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WOWP- Sucks now?

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    I used to love Wizards of Waverly Place when I was 12, but now it sucks. I grew over that show. One day I was so bored that I watch it. I realized how stupid the show got as the series went by. It's Harry Potter meets Twilight, Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets Hannah Montana, and so many more crossovers. I have to admit, Season 1 was a great and the only best season of the whole series. Then Season 2 was okay, then Season 3 and 4 sucks. The movie was great, but I have a feeling that the show went downhill after that. Season 3 and 4 focused too much Alex and Mason, which annoyed and who will be the family wizard. It wasobviousthat Alex was going to win because she won in the movie and she's the main character. Mason annoys me the most, I prefer Dean. It's was hard to medescribeMason and the only good characters that I loved was Miranda and TJ. What do you guys think? Do you think Wizards of Waverly Place sucks now? Did you finally grew over from this show?

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