Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 12

Detention Election

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 19, 2010 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In the episode "Alex Does Good"(aka "Happy Helpers Club) in season 2, Mr. Laritate tells Alex "No more detention for you, I made that decision when you brought an inflatable mattress and an alarm clock that made ocean sounds". Since Alex is in detention in this episode he obviously changed his mind at some point.

    • When Max drops his wand, you can hear it clatter on the floor of the shows' stage.

    • Mr. Laritate put a sticky note on Alex's hand while she was "frozen" but in the next scene her hand was in different position and then the note was gone.

    • Justin's hairstyle remains inconsistent through out the episode. It alternates from combed up to combed down.

    • While reading the newspaper, Zeke refers to "the giant dog that water-skis". Max said the same quote in "Doll House".

    • Spells Featured:
      "Posters, posters on the wall, now it's time to tell us all"- makes posters able to talk. Alex uses this spell on Justin's campain posters in order to find out who vandalized Mr. Laritate's office.
      "Posters, posters that didn't squeal at all, zip it up, stay on this wall"- stops the talking posters. A Justin from one of the posters uses this spell, after refusing to tell Alex anything about the crime scene.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Laritate (to Alex): You know, just 'cause you're frozen, it doesn't mean you're not here.

    • Alex: (to Justin; while in detention) What are you doing here? The teachers finally get annoyed by you turning in your homework early?

    • (Justin finds out he has detention)
      Mr. Laritate: You're coming with me.
      Justin: But I didn't do anything!
      Mr. Laritate: Tell it to the judge.
      Justin: But you are the judge!
      Mr. Laritate: In that case, I don't want to hear it.

    • Justin: Alex has detention today, so that means we can go to all the places that she's been banned.
      Harper: Where is she not allowed to go?
      Justin: (while reading off his list) Uh...Coney Island, Ellis Island, and Roosevelt Island. Alex thinks that just because she's on an island means there are no rules.
      Harper: But she lives on Manhattan Island.
      Justin: Doesn't that explain a lot?

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