Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 16

Future Harper

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 15, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When the Russo kids discover that their lives are being exposed in the form of novels written by popular author H.J. Darling, they travel through the Inter-Wizard People Porter to confront her and learn that Ms. Darling is Harper from the future. Justin must then work to ensure that Alex remains friends with Harper to preserve the outcome of their futures.moreless

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  • An interesting plot and a change to Wizards of Waverly Place in terms of plots

    As predictable as this episode could be, I'm glad that they chose to make an episode which finally explores the future of the Russos. The plot was well done and the episode actually started off uniquely! There was much to like in this episode and overall Future Harper was a fine episode
  • A solid episode.

    The Future Harper episode wasn't nearly as interesting as I thought it was going to be. While the actress chosen to play future Harper was spot on, the storyline just wasn't exciting to watch. The promo on all Disney shows gives everything away so there was really no suspense for the viewer. We got some nice relationship development for Harper and Alex but I think Alex overreacted to the situation. While Harper may have done something she shouldn't have in the future, I'm not sure why it wouldn't be just as obvious to the future Russo's just who exactly Harper had been writing about. And if they did nothing to stop her it must not have been something to lose a best friend over.moreless
  • This episode was pretty good. A little predictable, but still good.

    Alex, Justin, and Max find out that a popular book series is actually based on their lives. They look for the author and find out that is is Harper. Harper being the author was very predictable. Come on, we need some surprises! Where is the suspense? This episode was very funny and made me laugh a few times. Max was hilarious as usual, but didn't have much screen time unfortunately. He never seems to be on much. The show seems to revolve more around Alex and Justin. Surprisingly Justin didn't annoy me in this one like he usually does. He's usually very good-two-shoes, but he was okay in the episode. Alex was cool in this episode too, although she almost always is. Alex forgave Harper to save their friendship even though Harper wrote the books without her permission. She showed that her best friend means something to her. Although I personally think that Harper should just leave the show altogether, I'm glad that Alex is still growing as a person. There was no subplot to this episode. The parents weren't there, which is okay I guess considering the show is about the kids anyway. It's just that the parents sometimes add a little bit of comedy to the show, which is nice. I think this episode was actually very cute. If future episodes are as good as this one, I know that this show can last quite a while.moreless
  • A satisfying episode in my opinion.

    This episode centers around the fact that future Harper uses the adventures of the Russo Family, as the plot in her book series. Apparently she doesn't have Alex's permission to use her 'secrets' in the stories, challenging their friendship. I personally like this episode because it shows the connection between Harper and Alex, as well as unveiling their weak points. Even though Alex shouldn't have overreacted about Harper using her stories, I believe she had some right to question the intentions. One thing I like about the episode, is the fact that it concludes in a sort of .. 'foreshadowing'. Whereas we can see that Harper and Alex will actually stay friends for a long amount of time. :)moreless
  • Good episode.

    This is the only season 2 episode I've seen, and it was actually better than most Season 1 episodes I've seen. So there's these books out, and they find out the author has just stolen all of their adventures. So the Russo kids go to the location of the author, to find it's a future Harper! Alex becomes annoyed with the normal Harper for using her ideas, but Harper is confused. Eventually, she realises she's being stupid, and the two friends make up. I only saw it the other day but I can't remember the plot all that well, lol. Anyway, great episode!



Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Before Alex, Justin and Max take the IPP to H.J. Darling's house, Harper is wearing a rubber fish on her head. Then when they meet H.J. Darling, who is really Harper from the future, the older Harper is wearing a fishbowl on her head with an actual fish in it.

    • We learn Max used to have a pet lizard.

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      -"Before we see this volcano blow, turn this lava into snow."

    • We learn that in the future, mortals know wizards exist, and that either Justin, Alex, Harper, or Max is the one who leaked this out.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Justin: Now all you have to do is Harper permission to write the book so you two can stay friends and I can say (in a British accent) "Mission accomplished, champ!" (gasps happily) Serge has a catchphrase! (starts writing on his hand)
      Alex: Really? Because I think Serge's catchphrase is going to be (mimicking British accent)"Stop hitting me with me own cane!"

    • Harper: (reading her note to Alex) I've done nothing wrong! And the way you've treated me is unforgivable! And you're not the only one who thinks we're not friends anymore. There's another person who thinks we're not friends anymore and I think you know who that person is! But if you don't, it's me, Harper. Signed Harper! (to Max) How did that sound?
      Max: I like the note better when you used the bad words.
      Harper: Bad words are crotch. They lead to tattoos and piercings!

