Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 20

Family Game Night

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 26, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • The second best episode of the season- Its not far off from being the best

    This episode is actually one of the best WOWP episodes. It was created extremely intelligently. The episode was brilliantly done because we have the main plot of Justin having to put up with this girl who believes that Justin likes her and so brings her home to embarrass. Little did Justin know at that time that Harper and Alex's brains have been messed up and now the two have formed one person!

    This episode did something that not many episodes have done. The sub plot was actually important to the main plot! This episode was extremely funny and a must see for fans!
  • Alex needs to switch bodies with Harper, and she runs into one snafu after another trying to switch them back.

    Okay, this is my new favorite episode because it keeps getting funnier and funnier. First off, you got Alex switching bodies with Harper so Harper can take a test for her as Alex. Harper isn't crazy about the idea, and shows a low penance for honesty in going through with it. The funniest part is watching Selena Gomez as Harper flirting and swooning with Justin who at this part has no idea what's going on. Jennifer Stone finally gets to do magic as she tries to reverse Alex's spell, switching their hair and voices until just getting both Alex and Harper's minds and personalities downloaded into the same brain. This is where Selena Gomez shows some great comedic talent with both Alex and Harper fighting for control of their one body, and Harper seems to be winning since as she points out Alex is easily distracted. All ends up okay as Justin fixes everything, but not before Harper's mindless body wanders out for all to see. The best part is the way Justin's sub-plot with an obsessive girlfriend merges into the main plot and Harper as Alex threatens the girl. The episode has a lot of great humor, really showcases the actors and finally shows the full potential of the series, something sorely lacking in several episodes.
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