Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 7

Marathoner Harper (Marathoner Helper)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 04, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

After Alex uses magic to help Harper win, she recreates the activities for her friend, so a very upset Harper can win on her own. Meanwhile, Justin decides to enter the marathon to win the first athletic trophy for the Russo family.

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  • I am a little quite unhappy to watch this about marathon and spelling bee championship but it something really funny about Harper in the marathon.

    I'm always not interested about sports and spelling bee. Because its really bother me when I'm getting close to sweating person and it smells really stink. I'm so bored about watching the spelling bee championship because this is crabby subject. I'm good at spelling the words. Yes, of course... but I'm not interested. I like to run, yes. But I don't want to watch more about marathon and spelling bee. Ok here's the point, it's EXTREMELY funny about Harper for "The Cheaty Book of Magic". In the beginning of "Marathon Helper" episode, Harper is screaming of terror while getting some exercise, the music is on, and she woke Alex's up, Alex is still keep panting when Harper is getting big attention and screaming, and finally Alex turn the music off. Then in the middle of the episode, Harper runs EXTREMELY fast like about 40 miles per hour and she got biggest silver trophy. But finally in the end of the episode, Harper doesn't know everything. HA HA HA! This is funniest episode and entertaining.moreless
  • Harper hopes to win a marathon. But when her training keeps gets on Alex's nerves, Alex meddles...

    This was a pretty funny episode. Such a good example on how Alex is going to have to get used to Harper living in her house. Harper is training for the marathon and is determined to achieve. It was funny how Alex kept getting annoyed by all the noise Harper was making at night. It's hard to live with friends sometimes. Also, Theresa and Jerry are claiming Harper is their daughter, and Justin joins the marathon in order to win the family a athletic trophy. Anyway, in hope of getting some sleep at night, Alex uses a spell to help Harper win the marathon. Justin runs the marathon but he comes in dead-last, and is exausted from all the running. The family celebrates Harper's victory, but Harper soon finds out what Alex did. And upon that, Harper discovers that Alex has used magic on her for every other competition she's won before. Harper is now completely discouraged Feeling guilty, Alex decides to make it up to her by helping her relive all those old competitions. (It was funny how Jerry accidently gave Alex the idea). Unfortunitely, without magic, Harper could never do any of those things, and comically fails at all of them. Although, not the best episode, I did like the moral of how it's better to "sink or swim" on your own, than to win unfairly. I was also glad to see Zeke again. He is a great part of the show and he are Justin are so hillarious together. And Max was really funny in this episode. Trying to make a drinkable meal in the blender and way he misspelled his own name in the spelling bee ("M-A-C-K-S") was funny. I know Max isn't a smart character, but his usual acts of randomness with his impulsively naive demeanor and level-headed behavior makes him one of the show's best characters. Though, the only thing I would have wished from this episode is for the parents to be more supportive of their kids. Anyway, I just love the characters in this show, and I was happy to see more of the transition with Harper living with Alex and her family.moreless
  • 307

    A good episode of Wizards of Waverly Place (wow, I never thought I'd say that). Episodes like these show us that this show is actually capable of delivering a well written episode. I found myself laughing at most of the scenes, and there was hardly any cliche humor. Even though Max still annoys me beyond belief. His stupidity is overly exaggerated to a point where it's not even funny.

    Alex continues to be the funniest thing about this show, and I can really see Selena Gomez go far. She's not a horrible inexperienced actress, she's quite good, which I think is what makes the show as a whole likable. Something about David Henrie annoys me, I just don't really know what.

    The parents were also exceptional here from them wanting Harper to be their daughter to the father tripping Alex at the end there. Exceptional Wizards of Waverly Place tonight.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Justin: (finding out Harper didn't really win the marathon) I can still be the first Russo to win an athletic trophy. I'm going to train hard, eat right, and win the next marathon. I'll start as soon as my toenails grow back.
      (Justin walks a away with a bit of a limp)
      Theresa: (to Alex) See what you've done? Not only did you hurt Harper's feelings, but you sent your brother off on an unrealistic goal!
      Alex: Why? His toenails will grow back.

