Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 4 Episode 7

Everything's Rosie for Justin (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 04, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • pretty good episode of wizards.


    pretty good episode of wizards. the reason why this episode wasn't a 10 was because Maxine again. i thought this episode was going to be the best trilogy ever. but i dont think this trilogy will be good because the promo of the next episode looks stupid. overall a pretty good episode of wizards

  • Decent start for the "Wizards of Waverly Place" 3-part trilogy "Wizards vs. Angels"

    I can't say that this episode started out that great like I was hoping because the promo got me hyped up for this but it was pretty good start... not great... but it's a good start. I thought the subplot was a little better than the main plot thought, I'll get to the subplot in just a second but let me start with the main plot first. A new student named Rosie comes to Justin's delinquent class to get caught up and get back into Wiz Tech. I thought it was funny when Alex made her speech and then everyone yelled "We can do it, I think". I thought when Justin was so distracted by Rosie that he forgot that other student's name (even I forgot right now, LOL). I didn't understand why the spell exercise for Justin's delinquent class was horribly choreographed and it wasn't entertaining at all but yet it was kind of funny. It turns out that Rosie is actually an angel and she only joined Justin's delinquent class because she really liked him and Justin apparently likes her too. Now to the subplot, Jerry, Teresa, Maxine (girl version of Max), and Harper have to come up with a plan to attract all of the customers and then Harper decides to do the punchcards and that everytime a customer finishes punching their cards, they get a FREE sandwich. It was hilarious when that one customer called Maxine a cutey or something like that and then Maxine threatens the customer and then the customer gets scared. It was funny how everyone just cheats by punching all of the holes to get a FREE sandwich. The Russos thought it got way out of control so their only secret weapon to get the customers out of the sandwich shop is MAXINE. Overall, the main plot could have been better but the subplot was better than the main plot in my opinion. 7.5/10
  • Part one of the Trilogy

    This episode, a new student named Rosie comes, and Justin likes her. But, the class needs to get ready for a big test, and nearly everything goes wrong, and Justin has to kick Rosie out. But she comes back and at the end of the episode, we find out Rosie is an angel, and her and Justin begin a relationship.

    Good episode and I am looking forward to seeing where they take this, in the next two episodes of the Wizards vs. Angels trilogy. I hope it is good. This episode was, for the most part, and so because of all of this my final grade for this is going to be in the "B" Range
  • 407

    "Everything's Rosie for Justin" is another decent episode of Wizards of Waverly Place. The show is in its final season, and in all honesty that might be for the best at this point. Both storylines were good here (although what was the point of the wizard march and why was it horribly choreographed?) but you just get the feeling that this show has done everything it possibly could. The card punching scam was not an original idea, but it turned out to be a pretty funny B storyline for the show, and I liked the Eric Stonestreet doppleganger they had as the leader of the scammers.