Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 4 Episode 23

Get Along, Little Zombie (3)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 21, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • the episode wasnt as good as part 1 or part 2


    this episode wasnt as good as part 1 or part 2. the funniest plot was the justin/felix/jerry. plot. i laughed at when justin You lost the most powerful wand in the world you idiot?! i loled at that part so hard. the main plot wasn't all that funny. for the first time Harper was anoying in this episode. she didn't make me laugh once. if it wasn't for the subplot this episode would've been a 2. the reason why it was a 2 was because it was shcking at the end. when felix went to the dark side. now i know what your thinking when about Mason an dAlex getting back together. NO shock at all. i knew that at some point in this trilogy that they would get back together. Mr. Laritate annoyed the heck out of me. his cowboy stuff was funny at first but now it's not funny at all and annoying. thats why i was kind of happy when the zombie bit Mr. Laritate. the zombie in this episode wasn't funny at all i felt like they were forcing me to laugh at whatever the zombie did. i hated the square dance caller. he was so freakin annoying. but i laughed at the part when jerry tried to get everyone to leave by selling them free chili with a spicy pepper in it and everyone starts screaming. i laughed so hard at that part. Once again i didn't like Mason. He's tries so hard to get Alex, but at the end they get back together which i saw coming. i thought it would happen in part 4, but i guess it happened early. i was shocked at the end when Felex turned to the dark side, and dexter cast the end through the outdoor spell. and they can't escape. that part was like the climax of the whole 4 part trilogy. after i saw that i wanted to see part 4 so bad. this trilogy is the most excited of all time. overall my score a 5/10

  • Part 3 of the 4-Part episode "Apartment 13B"


    Part 3 of this 4-Part episode "Apartment 13B" was totally awesome with a lot of funny parts. I can already tell that Part 4 will be the most epic out of all the parts. In my opinion, Part 3 was better than Part 2. Also, Mr. Larritate returns which was awesome since he is a hilarious character. I never thought we see him again since Alex and Harper graduated high school but we did soooo... that's good. It turns out that Mr. Larritate lives in the same apartment as Alex ans Harper. There were many funny parts that made me laugh super hard such as Larritate (as a whole) throughout this episode was hilarious, Alex speaking zombie and the zombie saying he likes Harper's brain, Alex's line "Bad zombie, you think about what you did", Jerry with his hot chili bowl, the squaring dancing scene (although, Alex and Mason getting back together AGAIN immediately was kinda eh), Felix saying that he uses his wand to clip his toenails, Professor Crumb's part, Dexter's (who is Gorog) few very funny lines, the very ending of the episode with Mr. Larritate eating the chili bowl and then Jerry telling Mr. Larritate that the water is $10, and a few more. Dexter (again, Gorog) revealed to everyone that he is the Angel of Darkness and that everyone is trapped in the secret 13th floor was totally epic and got me excited for Part 4. Overall, hope we see more Mr. Larritate in the future episodes before this show sadly ends and Part 3 of this 4-Part episode was a total success. 10/10

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