    • Alex: Good luck trying to track down the runners from Kenya.

    • Alex: But I do feel bad about Harper.
      Jerry: Well, I don't know how you're going to make it up to her. I'm mean it's not like she can do all those competitions over again. Oh shoot!
      Theresa: What's wrong?
      Jerry: (referring to Alex) I think accidentally gave her an idea.
      Alex: Yes you did!

    • Harper: (looking at the Cheater's Book of Spells) Win at Jumping Rope spell.
      Alex: Guilty.
      Harper: Achieve black belt in tae kwon do.
      Alex: Guilty.
      Harper: Picked first for kickball?!
      Alex: I'm surprised you didn't figure that one out on your own.
      Harper: Well, that's just great Alex. Some of my biggest achievements in life are all lies because of you!
      Alex: Now, I wouldn't say...picked first in kickball is a big achievement.

    • Jerry: Look what I found in "the area where Alex hides things" area.
      Alex: Well, time to move that area again.

    • Harper: Oh my gosh, Alex. You used magic on me so I would win?!
      Alex: Not you, just your feet.

    • (the Russos set up a spelling bee for Harper)
      Jerry: Okay, are you ready for you're word, Max?...
      Max: Max. M-A-C-K-S Max.
      Jerry: That's not your word, that's your name...and you misspelled it!
      Max: I should have asked for a definition.

    • Max: (to Harper) I'm going to make you my special after-marathon get-relaxed smoothie. Herbal tea, warm milk, and a jasmine-scented candle.
      Harper: Max, you're not allowed to play with candles anymore.
      Max: Or blenders, so shut up about it.

    • Alex: Harper, when you moved in here, you promised me you would never, ever, ever run a marathon!
      Harper: Dear, I never said that.
      Alex: Look I'm half-asleep, so my lies aren't really good right now.

    • Alex: I never used magic before my alarm clock went off. (laughs to herself) I don't have an alarm clock!

    • Justin: (about Harper) Oh, come on. She's not your daughter...
      Alex: Guys, check it out- if you put cereal on your hot dog, it counts as breakfast!
      Justin: That's your daughter.

    • Harper: Who won a tae kwon do contest? That's right. This girl! (hits her smoothie) That smoothie didn't even see it coming.

    • (Justin comes in and sits as he is exhausted from running in the marathon)
      Zeke: Hey Justin, you made it. Where've you been?
      Justin: I was finishing the marathon. Where were you? I wore the alien mask, like we discussed, when I crossed the finish line and there was nobody there to take the picture. Without the picture, it was just...stupid.
      (throws his alien mask on the table)

    • (Theresa, Jerry, Zeke, Harper, Max and Alex walk in after Harper wins the marathon with a silver big trophy)
      Theresa: Woo-hoo! Harper, we are so proud of you. Where should we display your winning trophy?
      Harper: In my room.
      (She begins to take the trophy up but couldn't because Theresa took it from her)
      Theresa: Don't be silly. Other people should know that a Russo won the marathon.
      Alex: She's not a Russo.
      Theresa: Until one of you kids wins a marathon, she is.

    • (Zeke and Justin start to play jump rope)
      Zeke: (singing as he turns the rope) Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground. Teddy bear...
      Justin: (interrupts) Zeke! Do it in your head.
      Zeke: Sorry.

    • Alex: Why would you ever run 26 miles?
      Harper: The same reason you stay on the couch for the entire month on July.
      Alex: Ooh, I get it. A sense of accomplishment. Setting a goal and then achieving it.

  • NOTES (1)

    • If look close at where Alex is talking with Zeke on the race track, you would notice that the Late Nite Bite is one of the marathon's sponsors.


    • The sound of Harper running fast on the treadmill is the same "running foot noise" featured in Hanna Barbera cartoons such as "The Flintstones".