Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 5

Disenchanted Evening

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Alex is coming down the stairs and poofs up the catwalk, in the background is a window with a man walking past it; he was likely close enough to have seen the catwalk being poofed up.

    • Goof: Factual Error: When Alex and Justin are showing T.J. their house, they walk through the hallway in the living room and end up in the Magic Lair. Technically, they would have to walk downstairs to the Sub Station, since the entrance to Magic Lair is hidden in the freezer.

    • Goof: Continuity: When on Mars, just after Justin and Alex leave, Max walks up saying they ditched him. His shoelace is clearly untied sticking all the way out. After a closeup he chants a spell making pancakes appear and mysteriously, his shoelace is no longer hanging out completely tied again.

    • Goof: Continuity: In this episode Justin had the end locker, but in the episode 'Graphic Novel' it was Gigi's locker it even had her name on it.

    • Goof: Think about it: Wouldn't the Mars Rover see Alex, Justin, and Max on Mars and in their loft?

    • Justin seems surprised that TJ didn't have to say a spell in order to clear his parents schedule. But earlier in the episode, Alex does the "hands to feet" spell without saying an incantation. Shouldn't Justin know about this trick?

    • Goof: When T.J. falls before the opening credits, You can see his right hand is flat on a platform. And he was hanging from a wire in a greenscreen.

    • According to the locker combination song, Justin's combination is 23-31-6.

    • In this episode, Justin reveals that he is allergic to cinnamon, which is why he gets his own pie at Thanksgiving.

    • It's revealed in this episode that all three Russo kids go to the same school.

    • Spells Featured:
      1. The Jacket Spell. Incantation: "Stop all the racket, I'll put on a jacket."
      Used by:
      Alex: Theresa warns Alex about the weather, so Alex uses this spell to give herself a jacket, which freaks Jerry out.

      2. The Pancake Stack Spell. Incantation: Kamakus Pancakus.
      Used by:
      Alex: After transporting herself to school, Alex uses this spell to conjure up a pancake stack.
      Max: While stranded on Mars, Max uses this to conjure a pancake stack. This is the first spell that we see Max incant.

      3. The Transport to Mars Spell. Incantation: Transportium nextorbitorium.
      Used by:
      Alex: When Max complains about his teacher not liking his Mars project, Alex uses this spell to take herself, Max, and Justin to Mars.
      Justin: After accidentally stranding Max on Mars and bringing back the Mars Rover, Justin uses this to transport himself and Alex to Mars to drop off the Rover and pick up Max.

  • Quotes

    • Alex:(Looking at models) I like the hat on this one, but the shirt's too light. And the shoes are cute on this one.
      Theresa: Well, I think...
      Alex:(Interrupting) Oh! That's the one. Thank you, Mom.
      Theresa: You're welcome, sweetie!

    • Jerry: (Pondering Alex's idea) Magic whenever you want? No!
      Alex: But daddy T.J.'s parents let him use magic all the time, to do whatever, it's not fair!
      Jerry: Well, T.J. Taylor's parents are not your parents! My house, my rules! You get your own house, you can make your own rules.
      Alex: Fine.
      Jerry: And that's not me giving you permission to conjure up your own house!
      Alex: (Hesitates) Shoot.

    • Jerry: And when your mom said to put on a jacket, she meant go get one, not pop one on.
      Alex: What's the big deal, it's just a jacket?
      Theresa: The big deal is, today it's just a jacket. How long will it be until you're popping a calculator into your next math test?
      Jerry: First it's cheating on math, then it's cheating on everything. Then this happens, and that happens, then you're in jail!
      Alex: This happens and that happens? I just didn't want to walk upstairs!

    • Alex: I left my little brother on Mars and ruined a million dollar space program.
      Justin: Billion dollar.
      Alex: (to Justin) Billion dollar? (to parents) Billion dollar space program.

    • Theresa: Why is there red dust all over my living room?

    • Alex: You see, now I'm late. Could you at least write me a note?
      Jerry: Sure.
      (Jerry gets piece of paper and starts to write)
      Alex: Dear Principal, Alex is late because her dad is a meanie for not letting her use magic to zap a jacket on. (Jerry stops writing and glares at Alex)
      Alex: Ok, I'll run to school.

    • Jerry: Hey Justin, want some kugle?
      Theresa: It tastes like cinnamon!
      Justin: No! I'm allergic to cinnamon. That's why I get a separate pie every year at Thanksgiving!
      Theresa: Oh yeah, the bland pie.

    • Alien: I hate it when those humans wear those masks!
      Other alien: So prejudice!

