Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 18

Hugh's Not Normous

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 12, 2009 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Hugh is afraid of crickets.

    • In the beginning, when Harper is "laughing to hide the pain", Selena Gomez is seen breaking character by giggling.

    • After Alex accidentally shrinks her room, she adjusts a crooked picture on her wall. But if you look closely, she adjusts it like there is tape on the back of it.

    • Alex states that she has felt compassion for the first time in this episode. Although there have been other momments where she has done some selfless things.

    • Spells Featured:
      "Put on a show, let Hugh know what it's like to grow"- This spell was intended to make Hugh a giant but instead, it makes Alex's room smaller.
      "Roomas-Fixus" - Fixes a room.

    • We learn that Jerry's ancestor wrote the first joke book about giants.

  • Quotes

    • Alex: Hey, Hugh. What's up?
      Hugh: I'll tell you what's up. This!
      Justin: A cherry lollipop?
      Hugh: It's a hobo bindle! I ran away from home.

    • Alex: (to Max) You stay here! If my room is not fixed by the time I get back, I'm telling Mom and Dad what you did.
      (Alex bumps her head on the way out)
      Max: At least give me a spell to help clean it up!
      Alex: (calling) You're on your own, Jerkface!
      Max: Thank you! (starts waving his wand) "You're on your own, Jerkface!"

    • Jerry: Alex, your mom and I are very proud of the way that you helped.
      Alex: Wait a minute, what is that?...
      Theresa: What?
      Alex: That feeling inside my stomach. It's kind of warm and pleasant.
      Justin: That's called compassion. It's what happens when you do something nice someone else.

    • Alex: Hugh, I can't believe your parents waited until now to tell you you're adopted.
      Hugh: Oh, I always knew. I just always assumed my birth parents were giants too. And it turns out their not. I've been living a giant lie!
      Alex: (laughes) I like what you did there with the giant and the lie... Oh, I shouldn't be laughing right now.

    • Max: Justin, what is that thing?
      Justin: It's a wizard stretcher.
      Max: Cool, what does it do?
      Justin: (sarcastically) It tickles people.
      Max: Oh, that makes sense.

    • (Alex accidentally shrunk her room, and Max caused Hugh to destroy everything inside)
      Alex: My room! Max, what did you do?!
      Max: (To Hugh) You see how she just assumes it was me?
      Justin: (walking in) Hugh. Shrunken room. Alex, I knew you were up to no good!
      Alex: (To Hugh and Max) You see how he just assumes it was me?

    • Harper: (in the wizard-stretcher) I don't know Alex. Justin doesn't think this is a good idea, and he's better at recognizing danger than you are.
      Alex: Harper, please. Justin thinks singing in the shower is dangerous.
      Justin: That's because singing leads to dancing, and dancing leads to slipping.

    • Hugh: I just found out I'm not actually a giant.
      Alex: Oh really? I just found out people don't think I'm nice.
      Hugh: And I'm adopted.
      Alex: Okay, you win.

    • Justin: What was that ruckus?
      Alex: What ruckus?
      Justin: From upstairs, I heard a ruckus.
      Alex: Can you describe the ruckus, Justin?
      Justin: Kind of like a Max ruckus.
      Alex: You know you may be right. I'm going to go investigate, by myself. It might be too dangerous for you, you know how ruckuses can get.
      Justin: And now I have to go investigate.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The ruckus bit is an allusion to "The Breakfast Club" where similar dialogue comes from John Bender and the rest of the kids