Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 4 Episode 16

Misfortune at the Beach

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 24, 2011 on Disney Channel
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The Russo Family goes to the beach on a very hot summer day. The Russo children are warned to stay away from a fortune teller from the wizard world that makes Wizard's fortunes come true. Justin and Max try it and get good fortunes that come true. But, Alex's card tells her her life will soon end.


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  • After being disappointed in the two previous "Wizards of Waverly Place" episodes "Beast Tamer" and "Wizard Of The Year", I finally see an enjoyable and impressive episode tonight which was really good.moreless

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place". One thing in this episode kinda ruined it but I can let it slide since the episode was really good for the most part. Harper not being able to read was very funny. Max being the fortuneteller and giving out beard-related fortunes was absolutely hilarious. That fortuneteller Zartar (I believe it the name) being able to experience how fun it is being outside of the fortunetelling box was also good. Max's part was pretty much hilarious. Alex gets a fortune that says "Say good-bye to your life" and then bad things happen when she almost gets hit by objects such as the hammer etc. Now, Alex asked Zartar to take back the fortune and he would only do it if he can have fun for once and he did. Zartar took back her fortune and when the little girl got the fortune that Alex had... she won $1,000,000 which was what the fortune "Say good-bye to your life" was... it didn't make sense and kinda ruined it but it was funny when Alex got mad and said "Hey, that's my money" and all that. The very ending with the gang using the fan was also funny. Overall, nice to see that "Wizards of Waverly Place" is back on track after the two previous disappointing episodes. 10/10moreless
  • 417

    "Misfortune at the Beach" was not off the wall funny, but it was another strong episode of a show that I am really going to miss when it concludes its run soon.

    A bit dark at times with the prospect of Alex dying (or so she thought) and I was surprised a Disney show would go that root, but it was a clever little storyline and the entire cast delivered with some memorable lines tonight. Fun Summer based plot and it worked in the episode.

    Wizards is really character-based humor these days, but that can be effective when you have such well-written characters like this show does. Strong show tonight, definitely a 6.5/10 for me.moreless
  • As details of the storyline itself have already been covered, this review dwells on the controversy.

    This episode could have earned a better score as it was funny, entertaining, and introduced new character development. However, in the last few moments, the show took a "controversial" turn. The Fortune Telling Wizard agrees to help Alex Russo by taking back her fortune and giving it to his next customer. Now, the problem with this was at that point, the Russos (and Harper) were sure that the fortune "say goodbye to your life" meant that Alex Russo was going to die. Despite this, they were willing to let another person (a human, without magical abilities to prevent this awful fate) to die in her place. When the next customer turned out to be a little girl, Alex Russo showed remorse but did nothing to stop her receiving the fortune. Luckily, the fortune simply meant that she had won a million dollars, but the fact still remains that a family of wizards would have let a little girl die to save one of their own.moreless
  • good

    Jerry warns the kids not to get their fortunes read when at the beach. Max and Justin do, and they get good fortunes- Max gets free ice cream and Justin gets a hot girl's phone number. They convince Alex to do it, and she gets a fortune that says "Say goodbye to your life."

    Good episode, for the most part. I liked Harper not being able to read, all of Max's fortunes being beard-related, amongst other things. However, the ending, when Alex finds out the true meaning of her fortune, after it was given to the little girl, is kind of stupid. Here's why: when Max and Justin got their fortunes, their fortunes happened RIGHT AFTER they got them. Whereas Alex's literally almost got her in serious injury at the beach. Unless the meaning of the fortune changes over time, or eventually Alex WOULD have gotten the million dollars that goes with the fortune. Either way it seems kind of a copout ending to me. C+/B- or so is my final grademoreless

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