Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 3

Graphic Novel

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • Had its moments but in the end it wasn't very enjoyable

    This episode had a couple of funny moments early on but every single scene inside the graphic novel world of Alex's annoyed me. I found them boring and unlaughable which is never a good thing, especially when much of the story takes place there. It was great to have the main antagonist from the first 2 seasons back, but overall very few laughs were given at the end of the episode

  • One of the best episodes

    I really like this episode because there's comedy, romance, and teen problems. I love how Alex stood up for herself and she doesn't care if other people knows she likes. I love this episode.
  • I really liked this episode

    Because Max has a crush on Gigi, he accidentally sends her to Alex's secret diary. so, they had to bring Gigi back to the real world without telling anyone about Alex's secret or that they are from a family of wizards
    The comedy in this episode was really good. i laughed at almost every single joke. it was a very interesting episode. but i just hate the graphic thing. it made my eyes really painful. its like total grid and stuff
    and FOR ONCE, i laughed at Harper in the ending when she was getting a temp. tattoo from Dean. I dunno, i just found it when she says "Does it made me look too tough" and the process when she was getting it. it was pretty funny.
    Overall, great episode with a very vague moral
  • Alex has drawn herself a magical world inside her journal which she visits alot. Then Gigi gets her hands on it and finds out that Alex has a blankey, a teddy bear and that she is crushing on Dean.

    I started to watch the episode thinking that my TV had gone all weird but quickly realised it was meant to be like that. I loved the way she talks in her journal world "Onward my loyal bro's!" and "Oh Alex, thou art the bomb!" I think that is the best of part of the whole episode...no the whole series! I also loved it when Alex and Harper made fun of the Wannabe's, they wore shoes on their hands and shaved their head, which was a mistake but extremely funny to watch. This is most definetly my favourite episode of the whole TV programme and will continue to watch it every time it comes on!
  • Ugh. Is it just me, or is Wizards of Waverly Place getting worse and worse? I hated this episode, and so did my 2 younger sisters (and my friends at school). Read my review...

    I did not like this episode at all. Every time Selena Gomez spoke, it sounded like she was reading lines from a script. It was really bad. And the story was just boring. I knew EXACTLY what would happen after the first three minutes. I think Disney is trying to force us to like this show because they are worried that Hanna Montana is OVER, which it us (unless you're like 4 years old). Whatever, I just feel this episode shows the continuing decline of Wizards of Waverly Place. It was never great, but the first 10 or so episodes were tolerable. Now, it's just plain bad. I don't think Wizards of Waverly Place will last much longer. I hope not! Yuck.
  • Max accidentally puts Gigi into Alex's magic journal and Alex, Justin, and Max have to find a way to get Gigi out of Alex's journal without finding out that they are wizards.

    The Wizards of Waverly Place episode Graphic Novel was a good episode. I enjoyed it but I was disappointed with the ending. Alex and Gigi were about to duel but Gigi chickened out and flew into the water. I wanted to see somebody get hurt. That would've made me enjoy the episode even more. Another thing I didn't like about this episode was the ending ending where Gigi tells everybody about Alex's journal. Alex tried to stand up for herself about the journal and you usually expect when the character says "Who's with me?" everybody says "Yes" but the only person who said yes was Alex's brother Justin. I usually don't like those endings but when they do that then they should all say yes.
  • 203

    This was the first episode of Wizards of Waverly Place I watched and it will probably be the last. The show has become a massive hit for Disney, but by comparison to the shows on Nickelodeon, which target the same younger demographic, there is just no comparison. Shows like iCarly and Victorious are just so much funnier than this.

    It is easy to see why Selena Gomez became a star, she's a likable lead in the role, but she is just not funny, to speak frankly on the issue. At least she is better than Miley Cyrus though, but honestly, who isn't?
  • This episode had bad graphic issues (onto the story) But, still, it's okay.

    I was kinda dissapointed that, well, I think that Alex was only in the book, not the real story. Oh, well. I also thought that beutifing the wannabies was kinda reducdant. I liked the wannabies ugly again.
    Although, I will say, the journal is pretty sweet as much as Alex's skills (not the real thing) and how, as Max has a kinda deep voice, he has a little crush on Gigi. And, it was kinda cool to see Max on the magic (well, he's kinda my fave wizard)
    And, well, I'm not really into all this kinda innovations with the graphic novel. And, really, Alex's World is pretty cute, with some toilet humor. Which, I kinda dissagree.

    Overall, the episode is still good, but, is has flaws to change it into a broken fx. Still, it's pretty good, and, actually, Alex's deep dark secrets are all in, and the wannabies.. I still like them ugly!

    Anyways, I think it's good.