Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 3

I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 26, 2007 on Disney Channel
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So she could go on a date, Alex uses a magical pocket elf to pass an exam for Spanish. However, a chocolate-devouring pocket elf is stowed away into her purse in a plot devised by her brothers.

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  • Another episode which had its moments

    This is the worst episode so far for me. It also had its moments. I especially liked Justin and Max in this episode because of their plan to screw Alex' date up. This episode was well paced, had good acting and funny moments yet it doesn't stand out. The plot kinda got boring at times, but was funny when Alex kept adding "ita" to every word to make it Spanish.

    Ups and downs in this episode. Not that bad.moreless
  • 103

    The third episode of Wizards of Waverly Place and it is another good one. I know my score qualifies as mediocre on this site, but that does not mean it is not a good score for what this is. Wizards will never be as smart as 30 Rock or Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it can still be a funny show, and watching episodes like this in a marathon is even better.

    Tonight's episode saw the show for what it needs to have more of: Alex and Justin and Max scheming against each other. This is a signature of many comedies and having this in every episode, not just some, would actually be a good thing.moreless
  • Yum, chocolate.

    I loved this episode. I loved all the revenge that evereyone was plotting from the beginning to the end.I loved Justing and Max working together to get back at Alex when she get them 2 in trouble.

    And I especially loved all the chocolate they had in this episode. I would have loved to eat chocolate cake and drink chocolate, or even SWIM in chocolate!

    Also, I thought it was clever how they brought in the pocket eleves. How they used them in the beginning, then used them to bite Alex so she was obsessed with the chocolate. This episode couldn't be any better.moreless
  • Well, Wanda set off her chocolate gland, huh? Oops! I was talkn' about Alex.

    Alex, in a attempet to go to her date with Riley, has to pass her Spanish Test. Or else - ech! - she fails! But, rejoice! Jerry teaches her and her brothers about pocket elves; dictionaries to the WORLD! Then, Alex's smart mouth gave in, and decideds to bring a Mexican pocket elf. But, to make something even, Justin and Max decide to bust her. So, they sneak the Mexican PE and after biting some chocolate, bites Alex. Then, MADNESS!!! Alex goes coocoo!

    For some reason, the characters act so much like Fairly Odd Parents characters, especially Alex, acting SO much like Wanda. Heh! The storyline was MUCH of the ordinary, with the cheating device now turned into a pocket elf. And the humor? Try going coocoo for chocolate, and running down town, finding some until you had enough. THAT'S pure humor!

    So, overal, if you watch Fairly odd Parents, then... this episode is always, for you.

    What a nice break from choclate! Ooh! Chocolate sounds GOOD right now!

  • good

    alex cheats on a spanish test by using a pocket elf. her brothers are mad at her for something she did and so they put a pocket elf in her purse. but the pocket elf bites her and soon she becomes crazily addicted to chocolate.

    good episode, the last half was kind of boring but the first half was pretty interesting. not the best episode of the series but it did hold my attention better than other episodes. overall, i think my grade for this episode would fall in the "C" range, so in a way it was kind of averagemoreless
Brian Kubach

Brian Kubach


Guest Star

Alissa Archer

Alissa Archer


Guest Star

Al Madrigal

Al Madrigal

Spanish Pocket Elf

Guest Star

Skyler Samuels

Skyler Samuels


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • This is the first time we see Harper actually act awkwardly around Justin, during the first scene

    • We learn the children's school colors are blue and gold.

    • Goof: Think About It: When Alex spills a little chocolate, there should be a small puddle at her feet. But in the next shot, there is chocolate stretching right to the other side of the room. There is no way that the chocolate could have spread that far.

    • Wizardry Lesson: Pocket Elves

    • We learn that Alex doesn't know Spanish, her mother's language.

    • Goof: Think About It: The waiter asks Justin and Max if they want him to call his parents. Justin says "that would be good, and we had nothing to do with this" and puts a $5 bill in his pocket. The waiter walks away to make the phone call but doesn't ask for the phone number.

      Reply Well, Justin could've given him the number as well as the five dollars, he may have hidden it inside the five dollars.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Justin: I'm going to get even.
      Alex: Okay, that is never going to happen. The last time you tried to get even with me, I got the bigger bedroom, and you got what?
      Justin: (embarrassed) Shotgun on that one trip to the outlet mall.
      Alex: Exactly, some things never change.

