Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 5

Disenchanted Evening

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts at the sub shop. Theresa and Jerry are giving their kids lunch. Theresa asks for them to wear jackets. Alex magically summons one, which infuriates Jerry for using magic. Alex says that it's no big deal. Jerry complains that it's akin to cheating. Alex keeps saying that it's not that big of a deal and she walks up the stairs. Theresa looks at Max's Mars diorama, which consists of a bunch of sand and other stuff. Alex comes out saying that she's going to be late. She walks outside to see a kid named T.J., who freely uses magic. Alex quickly identifies him as a wizard. The opening credits roll.

In the next scene, T.J. randomly bumps into a bunch of kids. They make fun of him for making stupid insults. T.J. then opens his locker to reveal a magical closet and gets a new shirt. Alex comes and says that he changes clothes "like" magic and quickly says that he's a wizard. T.J. tries to shake it off and throws his binder to the floor. T.J. quickly levitates it and Alex sees it. Alex reveals that she's also a wizard. They talk about magic stuff and Alex says that her parents forbid her to use magic. T.J. says that his parents allow him to use magic anytime he wants.

Next, the two are walking down Waverly Place. T.J. is magically making hot dogs from a hot dog stand and gets them for him and Alex. Alex complains that she has to walk to a hot dog stand to get it. After that, Alex talks to Justin about how she met another wizard named T.J. Justin realizes that the boy cheated at the talent show. However, Alex tells him that T.J. gets to use magic at anytime. She wants her parents to let her use magic at anytime with no rules. Justin complains, saying that he likes the rules.

In the next scene, Jerry quickly says no to Alex's statement. Max quickly comes in with bad Mars equipment, with Jerry saying that that's the reason why they can't use magic. Theresa quickly comes in. Jerry tells her about the other wizard. Theresa's happy, saying that they can invite his family to dinner. Next, Alex and Justin are telling T.J. about the dinner. T.J. then says that he charmed his parents into his slaves in order to get out of trouble. This scares, yet impresses Alex. T.J. magically clears up his parents' schedule and says that they can have dinner.

After that, Mars shows Theresa his Mars project, which is a picture of Max on a ride while wearing a Martian mask. Jerry quickly comes in wearing his old bowling shirt, which annoys Theresa. Then, T.J.'s family quickly comes in via teleport. Alex says that it's very convenient to use magic. Both families start to mingle. Justin comes in, saying that he'll be laughing at Alex's future failure. T.J. magically summons a wood-burning stove to heat him up. Theresa and Jerry get angry at what happened. Alex and T.J. enter the lair. T.J. proudly boasts that he has a black hole room, which still impresses Alex. T.J. says that Alex can charm some food to give her parents to eat in order for them to be slaves. Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa and T.J.'s parents are eating food. The food's actually charmed, which turns them all into slaves. Theresa also belittles Justin for liking bland food. Alex, T.J., and Max come in. Justin's impressed at what Alex did.

In the next scene, Alex comes into the sub shop. She magically summons a runway, which Theresa doesn't complain about. She finds the perfect choice of clothes. Then, Jerry comes in and starts posing at the runway. A disturbed Alex decides to teleport to school and summon some pancakes as well. Justin comes in with normal transport, which annoys Alex. She says that Justin is too scared of using magic. Max comes in, saying that his project wasn't well received by his teacher. Alex decides to teleport the trio to Mars, which apparently has oxygen. Max puts on his Martian helmet and touches a Mars rover, which makes NASA happy for putting it back online. Justin tries to stop him, but Alex says that he's being annoying. Justin realizes that their parents are slaves now. He decides to teleport back. Meanwhile, two actual Martians come in, talking about the humans. Max is left alone on Mars. He summons pancakes to keep himself full.

After that, Justin talks to Theresa about the slave spell. Theresa is unfazed by it. Jerry comes in, who is also not affected. Alex and Justin realize that they left Max on Mars, saying that their parents should care about what happened. Alex complains about her parents being uncaring and wants her parents to be normal. Alex then decides to go back to Mars in order to get Max back. Justin also tries to makes his parents normal through brownies. Alex teleports back with Max. Theresa and Jerry revert to their normal selves. They realize what happens and decide to punish Alex. Alex then hugs Jerry, which confuses him and decides to hug her back.

In the last scene, Jerry and Theresa invite T.J.'s parents and decide to turn them back to normal with the brownies. They eat it. They realize what T.J.'s doing while T.J. teleports to the Russo's house. T.J. decides to run away as the episode closes.