Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 12

Fairy Tale

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 25, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Justin is the director of the school's production of "Peter Pan", he casts Harper as Tinkerbell. After an injury, Alex must play the part for Harper. Alex doesn't want the role and gets a real fairy to play the role, but things become out of control. Meanwhile, Max is writing a review of the play for the school paper.moreless

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  • Alex AT HER WORST!

    This episode should've been named "Alex at her Worst". That's who she was. This episode clearly proves that Alex can be a heartless woman. I mean, she uses a fairy actor to not need to memorize her lines. I mean, What the hell? She also becomes Tinkerbell's understudy so that she wouldn't have to do anything because of Harper's perfect attendance records.

    This episode really was a bad episode. That fairy annoyed the hell outta me. The actress was terrible, the dialogue was awful and her voice was so painful that I'd rather hear the sound of chalk being rubbed on a blackboard.moreless
  • Alex gets the role of Tinker Bell in Peter Pan, but as always, she's not committed.

    It's become very typical in Wizards of Waverly Place for Alex to not only to be using magic irresponsibly, but to be willing to do whatever it takes to get out of work. Justin is directing the school's production of Peter Pan, while Max is writing reviews. When Mr. Laritate tells Alex that she needs to pick an extra-curricular activity, Alex is not wanting to do so, but as it comes to a big surprize, it's NOT her choice! Alex, always being the ultimate slacker then uses her cleaver thinking to get Harper to audition for Justin's play, so she could be Harper's understudy and not have to be in the play. It was easy as planned, since Harper never fully understands Alex's schemes, however, an unexpected accident involving cheese puff powder (????) puts Alex in for Harper's replacement. When Alex tried to throw herself off the stage to get out of the play(is she really that desperately lazy?!), it was funny how Justin supported the idea. (But I guess this what happens when a director selects his actors randomly). So, rather than simply doing the role herself, Alex goes to get a "real fairy" to play the part, and ends up with a weird, giggly fairy (pretty funny) who would rather play a cop. As usual, Alex gets caught by the parents and has to play Tinker Bell. Obviously, not having to have rehearsed her lines, Alex gets some pretty negetive response from the audience (they wouldn't even clap when Tink "died"). Then Flutter (the fairy) comes in and causes some mischief, nearly exposing the existence of magic. Luckily, Alex swats her down and she and Max come up with a letter of recommendation for Justin about his play. Though Alex is so annoyingly irresponible and apathetic, at least she is still a funny character and is always loyal to Justin. I only hope that she will continue to mature so she doesn't make mistakes, simply because of her laziness.moreless
  • Alex plays Tinkerbell, justin directs the play. Harper breaks her leg and Alex hires a fairy actor instead of memorizing her lines.

    This show gets a three because of Alex's big ole ego throughout this episode. She wasn't very trustworthy towards Justin. I can't believe this girl! she is always being inconsiderate towards him simply because she is an insecure little jerk. Why should this eppy be any different from the other episode. Someone should tell her that the Golden Rule says: Treat others the way u want to be treated. Think about. How would she feel if Justin treated her the way she treats? She needs to think about other people for once. She didn't take this play seriously I mean she acted so badly I just wanted to slap the living evil out of her. Harper did a better job, I just wish she wouldn't have gotten hurt the play would've a lot better.moreless
Rachel Cannon

Rachel Cannon


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John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie

Fairy Agent

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Leanna Spear

Leanna Spear


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Dan Benson

Dan Benson


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Bill Chott

Bill Chott

Mr. Laritate

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: Continuity: During the play, Alex chases the Flutter around the stage with a fly-swatter. Just after Alex swats the fairy she picks her up and holds her by two fingers. In the close-up the fairy is dangling one way, but during the distant shot a moment later the fairy is dangling the other way.

    • Goof: Factual Errors: Max's homework report says, "I saw...last night..." but earlier in the show he clearly said the time for the movie was 3:45-4:15 pm "before homework" as in sometime afternoon before dark, not "last night".

    • Throughout the scene in the sub station at the beginning of Act Two, there's a very active female extra in a pink and white top that appears walking back and forth outside the shop. You can first glimpse her hiding behind some foliage, waiting for her cue to walk past, just as the shot changes when Jerry starts to say, "As long as it doesn't involve Alex, there's nothing we can't solve" (watch the lower left corner of the window just as the shot changes). Then, as the injured Zeke is telling Justin about his problem, she can be seen through the shop's main doors walking back to the left - TWICE! Finally, after Zeke says, "I'll catch you at rehearsal," as he's about to leave, she walks by the window again, this time going back to the right. If you pay attention to everything that's going on outside of the shop throughout the entire scene, her presence becomes quite obvious.

    • The "sky" behind the fairy talent agent is obviously a wall with clouds painted on it. The seam in the wall is clearly visible in many of the shots.

    • Goof: Continuity: When Harper and Alex go to Fairy World to hire a fairy, Harper is supporting her broken leg on one crutch. However, when she and Alex go back to Alex's house with the fairy (immediately), Harper is using two crutches.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Alex is about play dead but she notices the floor is dirty)
      Alex: Ah, ew. (dusts off the dirt)
      Justin: (expecting) Oh would you die already!?
      Alex: (irritated) Fine! (gets a sofa pillow and sits on it, then whispers) I'm dead.

    • Zeke: Tink, no! What are you doing?
      Alex: Peter Pan, do not take your medicine, it is been poisoned...
      Zeke: No! I promised Wendy I'd take it!
      (Alex drinks the "medicine")
      Alex: Ew, is this diet?!

    • Flutter: (laughs) You're girls. I'm Flutter! (keeps laughing)
      Harper: Well this is working out, let's get to know each other!
      Alex: No, Harper!
      (Harper falls again from the fake chair)
      Flutter: (laughs) You're clumsy! (keeps laughing)

    • (Zeke is trying to make the audience clap to make Tinkerbell(Alex) all well)
      Zeke: Come on. One clap? Anybody? Anything? How about the Mets?
      (audience finally claps)

    • Theresa: Working on your review, Max? I'm so glad you finally have something your half good at.
      Max: All right, here it is: "I saw Alasto Man Strikes Back 2 with my mom last night, which was a big mistake, because she didn't put enough butter in the popcorn. And that's the Max-view!"

    • Zeke: I just always wanna be a little boy and to have fun. This world moves pretty fast, you know. And it's not long before you're carrying a briefcase, heading to work, day in and day out. For what? These are the best days of our lives, have a great summer, I'll see you next year!
      Justin: Was that your 8th grade graduation speech?
      Zeke: It was so loose and inspiring.
      Justin: (smiling) And it was!

    • (Harper scatters powder and lies down, Justin coughs and dusts off the powder in his t-shirt)
      Justin: What was that?
      Harper: Fairy Dust! (whispers to Justin) Cheese puff powder. (goes back to being faint)

    • Zeke: Oh Tink, did you drink the medicine to save me?
      Alex: Yeah.
      Justin: With feeling!
      Alex: (looks at Justin, then whispers) Oh. (looks back at Zeke) With feeling...

  • NOTES (2)