Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 12

Detention Election

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 19, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • The gangs let Justin to became cool and they went to detention room.

    WHOA! This is totally amazing and very funny! In the beginning of the episode, I feel extremely amazed that cool woman (forgot the name) is trying to be bad. (need to explain more. but sorry, it very hard to explain). I laugh a lot because it was so hilliarous when Justin pull down the pant a little and the gangs saw Justin's underwear and Justin is trying to be very relaxing and cool. Then, I start to laugh when the gangs let Justin to divorce nerdy Zeke and Justin is trying to quit Zeke for friendship. This is only one of the best episode ever written in season because this episode is totally fantastic.
  • when justin and zeke face each other for school body president, justin qill do anything and everything to get tge most votes...Meanwhile the rest of the gang is stuck on a ferris wheel in coney island LOL :)... how are they ever going yo get out of this?

    Detention Election was a pretty funny episode. It was a good plot-twist to see justin end up in detention that stevie put up. Of course, stevie beinjg the bad girl. And when justin meets these gang of bullies he joins the troupe to get as much votes as he can. This also means making fun of his best friend zeke. alex is running for speaker of the elction so that way she can pull pranks off for the rest of the day. Bur when the voting day comes, justin is disqualified from the election if nobody claims to put up the posters. alex takes the blame to cover for her brother. but it was stevie who came out in the end. justin sees a new caring side of alex. The sub-plot was pretty good as well. harper, jerry, and max all getting stuck on a ferris wheel in coney island (a place where alex is banned from). Of course harper comes in and out of the ferris wheel to help alex. This episode was very well written and it brought a whole lot of comic-relief to everybody that was watching it. I think all major fans of this show are rooting it to come back for at least one more season. If the amazing writting were to continue, then there is no doubt in my mind that the russo family will be sticking around for a lot longer than expected. They should put justin in detention more frequently.
  • detention election

    A kind of stupid episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, if I had to be honest, but I still laughed at some points, and while the school election is a bit of a sitcom cliche, it was still interesting to see how it all played out. And having Justin win by five votes? Almost everything always goes to one vote when shows do these things.

    But the stuff on the ferris wheel should have been cut out, along with everything involving Stevie. Why people liked her when she appeared on this show I have no idea, but I certainly did not.
  • 311

    Not the best episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, most of the things here were cliche, unfunny, and/or annoying. Especially the guest character that I hope doesn't return, Stevie. Looked like an over-exaggerated version of Alex. Horrible acting from Stevie's part, and I just rolled my eyes at all of her lines, and Eddie and Them.

    I usually love Selena Gomez on this show, but she kind of fell short, the laugh ratio wasn't high tonight and it usually is especially if Selena Gomez appears. Max still is annoying. I think the writers don't know what to make of Harper. In this episode she's dumb, but in other episodes, she's smart? Make up your mind.

    This show can do better, and I just really was disappointed in this show, and for the most part peeved.