Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 5

Disenchanted Evening

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Not bad

    I've had rather mixed feelings about this episode. To me, its not the type of episode you can watch again and again and yet enjoy it. Its kind of funny, it does have some great moments but it kind of got quiet towards the end. However, I did love the Mars scene and the parents reaction to losing Max in Mars.

    This episode also teaches you that parents may not always do what you want, but they do it for good cause. That's the great part about this episode. It clearly illustrates this very well.

    It certainly is a good episode for a laugh!
  • a good episode of Wizards.


    a good episode of wizards. Alex meets fellow wizard TJ Taylor at school, who charmed his parents to let him use magic at anytime he wants to. the episode was pretty funny, it wasn't that good in the middle that's why i lowered the score. Funny parts where when Alex, Justin, MAx's parents were charmed and TJ's parents were charmed. When Alex and Justin left Max on Mars. When TJ used magic on his clothes to get the ketchup and musturd from far away. when TJ moved a the pilar into the lair was funny, and when Alex made pancakes. This episode was pretty funny. overall a good episode.

  • good episode

    Alex meets another wizard in school who uses magic with free will. After getting to know the wizard schoolmate, Alex gets his parents to meet her parents, hoping that they'll allow her to use her magic whenever she wants. At first everything happens just like how Alex wants it, but Justin convinces her that their parents are acting too weird. It's a really funny episode. The writers did a great job with this episode. It never slowed down one bit, it was laughter all the way. The actors were funny. The story was a good one. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Always the best day of the day.

    Well, this episode has perfect blended with spectacular and Fairly Odd humor. In this episode, Alex meets T.J. Taylor, another wizard who has no rules because he brainwashed his parents in a pulp. problems arise when the Russo kids use the same method. In the end, T.J.'s in trouble. Ha!

    The charactes, except for T.J., due to his infamous "I'll show you blah blah", were a flawlass bunch. The storyline is... iffy, but okay, since it's the 4th eppy. The humor is imputed a little, but the kids are not trying too hard. It's perfect, except for one thing, and I ended it with:

    WHERE in the WORLD is HARPER?!
  • Its nice to see another wizard family for once.

    It really is nice to see another wizard family added to the show even for one episode. It makes the plot better as you get to see another character other than Alex, Justing, and Max making trouble with magic. Its also nice to see Daryl Sabara once again.

    I really loved the plot in this episode. I loved how an episode was created that finally showed what it would be like when the kids got to do magic whenever they wanted. And I loved the fact that it was another wizard that gave them the idea to do charm the parents so they could do anything they wanted in the first place.

    Max's plot in particular was pretty funny. Its weird to see how Max didn't care much about Mars and yet was excited to be there. Its also very nice to see just how much Alex really does care about her parents' rules, even though she never usually follows them. This was a very great episode to me.
  • Not the best, but, heh, a new wizard means new possibilities.

    Alex, sick and tires of Jerry's commands for wizardie, meets a student nameed T.J. Taylor, who, as she learns;

    1) Has a fetish of saying "I'll show you... (insert something here).
    2) Is a wizard.

    Wait, what?!

    Yup! T.J. is a wizard who can use magic willy-nilly and all because of cougal. When Alex tries it on her parents, Jerry and Theresa sound like zombies, and let Alex use magic the same as T.J. Justin is thinking negative, as usual, and Mex has a progect for magic.

    On Mars, yes.

    When Alex gets in a mess, her parents aren't aware, and, with the help of brownies, makes the parents non-zombiefied, making T.J. in trouble with his parents.

    Okay, this is not the best episode, but, in actuallity, it's pretty good.
  • superb

    alex wishes that she and her brothers could use powers whenever they want. she finds out a fellow classmate is a wizard and he charmed his parents so he can do whatever he wants. alex does this with theresa and jerry, but soon misses her strict parents. can she save them?

    good episode, one of my favorites of the show. it was funny and the plot was handled in a good way. i don't really have any main complaints about this episode, one of my favorites, my overall grade would be an A- or so, really fantastic episode i think
  • alex meets a new kid who is also a wizard and has unlimited use of his powers but when she tries to get that for herself things go wrong

    i really liked this ep..this was one of the best eps i think b/c like i think the first six or so like seriously made me laugh while others were ok..except the movie one was hilarious too..i did like this one b/c there is another wizard just like alex who wants to be able to use magic whenever and he can..spoiler..unfortunately alex learns that her life is a whole lot better w/ her parents being strict and sneaking around doing magic..things just didnt turn out like she dreamed unfortunately but it kind of taught her a lesson even if she sneaks around
  • It turns out that there are other wizard families as well.

    Alex meets a boy, T.J. at school that is also a wizard. Unlike Alex's parents he is allowed to use magic when he wants because he charmed them. Alex invites his parents over to try to convince her parents to give her permission to use magic whenever she wants. T.J. gets them to eat some food that contain the ingredients to charm someone and they become completely careless. At first Alex likes this, but when Max is left alone on Mars Alex gets upset because her parents don't care. This episode is absolutely hilarious and is my favourite so far. The things I really like about this episode is T.J's little insult where he says "I'll show you" and then uses whatever someone insults him with against them. In this episode Max finally uses a spell, but only to make pancakes on Mars. Like most episodes Justin is the most mature once again. He was against the free magic from the beginning (except to read in the dark which I found pretty funny).