Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 8

Harper Knows (A Wizard Outing)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 23, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The Russo family is on an assignment at PopCon, a popular comic-book and movie convention. They are on the look out for rogue wizards who may be using their magic. Alex and her siblings go as a special wizards-in-training assignment and Harper comes along for the costume contest. Alex begins to feel guilty for lying and keeping secrets, and she's tired from using up all of her energy to keep the secret. Will she be able to keep the secret, or is it time for her best friend to know the truth?moreless

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  • Some great moments at PopCon but we had an annoying Harper

    In this episode, Harper really PISSED THE CRAP OFF ME. I really found myself constantly annoyed at her and every scene she was in was just plain annoying. Her abnoxiousness in this episode was much higher than it has been yet.

    Also the title of this episode pretty much saves you 22 minutes of wasting time when you pretty much know exactly what would happen by the end. Seriously!?! Why not 'PopCon' or 'Harper's Magical Gift' or something that doesn't spoil such important information.moreless
  • Is it me or is Harper really obnoxious in this episode?

    I mean, really, i am glad that harper knows that Alex is a wizard but it i just wasnt as happy as im suppose to be. i mean i just felt so weird that Harper knows that Alex is a wizard. anyway, i love Hugh. i wish he was Alex best friend in the mortal world than Harper.

    i really found harper obnoxious in this episode. she thinks that just because its her birthday she should be treated like some queen or something. seriously, its her birthday so she asks alex's parents to stand in line for her? Diva much? and she thinks that the whole world actually love her. i mean she thinks that jeremy from science love her and shes so &#^$*(@ about it and she is so determined that she will marry justin. i was like "Okay, she is so..." and when Justin sprayed cheese on her i found great pleasure in it. but seriously, she is one of the most obnoxious Disney characters ever. PS: Is it me or is Harper a little big for her costume. i mean if she is that you know, they shouldnt have made it too tight.moreless
  • It's been one season and a half, and it broke the Disney cliche, but, finally... FINALLY! Harper Finkle is of the magic variety.

    This episode was very special, and very immencive, and if reveals one of the biggest secrets in this show. And, it was the part which everyone was waiting for, since the start of this whole establishment... over a year ago.

    Alex was alwyas this Timmy Turner-esque liar. She's lied to everyone, then get an f. Well, finally Dean's not here, but ANYWAYS! The Russos are sent to Pop Con where they need to take into action for the other wizards. Man, it's pretty riduculous. I mean, seriously! Pajama Girl? Alex should have been dressed as Kumatora from Mother 3.

    But, whatever. How this show was handled was to wizards and beyond. Officers Lamb and "Jeffrey" (implied by Alex) comes back, and so does Hugh Mungous... still cracking jokes about being a mini giant. Eventually, Alex gets to be broken by Harper, so Alex uses her powers to give Harper a new Battle Girl outfit.

    Eventually, this turns into a magic trick, and the magic people stars erasing it. Finally, the moment of truth. Alex finally gives in. At first, Harper is being sarcastic... until they float to space. I just thought this was a wonderful conclution to the string of secrets here, but I have a real complant that the revealing was not pretty epic. I was expecting Harper to not be excited, but rather, be in awe.

    But, oh well. I think this was a ffantastic episode. Have fun keeping the code, Harper. You're gonna need it.moreless
  • Harper Knows

    First off, I think another title would be better, because the title leads you to believe Harper somehow catches Alex doing magic or something. Basically the episode is Alex feeling badder and badder about lying to Harper about different things, so she eventually tells her that she is a wizard. Shocking thing because wizards are of course not supposed to tell mortals.

    An OK episode, it had a lot of humor and was hyped up as some real serious episode when it of course wasn't. OK plot with some good funny parts, but I think Harper is an annoying charactermoreless
Lee Meriwether

Lee Meriwether

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Brian Scolaro

Brian Scolaro


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Michael A. Shepperd

Michael A. Shepperd

Officer Lamp

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Josh Sussman

Josh Sussman

Hugh Normous

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Justin sprays Harper with his squirtable cheese, it looks more like Silly String.

    • Jerry mentions that Harper would probably tell someone about the Wizardry by Friday, and then he said that they would just use the mind erase spell on Harper (and anyone she told). But in the Season One episode The Supernatural they use the mind erase spell, and it shows that it can probably not be focused on a certain person.

    • Goof: Continuity: In this episode, the Goblin has 2 legs, but in "Alex's Choice", he had 4 legs.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Hugh: Having a giant on the lookout will discourage any wizard's horseplay.
      Max: Oh, that is so cool! When are we gonna meet the giant?
      Hugh: You did, it's just me. (Max hands him a tiny piece of paper) Look at this tiny comic book in my hand!
      Max: Oh my gosh, you really are a giant!

    • Jerry: (about Max's mask) Are you gonna keep that on all day?
      Max: I have to. If Chico Loco is unmasked, he loses more than his strength. He loses his dignity!
      (Justin removes the mask and Max whimpers)
      Max: Ah! I am shamed! I have no dignity!- But it was getting hot under there.

    • Alex: My goodness! I'm in a belly of a nerd beast.

    • Harper: So wizards are kind of like super heroes.
      Alex: Yeah, except we don't do anything for the good of society.

    • (Harper sees the Lair for the first time)
      Harper: This is where you do inventory?
      Alex: Yeah, this is going to take a while to sink in.

    • Harper: (To Alex) Give me a real reason why you won't go to PopCon.
      Jerry: PopCon's in town? Hey, Theresa! PopCon's in town!
      Theresa: PopCon's in town? Oh!
      Justin: PopCon is in town?
      Max: Popcorn's in town? That doesn't make any sense. Why am I so excited?

  • NOTES (6)