Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 13

Fashion Week

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 15, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Even when magic is gone, Alex still manages to cause trouble.

    When the wizard wizard is experiencing some "magical difficulties", the kids are temporarly out of the use magic. Meanwhile, it's Fashion Week in Waverly Place, and Harper has the responsiblity of watching her mentor's latest fashion creation. However, Alex only seems interested in getting to wear the dress rather than being happy Harper's fashion career. Alex tricks Harper into letting her watch the dress for her and tries on the dress, despite all the odds. When she agitates Justin one more time (tipping over his tray of food on him), she ruins the dress (Justin hugs her). It's interesting how despite Justin's involvement, Alex realizes that the dress being ruined was her responsibility. However, Alex's careless behavior and scheming makes the situation complicated and puts them in one scenario after another. What I can definitely say is that Alex was being a little extra mean in this episode, she's usually not that disrespectful to Justin or Harper. Plus, her "moving on" thing got kind of annoying. You can't fix a problem you caused by avoiding it and not giving an explanation to how it happened so you don't get in trouble (that's where the cycle came from). At least Alex admitted her faults at the end. Another good part to the episode would be the fashion designs! Selena Gomez should really be a model; the newspaper dress looked better on Alex than it did on Cindy Crawford, though I did like the ballroom dress on her as well. The subplot with Justin and Zeke trying to flirt with models was good too. It's good to show that models aren't as dumb and super-ficial as the stereotype. When the models are playing dungeons and gargoyles with Justin and Zeke, it's like every nerd's dream!