Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 20

Family Game Night

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 26, 2009 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In his episode, Justin mentions a few of his past girlfriends. These include Miranda (referred as the "goth chick") whom he dated in "First Kiss" and "Pop Me and We Both Go Down", and Isabella from "Beware Wolf", as well as the centaur girl.

    • Spells Featured:
      "(Name and Name) Cambia Coporum Meum Capora Sua Numinavi" - The ability to switch bodies. Alex uses this spell to switch bodies with Harper so Harper can take a test for her.
      "Hairbrainium Excamchangium" - Switches hair styles.
      "After all that's been said we want to switch back our heads" - Switches voices.
      "Voicus Rightnoisus" - Switches back each others' voices.
      "This all has been a pain, now we want to switch back our brains" - The spell was intended to to switch Alex and Harper's brains back, but it ultimately mixes their brains together in Alex's head, leaving Harper with no brain at all.
      "Please brain, leave brain" - Can separate brains back into each others' heads.

    • Alex uses the same body-switching spell used in "Quinceneara".

  • Quotes

    • Alex: No thanks. I don't play games, especially ones that end with crime scene tapes.

    • Theresa: Justin, aren't you going to get dressed up for your date?
      Justin: These are my good flip flops!

    • Harper: I don't want to look in your brain. There's a lot of scary stuff in there!
      Alex: (laughs) Thank you.

    • Max: (about Daphne) Luckily for you, I have an idea on how you can get rid of her. Dad's forcing us to have Family Game Night tonight. You know us, the cops will be there an hour after we get started.
      Justin: And I'll invite Daphne. She see how hurtful and cheating us Russos can be and she never want to see me again!
      Max: That's a great idea. I was thinking we could plant some of Mom's jewelry in her purse and get her arrested.

    • Alex: (whispers) I have two brains inside my head.
      Justin: If you are trying to psyche me out for charades, you're going to have to do better than that.
      Alex: No, no, I'm serious. I mixed up a bunch of spells. I can prove it. Just, talk to Harper's brain.
      Justin: Uh, okay... Let me see... Hello, Harper's brain?
      Harper From Inside Alex's Head: (in awe) You're staring at me with those eyes, I think I might faint!
      Justin: Yep, definitely Harper's brain alright.

    • Justin: Oh Alex, I need to ask you something. See I'm taking this girl to the baseball game, right?
      Harper in Alex's body: What girl? Who are you taking?
      Justin: Daphne. She thinks we're dating. I need your sneaky conniving advice of how to get out of it.
      Harper in Alex's body: Dump her. Just dump her! Dump her hard!
      Alex in Harper's body: (groans) You want to get rid of her? You're gonna need a road flare, a barrel of maple syrup, and a mini-trampoline. But we're not using the maple syrup the way you think. We gotta go! (drags Harper away)
      Justin: And what did I think we're using the maple syrup for? Like, who... Ooh, I get it.

    • Harper in Alex's body: Hey Justin, great shirt!
      Justin: Thank you, I actually took... (suspiciously) What did you do to it?!

    • (Talking about family game night)
      Max: Whoa, why do we have to play out there?
      Theresa: Because that way we'll be out front where all the neighbors can see. And we'll be shamed into behaving well. (Looks at Jerry pointedly). And also when stuff starts to fly, my ceiling won't get stained with guacamole.
      Jerry: (Looking at the ceiling) Oh good! I thought that was something seeping down from Max's room.
      Max: That is totally coming from my room.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The "H" on Harper's shirt is similiar to the "L" always worn on the shirt of Laverne on the show Laverne and Shirley.

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