Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 6

Doll House

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 20, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • A very humorous episode. I really love this episode because this is fantastic and most awesome episode ever. WOWP is the most best show. That's my favorite episode. Why I'm saying that? Because Alex is really cute and awesome actor. And WOW

    This is very entertaining. Why? Because Alex is getting too much trouble in the doll house. I'm always laughing a lot when Alex is in doll house and... finally, Justin is shaking the doll house when Alex is in doll house. Ha ha ha ha, that's very funny. Is that funny, are you? Hopefully, I think everybody will laugh a lot. Why? Because "Doll House" episode rates 9.9. This is the most top and very popular episode. I heart WOWP season 3. WOWP first and second season is okay but almost best. This episode rates A+ 100%. Hope you'll enjoy.
  • When Harper moves in, Alex has to make some room in the basement, but then decides to use their old doll house to make her own art studio. But what happens when the parents decide to clean out the basement?

    This was a very funny episode because Harper is now moving in with Alex and the Russos! It makes sense seeing as how crazy her house is. i just can't get enough of Harper and her disfunctional family. Also it was clever of Alex to turn her and Harper's old doll house into a small space for her artwork; boy, I'd love to able to do that! And when the parent started picking up the doll house while Alex was inside was awsome because Selena Gomez once again got to do some action senquences like in the movie. Also when the little girl got the dollhouse, Alex looked so cute as a doll, though it's really not her style. It's too bad Justin ended up giving all his money to get the doll house back, but it was funny when he started shaking the doll house in anger at Alex. And I love the ending with Alex and Justin having that complex brother/sister moment. Anyway, good episode and I really think that Harper living with Alex's family is really a good development for the show.