    • Harper: Alex, if you're going to be mad at me and not tell me why you are mad at me, then I'm going to be at you and not tell you why I'm mad at you! Oh shoot, I just told you why. Now I'm mad at both of us!

    • Max: So, if you are Harper from the future... (holds up two fingers) How many fingers am I holding up?
      Future Harper: Two.
      Max: Oh my gosh. You are from the future! Okay, nobody touch anything. If we do, it could totally disrupt things from when when we return to our own time.
      Justin: We're in our own time. She came back from the future.
      Max: Right! -I don't get it.

    • (turning on the Inter-Wizard People Portal)
      Justin: I.P.P. on.
      Max: (bursts out laughing) On what?

    • (calling over the Grand Canyon)
      Alex: Harper, I give you permission!
      Harper: What? I can't hear you!
      Alex: I-give-you-permission!
      Harper: A mission to do what?!
      Alex: This is impossible!
      Harper: Mission Impossible? I already saw it!
      Alex: Meet me back at the house!
      Harper: Okay.
      Alex: Oh. So, you hear that!

    • Selena: Oh, hi. I'm Selena Gomez. In this episode, my character starts out not liking reading very much, but by the end of the episode, Alex learns how important reading can be. Reading can save lives, like "EXIT" in case of a fire. Or "Hey, this bottle has poison in it", but probably not that because they usually have the skull and cross bones on it. Anyway, the point is that I love reading. And so does my friend, writer, producer, actor and director Rob Reiner.
      Rob: Oh, hi! I love reading too. (takes a sip of milk and then spits it out) Like I should have read the expiration date on this milk! (puts the carton back in the refrigerator).
      Selena: Oh Rob, yes you should have. (back to the audience) But I think you should love reading too. Hi, I'm Selena Gomez, and in this episode, my char... Oh wait, I already read this part. Okay, I'm done. Let's go Rob.

    • (Alex picks up one of future Harper's books and opens it)
      Students in hallway: (gasps)
      Random Girl: Alex Russo has a book!
      Alex: Oh, I can hear you!!

    • Justin: Harper, how many Charmed and Dangerous books are there?
      Harper: Seven.
      Justin: Fine. I'll have them read by the morning. I'll skip flossing to save up time. (writes a note on his hand) "Don't eat corn".

    • Harper: (about finding H.J. Darling) I had my mom's private investigator track her down.
      Alex: Oh, how's the case going?
      Harper: Great. Everything's fine, apparently, Dad was just sleeping in the car.

    • Alex: So after we get off the boat...
      Harper: You went to the ski lodge and drank hot chocolate with a polar bear.
      Alex: Did I tell you this story already? My goodness, I'm turning into Grandma!
      Harper: No, I read the exact same story in the new H.J. Darling book, "Charmed and Dangerous: The Story of the Lost Wand".
      Alex: I don't know those books.
      Alex: Everyone knows those books. How could you not know about them? They're about wizards like you guys.
      Alex: Here's how: I don't read.
      Justin: Not even menus, she just points to the picture.

    • (Alex, Justin, and Max confront H.J. Darling for stealing their stories)
      Justin: Wait a minute...Paint-a-Plate, scrap booking, snicker doodles with red-hots, she's stealing Harper's life too!
      H.J. Darling: I'm not stealing her life, I have her life! I don't mean have like I've taken her...it's separate...but she still exists. What I'm trying to is...I am Harper! Oh, I ruined a perfectly good dramatic moment!
      Alex: (in shock) Oh my gosh, you are Harper.

    • Justin: (pointing to a photo Harper) Which way did she go?
      Foreign Guy: Odd little girl? She said something about P.P. in the Grand Canyon.
      Justin: I.P.P. in the Grand Canyon?
      Foreign Guy: You too?

    • Max: I bet this room is bugged! Everybody, talk in code. (clears throat) Peanuts.
      Alex: Nobody knows your code, Max.
      Max: Then we're safe!

    • Alex: What is up with your sunglasses?
      Justin: It's filtered light therapy for my injured eye.
      Alex: It's a pair of mom's sunglasses with a lens knocked out.
      Justin: (whispers) Don't tell her.

    • Justin: Uh, I need an eye flush station.
      Max: (bursts out laughing) I flush, after I.P.P.

  • NOTES (6)


    • The fictional author, H.J. Darling, is a clear reference to the popular British author J.K. Rowling, who is most famous for her book series Harry Potter.