Wizards of Waverly Place

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  • Season 4
    • Who Will Be the Family Wizard? Part Two

      After saving Harper and Zeke, Alex, Justin and Max learn that the competition for them is over and none of them will be the Family Wizard which tears the Russo Family apart.

    • After Alex does a selfless act she and her brothers learn they can now compete in the Wizard competition. But, they must put the competition on hold after Zeke and Harper get themselves in to trouble.

    • Harperella
      Episode 26

      Harper reads a magical story book but soon finds herself into the story Cinderella, and learns she must live through the whole book.

    • 11/4/11

      The Russo's may lose the Sub Station when the owner of the building decides he wants to sell it. So the Russo's and Harper go back in time to stop their grandpa (who originally owned it) from selling it to the current land lord.

    • 10/28/11

      Justin, Alex and Harper are trapped on the 13th floor while everyone else has been recruited to the dark side. Since Harper is not a wizard she can escape from the 13th floor. So, she tries to get help and save her friends.

    • 10/21/11

      Mr. Laritate (who lives in the same apartment complex) discovers the 13th floor after Mason breaks theelevator and he his bitten by a zombie. Meanwhile, Felix's wand is stolen.

    • Ghost Roommate (2)
      Episode 22

      Alex and Harper welcome a new roommate, who is a ghost with a broken heart. When they try to help the girl get over her lost love, she takes an interest in Mason.

    • 10/7/11

      Alex and Harper decide to move into an apartment together after finding and Ad. They soon learn that the Ad is for a Special, Secret 13th floor and learn it is for Wizard World creatures only. They decide to take the Apartment only to find Mason living there.

    • My Two Harpers
      Episode 20

      Harper must choose Zeke or Alex and she chooses Zeke. So, Alex makes a clone of Harper to spend time with. Meanwhile, Jerry, Justin and Max create another restaurant in the Wizard world.

    • 9/16/11

      Alex and Harper decide to move out and live on their own but, they need the money to buy one first. So, they they decide put on puppet show to get money. But, When Alex doesn't keep up her end of the bargain she and Harper have a fight. Meanwhile, Max might loose his girlfriend when Thalia's parents don't like his parents.

    • Justin's Back In
      Episode 18

      It's finally time for Justin's delinquent class to take their finals, which will get them back in to Wiz Tech and Justin back into the Wizard Competition. But when they fail, Justin blames Alex; Alex knows they knew their stuff and that she didn't cause them to fail. She investigates and finds the real reason, as well as the owner of the most powerful wand in Wizard history. Meanwhile, Teresa and Jerry find that they saved nothing of Max's childhood and seek help from Harper to recreate it.

    • 8/19/11

      Graduation is coming up for Alex and Harper and Alex learns she will not be graduating. But, it doesn't matter because the Russo family soon learns the world will be destroyed by an asteroid.

    • 7/24/11

      The Russo Family goes to the beach on a very hot summer day. The Russo children are warned to stay away from a fortune teller from the wizard world that makes Wizard's fortunes come true. Justin and Max try it and get good fortunes that come true. But, Alex's card tells her her life will soon end.

    • Wizard of the Year
      Episode 15

      Alex is surprisingly made Wizard of the Year. But, Reports make it seem like she is dating Chase which makes Mason jealous. Meanwhile, Family member are asked to make a holographic video telling how proud of Alex they are and Justin instead complains and says why he should have gotten the award.

    • Beast Tamer
      Episode 14

      Alex feels like Mason is neglecting her. Meanwhile, the Russo children go to the Beast Bowl and meet Chase who just so happens to have a crush on Alex.

    • 6/17/11

      Alex wants to meet Mason's parents but for some reason he is avoiding doing so. Meanwhile, Max accidently turns his parents into toddlers after trying to make thier food taste good.

    • Magic Unmasked
      Episode 12

      Alex tries to get her favorite Wrestler to go back to the ring and Zeke (who is obsessed about magic) asks Justin to turn him into a wrestler to wrestle him. Meanwhile, Max has a new girlfriend and makes him like things only she likes

    • Zeke Finds Out
      Episode 11

      On a shocking new Wizards Alex helps Zeke when he tries his hand at magic and is really bad. But, When Zeke thinks he is a wizard, Harper tells Alex she needs to help him the truth or she will do it her self.

    • Back to Max
      Episode 10

      Professor Crumbs is coming to check on how well Justin's class is doing and Justin and Alex try to hide Maxine from him while Maxine wants to have Professor Crumbs turn her back into Max. Meanwhile, Harper is the star of the School Show but, Maxine may be taking her spotlight. The Russo Parents must help to Decorate for the play and Jerry doesn't want to do it but, his wife wants to prove they can. Soon Alex and Justin's plan backfires when they accidently turn the Professor into a young boy.

    • 2/18/11

      Alex decides to find a Gaurdian Angel to see why Justin is acting bad but, an Angel in training wants to help also but, she annoys Alex. Meanwhile, The Russos enroll Maxine in school when the principal getssuspicious, soAlex learns that Rosie is an angel of darkness, but when she tells Justin, he goes to the dark side and is enlisted to steal the moral compass. Meanwhile, Alex and Tina try to stop the world from turning dark, and to save Justin. Also, Harper suggests Maxine have a slumber party but it is really for her since she never had one.

    • 2/11/11
      Justin, Alex, Rosie and Harper go to an angels club while Theresa and Jerry enter Maxine in a beauty pageant.
    • Justin's class has a big test a head of them that they need to pass but, a new student distracts Justin and just makes things worse. Meanwhile, the Sub Station is losing customers and Maxine comes up with a new promotion but, people take advantage of it.

    • 1/21/11
      Alex gets jealous when her dad is spending more time with Maxine than her. Meanwhile, Harper tells Zeke that the Russos don't like him.
    • 1/7/11
      Max joins an Elite Wizards club and they get him to move the Competition up a year. So, Alex and Justin try to get him to move it back by transforming themselves into him. But when the real Max shows up, things get worse when Alex and Justin accidentally may have cast an irreversible spell on him (or rather her)! Meanwhile, The Elite Club tries to woo over Harper and Theresa.moreless
    • Alex and Mason try to be just friends but that's hard when Dean returns and Mason gets jealous and eats Dean. Now Justin (with the help of his class he is teaching) and Max and Alex journey in to mason to save Dean.
    • Lucky Charmed
      Episode 3
      Alex keeps using magic even though her powers are soon to expire. Meanwhile, Harper takes her drivers test but it it is ruined by Alex. Also, Jerry decides to hand the Family Wizard Robe over to Max but Justin won't give it up.
    • Alex Gives Up
      Episode 2
      Alex decides to quit her wizard training to spend more time with Mason. However, her new status as a mortal makes it dangerous for her to date a werewolf, and she is forced to break up with Mason. A family of Cucuys, Latino mythical monsters, invite the Russos to their yacht.moreless
    • 11/12/10

      Alex wants to take an active path to rescue the captured wizards so she holds a press conference to tell the world about wizards. It all turns out just to be a test from Prof. Crumb who announces that both Justin and Alex are in big trouble.

    • The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

      Alex creates a spell that makes a Good Alex and Bad Alex to split up with her bad personality but things go bad when Good Alex is in a battle with Bad Alex.

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