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Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 12

Justin's Little Sister

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 09, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Alex is continually compared to Justin, she gets frustrated and makes a wish on a genie that she would no longer be compared to him. But when the genie cons her and makes everyone forget Justin, Alex has to find a way to reverse the spell.moreless

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  • Not great, but good

    I'm not saying this episode is great, but it was good. The plot was very good and for the first time in this series, you can actually sympathize for Alex. The plot was good, but it didn't hold on for the entire episode. The funniest character in this episode was the genie as well as the Russos thinking Justin was Uncle Ernesto was hilarious. But apart from that, this episode kinda got boring.moreless
  • great

    alex is tired of people comparing her to justin, and when she finds a genie, she wishes that people would stop this. this comes true, but the genie makes it so that people forget justin. then alex only makes it worse when she makes another wish and the genie turns justin invisible. will she comes up with a plan?

    good episode, but the last half is kind of boring. the first half is pretty funny but some of the last half bores me when i watch it. still a good episode, my overall grade is in the "B" range methinksmoreless
  • Timmy should have paid attetion to his wording off... wrong person, sorry.

    Alex is kinda selfish, which knocks off some points. But, here, Jerry teaches the kids about genies, in which the genie wants out. So, Alex becomes a little brat and wishes for

    1) For no one comparing her to Justin, in which everyone forgets about him.

    2) For the genie to go back

    3) For everyone to see Justin more clearly.

    And, I like this episode. The characters are kinda off, the humor is not trying hard, but awesome. The storyline... kinda filled from Fairly Odd Parents. The only thing I don't like is Alex's substance of jelousy, and making Jalax. Isn't that sanity? Ewwwww! Anyways, overall, it was a fun eppy.moreless
  • Genies are tricky.

    Alex, Justin and Max learn about genies. Alex is tired of people comparing her to Justin and saying that they want her to be like him. She draws out a genie and wishes that people would stop comparing him to her, but the genie tricks her and makes everyone, but Alex, forget Justin. Alex lets the genie go free. She now has to convince her parents and everyone that Justin is her brother. She gets the genie back, but only has one wish left. She wishes that people will clearly see Justin for who he is, but she makes him invisible. Max helps them get the genie back again and she reveals the reset button. They use it and all is back to normal.

    This episode was silly! It was pretty funny, but it was weird. I would love to be invisble like Justin was! This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!moreless
  • Alex is in the middle!

    When Alex is continually compared to Justin, she gets frustrated and makes a wish on a genie that she would no longer be compared to him. But when the genie cons her and makes everyone forget Justin, Alex has to find a way to reverse the spell.

    This episode was very, very interesting. It is one of my favorite of the series but not my numba 1 fave because "The Supernatural" is my new fave but this episode had it all. Funny, dramatic, and just alittle hint of brother sister love between Alex and Justin. This episode was spposed to be Alex in the middle.moreless
Candace Brown

Candace Brown


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Veronica Sixtos

Veronica Sixtos

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Monica Anne Parales

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Bill Chott

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Alex rings the cow bell her hand is on the side of it, then right before she rings it, Mr. Laritate says something, and the camera moves to him, and when the camera goes back to Alex, her hand is on the handle.

    • Spells Used: We are now small and teeny weeny, take us inside to see the Genie & We are now small and teeny weeny, we are done visiting the Genie.

    • When the genie was leaving she told Alex to throw her lamp in the dish washer because it wasn't dish washer safe and she wouldn't care, and yet she cared when they poured orange soda into it.

    • Alex wears the same black-and-white striped fingerless gloves in this episode that she wore while flying the magic carpet with Jerry in the episode "You Can't Always Get What You Carpet".

    • Goof: When Alex is talking to Harper about Justin and realizes that no one remembers Justin, she is near her locker. She never closes it, but she walks over to Justin. In the next shot, her locker is closed.

    • We learn that Justin looks like their Uncle Ernesto.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Max: I know a Jeannie. Jeannie Kowalski. Jeannie's don't like it when you flick them in the ear. That's lesson number one.
      Jerry: No, lesson number one is leave that girl alone, shes bigger than you.

    • Justin: It's not just at school, my parents don't know who I am either!
      Alex: Yeah, but on the plus side, I bet you don't have to do the dishes tonight.

    • (Theresa asks Justin and Alex how there day was at school)
      Alex: Well, I got a hard quiz question because of Justin, got in trouble because of Justin, and got recruited by the math team because of Justin!
      Theresa: (to Justin) What are you smiling about?
      Justin: I have had a much more productive day than I realized.

    • Mr. Laritate: Oh, Alex, you are definitely not your brother, Justin.
      Alex: No, I'm not. I'm cuter, I'm more fun to talk to, and I don't have dental floss on a keychain.
      Mr. Laritate: Yeah? (He holds a dental-floss keychain) Well, I do. Justin made it for me. Ah, Justin. Those were the days.

    • (Alex rubs lamp and genie appears with plunger in one hand and snake in the other)
      Genie: Oh! It's you. I was just in the middle of snaking my drain.

    • Justin: Oh, I get it, like giving a burglar your money so he doesn't steal it.

    • Alex: Max, how would you get a genie to come back to her lamp?
      Max: Oh, I know! Orange soda.
      Alex: What?
      Max: If someone poured orange soda in my room, I'd be really mad.
      Teresa: You spilled orange soda in your room, didn't you? What did we say about taking that up there?
      Max: See? She's going to my room and she's mad.

    • Jerry: Alex Russo! What is going on here? And why is there a pillow floating in the air?
      Alex: Because Justin's invisible and not wearing any clothes.

    • Justin: Max, buddy, do you still remember me?
      Max: Of course I do.
      Justin: Really?
      Max: Yeah, you're our Uncle Ernesto.

    • Justin: I don't have any friends, my teacher doesn't remember me...what did you do?
      Alex: Why? Just because something completely out of the ordinary happens, doesn't mean I had something to do with it.
      Justin: Did you have something to do with it?
      Alex: Yes.

    • Justin: (to classmate) We played video games together...yesterday, remember? I got overexcited and hyperventilated? Your mom had to get me a bag?

    • Genie: Ok, thank you for rubbing my lamp, I know you have a lot of choices in lamps, thank you for choosing mine, you are limited to three wishes, blah blah blah, not valid in Connecticut or Vermont...

    • Theresa: (to Justin) I'm so sorry I didn't remember you.
      Jerry: What kind of mother forgets her own child?
      (Theresa gives him a look)
      Jerry: What? Before my cup of coffee in the morning, I'm lucky I remember any of these kids. (to Max) Come on, Bobby, bedtime.

    • Jerry: Why can't you be more like your brother?
      Alex: Because I don't wanna grow old alone.

    • Alex: (sarcastically) Omigosh. It's the Thursday pop quiz we have every Thursday. I'm totally caught off guard.

    • Theresa: Justin is a great catch. You should go out with him.
      Alex: Ew, gross.
      Theresa: That's exactly how I felt about your father when I first met him and now he's my big cuddly bug!
      Alex: Ew, gross-er.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Poland on May 30, 2008on Disney Channel
      Denmark: June 20, 2008 on Disney Channel
      Slovakia: October 3, 2012 on JOJ Plus

    • This episode was first called Alex in the Middle. But that is the title of a later episode where Uncle Kelbo visits.


    • This former title (which was "Alex in the Middle") refers to the popular sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, starring Frankie Muniz.