Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 19

Don't Rain on Justin's Parade- Earth

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 19, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Had its moments but wasn't much of an episode

    If the moral of this episode was that don't ever try to change the THAT'S PRETTY mean, how can anyone in reality change the weather. I mean, a better moral would be to accept weather for what it is.

    I found some funny moments with Justin's weatherman's absurd forecasts but the whole Max and the policeman singer was just stupid. The director only added two or three scenes of that because there was no plot whatsoever that would make that work.

  • When Justin's favorite weatherman is going to get fired from wrong predictions, Justin uses magic to save his job.

    When Justin's favorite weatherman is going to get fired from wrong predictions, Justin uses magic to save his job. I thought this episode was bad. Now I'm not that big of a fan of Wizards of Waverly Place in Season but this was one of its worst. Now this episode had three plots. Plot A, the Justin plot. Plot B, the Alex/Harper plot, and Plot C the Max plot. Now in Plot A, as it says above when Justin's favorite weatherman is going to get fired from wrong predictions, Justin uses magic to save his job. I didn't find this plot that enjoyable. The part whens Baxter (the Weatherman) was making wrong prediction and Justin messing with the weather was just pointless. I did get on laugh out it and that's was with Jerry's cameo apperance. Now I really didn't like the Mother Nature character. Now Plot B would probably be my favorite plot out of the 3. Now in Plot B was in Career Fair Alex helps Mr. Laritate solve crime in the school which makes her good. I thought that this plot was the funniest out of the 3. The plot was really funny and it did have me crack up in it. Now the only nit pick of that plot was that that plot had been done and in the episode Alex Does Good and it wasn't as near as funny as this one. Probably the funniest part would have to be when Alex turned in her badge (there wasn't anything) and Mr. Laritate just eats it. You have to watch that part to fully understand why it was so funny. Now for Plot C. Oh my gosh, this plot was so pointless. Now Max just follows a singing cop. I know pointless. I didn't laugh once and it was probably the worst out of the 3.Thank goodness it was only like 5 minutes long. Now I which they made plot B longer because if it was longer i would've raised my score to a 4. Now this episode did have a good message to it and it is to keep the world safe. Now I really didn't the ending that funny and it was also super predicable. Overall a terrible episode with a pretty bad plot a funny plot and an unwatchable plot. 2.5/10.
  • Not only was this a great episode, but it had a great message behind it.

    For career day, Alex helps Mr. Laritate solve crimes in the school. The first case was finding out who wrote "salmon" under the "No Smoking" signs. Alex uses her smarts to figure it out right away. Alex solves all the "cases" and becomes good, which is a big change for Alex. After all this good Alex loses her reputation as being bad and even gets an award for being a good student. I love seeing all of Alex's character development in this episode and the past few episodes. Alex is truly becoming a better person, but not changing so much that the character is completely different. I can tell Alex's changes are becoming a theme this season. In the meantime, Justin wants to help his favorite weatherman not get fired for his wrong predictions by changing the weather to whatever the weatherman says it will be. That was nice of Justin to help, but he should have realized that if the weatherman couldn't get his predictions right, it obviously wasn't the job for him. Justin then gets a visit from Mother Nature who punishes Justin for changing the weather by making it rain only on Justin. That was very funny watching Justin get rained on, but I didn't like the way they made Mother Nature look. They made Mother Nature a rocker chick. I seriously did not like that. I think they should have tried to make her seem friendlier. And finally, for Max's Career Day choice, he chooses to a singing policeman as his mentor. The policeman was hit by a piece of the hail Justin created and lost his singing voice. Max wanted a mentor who could do 2 things, so he just left him. Max was funny, but that was very disrespectful of him to just leave the police officer like that. I wish they had put a happier ending to Max's sub-plot. Other then the few flaws in the episode, I think it was still very great. Wizards of Waverly Place is, in my opinion, the best show on the Disney Channel. There is no doubt in my mind that the future episodes will be as great as this one, if not better.