Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 12

Detention Election

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 19, 2010 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Justin and Zeke are running against each other to become Student Body President. However, Justin soon finds his efforts put in jeopardy after someone wallpaper's Principal Laritate's office with his campaign posters and he is accused of masterminding the prank. In Saturday detention, Alex befriends a rebellious new girl at school named Stevie.

On their trip to Coney Island, Jerry, Max and Harper are stuck on a Ferris wheel and Max drops his wand in an attempt to get them off. Harper is flashed off the Ferris wheel by Alex, and they both try to help Justin out of trouble. Meanwhile, Justin has gained new-found popularity from a group of bullies by taking credit for the prank and also to get more votes for his campaign. But his friendship with Zeke may be strained when he chooses his popularity over his best friend.

In the end, Justin wins the race but he is disqualified because of the prank. Alex takes the blame so Justin can become president. But Stevie confesses that she pulled off the prank. She is then punished with three Saturday detentions. Justin becomes Student Body President by six votes, but Zeke withdrew his vote when he found out that Justin did not vote. However, Justin gained his friendship with Zeke back and lost his popularity. Justin is therefore chased off by Eddie and Them.

Harper is sent back on the Ferris wheel by Alex, who was banned and wanted revenge because Jerry, Max and Harper went without her, where Jerry and Max are still stuck on. But luckily, Harper grabbed her jacket made of spicy and teriyaki jerky so they wouldn't starve.

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