    • Jerry: (finding out Alex has a date) Ooh. I wasn't expecting this. I'm very disappointed.
      Alex: That I passed?
      Jerry: Yeah. Because now it's time to have the "date talk". (sits down with Alex) Alright, here it goes... A lot of times when you're out alone with a boy, he's thinking...
      Alex: Alone? What are talking about? We're not going to be alone.
      Jerry: You're not?
      Alex: No. Harper, Stacy, Jackie, Sandra, Terry, Samantha, Chris, Noah, and Kelly will be there too.
      Jerry: And you call that a date? That's not what I called a date when I was a kid.
      Alex: What was a date when you were a kid?
      Jerry: Uh... (sees Theresa making hand signals) You know what? You're right. That is a date!
      Jerry: (to Alex) Bye! Have fun on your date!
      (Alex leaves)
      Jerry: (smirking) It's so not a date!

    • (About Justin)
      Harper: He's so cute. I never know what to say to him.
      Alex: Just talk about current events. He loves current events.
      Justin: Hey guys.
      Harper: Alex failed her Spanish mid-term!
      Alex: Not that current!

    • Harper: (About their date) What are you thinking about wearing on Friday? I think I'm gonna stick with this whole fruit theme, you know? And I don't want us to be wearing the same thing.
      Alex: Oh, then you can wear it this time...and the time after that.

    • Riley: Uh, a bunch of us are going to this cool resturant, Medium Rare on Friday night. Wanna come?
      Alex: Oh, sure. Medium Rare. I go there all the time.
      Riley: But it's new. Friday's opening night.
      Alex: Oh! Medium Rare! I thought you said Medium Roar. You know like bigger than a kitten but smaller than a lion. You know? Like a cougar! It's all by a zoo.
      Riley: (to Harper) You can come too.
      Harper: I might as well after my best friend never took me to Medium Roar!

    • Justin: (about the paintball splatters) What are pigeons eating now a days?!

    • Jerry: And the fact that the two of you were conveniently there tells me that you two had something to do with this.
      Justin: No...we were coming from a place that, um, Max knows the name of.
      Max: Pass.

    • Waiter: What are you two doing?
      Justin: Trying to get this chocolate in that purse.
      Waiter: Why?
      Max: To mess with our sister!
      Waiter: I have a sister....get in!

    • Riley (about Alex): Is she okay?
      Harper: Oh you know us girls...gotta have our chocolate.

    • (After Alex slides in chocolate on restaurant floor)
      Max: Revenge is sweet! (pumps fists)
      Justin: ..and sticky!

    • Theresa: How long did you think you could hide this from us?
      Alex: Well, actually I just needed you to believe it til the date was over, so I'm good!

    • Theresa: (points to a lamp) ?Como se dice…?
      Alex: (puzzled) Lamp-ito.
      Theresa: Lampara. Ok, ok, next one. (indicates a cup) ?Como se dice…?
      Alex: Cup-ito.
      Theresa: Honey, just adding "ito" after every word doesn't make it Spanish.
      Alex: Well, you're saying como se dice before everything. Is that Spanish?

    • Theresa: Don't worry, I'm gonna help you with your espanol.
      Alex: That's fine, but I really need help with my Spanish, too.
      Theresa: Espanol is Spanish.
      Alex: Espanol's Spanish for what?

    • Alex(after the Pocket Elf bites her): You know what's not a good color combo? Our school colors - blue and gold. Ugh. That's why I'm not a cheerleader. Besides, I'm not self-centered. I should start a school petition to change our school colors to midnight blue and chocolate.

    • Jerry: To you and me, chocolate is a delicious treat often used to say sorry to a loved one. But to this little guy, it's like lighting the fuse on a crazy bomb.

    • Alex(after Riley asks her to a restaurant): Wow, all those hours I spent not studying totally paid off!

    • Harper: Wow, failing Spanish sounds exhausting.
      Alex: It is. That's why I sleep during History.

    • Harper: Riley's so cool!
      Alex: I know! And he can drive with a parent or guardian during any daylight hour!

    • Jerry: How are you going to learn a whole language in two days!? I have some spanish for you! (to Alex) No way, Jose! (laughs)

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Poland: March 14, 2008 onDisney Channel
      Asia: March 23, 2008 on Disney Channel
      Denmark: April 11, 2008 on Disney Channel
      Slovakia: September 20, 2012 on JOJ Plus

    • Second appearance of Amanda Tepe, in this episode she plays the Maitre'D.
      First appearance of Brian Kubach as Riley.

    • This episode appeared on the Disney Channel site before it came out on TV.


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