    • Jerry: Hey! Look what I found in a plastic bag upstairs; my old bowling shirt! I thought you threw this out!
      Theresa: Jerry, when you find something in a bag with used floss and empty shampoo bottles, it was thrown out!

    • T.J.: (about the restrictions on Alex's magic use) I don't know how you survive in this world.
      Alex: It's so hard being me. (brushes through her hair with her foot-hand)

    • Max: Miss Weston didn't like my Mars-on-a-rollercoaster project! She is so obsessed with this Mars thing. Well, if she loves Mars so much, why doesn't she marry it? (pause)
      Alex: Perfect! Justin, I'm gonna show you how to enjoy using magic in a way you'll understand. You're gonna help Max with his Mars project. Transportium---
      Justin: Uh, there is NO way you're taking us all to the surface of---
      Alex: ---nextorbitorium!
      (the kids end up at Mars)
      Justin: ---MARS!

    • (T.J. zaps into the house and sees what his parents are eating)
      T.J.: (terrified) Brownies!
      Mrs. Taylor: You're in trouble, young man.
      T.J.: (triumphantly) I'll show you trouble!
      Mr. Taylor: That was never funny.
      (dashes out of the house)

    • (Justin opens his locker)
      Alex: That's not magic.
      Justin: How do you know I didn't forget my locker combination and then use magic to remember it?
      Alex: Because you made up the locker combination song. Right to clear it, come on, let's hear it...
      (Justin joins in)
      Both: 23, left 8 digits, but don't fidget, 31, now for the last, don't go too fast, 6, and you're off to class! Whoo!

    • Justin: (shouting) Mom and Dad are charmed? What? How? When? Who?
      Alex: Mom and Dad.
      Justin: What? How? When?
      Alex: At dinner.
      Justin: What? How?
      Alex: It was in the kugel!
      Justin: What?
      Alex: Justin, I think you know what?
      Justin: (stammers) We have to fix this!
      Alex: It's already fixed! We can use magic whenever we want!
      Justin: That's what I'm trying to fix!
      Alex: That's not fixing anything!

    • (Alex and T.J. arrive in the lair, where Max is reading)
      Alex: Here's the lair.
      T.J.: (triumphantly) I'll show you a lair!
      (Max looks up)
      Max: (to Alex) You weren't kidding. He really does do that.

    • Bully: (about T.J.) Hey, this kid's face reminded me. Who's up for a pizza?
      T.J.: (triumphantly) I'll show you a pizza!
      Bully: What did you say?
      T.J.: (triumphantly) I said I'll show you a pizza!
      Bully: That doesn't make sense.
      T.J.: (triumphantly) I'll show you it doesn't make sense!
      Bully: (laughing) Dude, get a new insult book.

    • Alex: Hey, so I met an interesting guy at school today.
      Justin: For the last time, I will make my own friends!

    • Justin: I'm staying here to watch your plan blow up and pop. Metaphor.
      Alex: Well I'll be the one laughing like a hyena.
      Justin: Simile.
      Alex: No, animal joke.

    • Alex: How many fingers am I holding behind my back?
      TJ: How's this going to prove anything?
      Alex: Just guess.
      TJ Four.
      Alex: None. It's my foot.

    • Theresa: Hey Maxie, what's in the box?
      Max: It's my mars diagram for school.
      Theresa: Where's the mars part? It's just a bunch of beach sand.
      Max: Well, it's a pretty barren planet.
      Justin: What's barren mean?
      Max: Sandy?

    • (T.J clicks to cast a spell)
      Justin: You didn't even use a spell!
      T.J: Spells are like training wheels, when you get really good, you don't need them.

    • Theresa: Oh, you might wanna put on a jacket because it's very chilly outside.
      Alex: Fine. Stop all the racket, I'll put on a jacket. (A jacket appears on her)
      Jerry: Hey.
      Alex: Hey.
      Jerry: No, not hey. I meant, hey!

    • Theresa(handing out sandwiches to the kids for lunch): (to Justin)Whole wheat. (to Max)No crust. (to Alex)Five dollars in the bag.

    • Alex: Ugh, I'm starved.
      T.J.: I'll show you starved!
      Alex: You really need to stop that.

    • Max: Kamakus Pancakus! (a stack of pancakes appears) Hey, I remembered!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The sounds that the martians made when speaking, sound a lot like the sound effects used in Digimon: Digital Monsters in the first season during the digi-volutions.

    • Title Pun: Disenchanted Evening, is a pun to a song, "Some Enchanted Evening" from the Broadway musical, South Pacific.