the dog show. She later used it on herself to get rid of the dogs that weren't dragons. To transform Max and herself back into human form, she incanted the reverse, Humanosa espinosa.

    • When Alex turns into a tiger, the red cage that Alex tricks the scam wizard to take is not there. Then, when the scam wizard shows up, the red cage is there next to Alex.

    • First appearance of Dragon the family's dog/dragon.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Max:(To Alex) What are you doing on the wizard computer?
      Justin: Yeah, we're supposed to be doing our homework, not surfing the World Wide Wiz Web.
      Alex: I have to do a little shopping. I like to look good when I'm doing my homework!

    • Dragon seller:(After Alex roars in attempt to scare away dragon seller) Nice try, kid, but I know it's you.
      Alex: Eh. It was worth a shot.

    • Justin: We gotta train Dragon to act like a normal dog.
      (Cat runs by)
      Justin: Oh! There's a cat! (To Dragon) Go get him!
      (Max chases cat)
      Justin: Not you! I meant Dragon!

    • Justin: So you actually feel guilty?
      Alex: Rarely, but yes.

    • Jerry: Turn me back into a human.
      Alex: Oh, but Daddy, you look so cute as a goat.

    • Theresa: It's name, it's right here on its tag! His name is Dragon.
      Alex: I love the name Dragon, good eye, mom! It's like it was meant to be--okay, let's talk about something else now!

    • Dragon Seller: Wait! If you act right now, I will throw in a smoke detector, and a small object that cuts "tom-ah-toes."
      Max: You mean like a knife?
      Dragon Seller: Kid, here's a roll of quarters. Knock yourself out.
      Max: With what?
      Dragon Seller: The quarters.

    • Dragon Seller: You know, I never thought I`d say this to a customer, but it was a pleasure scabbing you. (poofs out of the room)
      Justin: What`ve you done? You let him get away with Dragon!
      Alex: Yeah, how stupid of me, now all you have is Dragon! (opens the cage and lets Dragon out)
      Max: Then what did he take?
      Alex: The blow-dried rat.

    • Justin: (to Dragon) Fly!

    • Theresa: So Dragon is actually a dragon disguised as a dog? Amazing.
      Jerry: Actually, there are a lot of secret dragons.
      Theresa: No, that in a family of wizards, I didn't see this coming. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • Alex: Three tickets for the dog show, please.
      Security Guard: It's sold out.
      Alex: What?
      Security Guard: Apparently, people like watching dogs run around on plastic grass. No dog, no way in.

    • Justin: Please tell me that was slobber.
      Max: Okay, that was slobber.

    • Justin (after Alex turns back from a tiger and is licking herself): Would you like to excuse yourself to a litter box? We're kinda busy.

    • Justin: And besides, you know about my allergies.
      Alex: It's crying.
      Justin: Yeah, well...I'm allergic to sadness.

    • Alex: My dog burnt my homework. That'll be a new one.

  • NOTES (4)


    • ...I order from the Abercrombie and Witch catalog all the time!

      This name, Abercrombie and Witch, was also used in episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Big Sleep.

    • Shopkeeper: Okay, I left them a beagle, and you found him. Good work, Velma and Shaggy.

      This is an allusion to Scooby-Doo. Velma and Shaggy were two main characters on that show.

    • When Alex talks about shopping at "Abercrombie and Witch" it is a play off the actual store Abercrombie and Fitch.

    • The title of this episode alludes to the title of Larry David's sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm.