Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 3

Monster Hunter

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 23, 2009 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

In Wizard Class, Justin demonstrates the "thin man" spell, to which Alex jokes saying it will make Justin 'thin' and 'a man'. Confetti suddenly appears and Mr Stuffleby walks in to congratulate Justin on completing his five-thousandth spell, which completes his Wizard studies. Justin and Jerry are both thrilled. Alex then asks how many spells she has completed and Mr. Stuffleby says she has only completed about a hundred. Jerry decides to reward Justin with any slice of pie from the pie fridge. Mr. Stuffleby also says that with the completion of his Wizard studies, Justin will be able to go on to independent studies. Alex mocks this, since Justin has finished school just to be rewarded with more school. But when the subject is brought up about how she and Max are so far behind, and Justin might as well be competing with a chair. Alex starts to become concerned that Justin might actually become the family wizard. She then tells Mr. Stuffleby not to count out her and Max. Max confidently agrees and says he's smarter than that chair and takes a coin from the seat. Alex then says "Well then don't count out me!"

Justin later chooses the Monster Hunting course as his independent study. He gloats about it to Alex, who tells him he can use the Monster Hunting course to round up all his ex-girlfriends. Alex wants to be able to catch up to Justin in her Wizard studies, and invites Harper over so she can help her study. Being an expert on Justin, Harper shows Alex what Justin does to get ahead, such as using spell answers to turn on things in his room, or playing songs on his MP3 player that help him memorize spells. Alex gets Justin's potion-making spell stuck in head and realizes that it actually helps her remember spells.

Meanwhile, Max decides that the gloves are off when it comes to the Wizard competition, so he tries to figure out a way to sabotage Justin. However, Alex deciding to take her studying seriously, suggests that Max should do what she is doing and 'let his conscience be his guide'. In the Lair, Max looks up a spell for a "Conscience Guide", but he decides to ignore all the instructions. He recites the spell, which ends up separating his conscience from himself and bringing it into human form. Realizing Max's mistake, the conscience tells him that he was supposed to say the spell in front of a mirror, so that his reflection would become his conscience. Max decides that he likes this guy and asks him for some ideas on how to sabotage Justin, but the conscience tries to explain to him that it is his job is to teach Max right from wrong. When Conscience uses Justin's Monster Hunter manual as a example of Max's selfish intentions, Max then get the idea to use a spell to bring all the monsters in the book to life so the city will be overrun with monsters and Justin won't be able to capture them all. Even though Conscience tells him not to, Max releases all the monsters into New York City. Max then realizes his mistake and blames Conscience for 'not being very clear'.

Meanwhile, after going through his Monster Hunter equipment with his dad, Justin goes in search for a level 1 monster called "Fakehorseus" at Grand Central Station. Justin's monster detector then starts going off like crazy, due to all the monsters in the city. Alex learns about what Max did, and they go to help Justin, who is being attacked by monsters. Max and Conscience decide to detract the monsters by break-dancing, which only works for a little bit. Alex then realizes she knows a spell that can help. She casts a spell on Justin's gym bag, which grows legs. The monsters follow the bag which runs away into a subway train. Alex then casts a spell that transports the train to Spain, therefor saving Justin for once. Justin thanks Alex for saving his life. Even she has had to overcome a lot of studying, confidently, Alex tells Justin that she is coming much closer to beating him in the Wizard competition. Justin says he accepts that challenge. For some reason, Max starts "wrestling with his conscience".

During the credits, the Wizards of Waverly Place cast asks Moises Arias if they could get a picture. But by this, they mean he takes a picture of them. They claim they do this with all their guest stars and show Moises a photo album of pictures of them that was taken by Jeff Garlin, Misty-May Trainer, and Dwayne Johnson. After that, David Henrie asks Moises if he would like to come play with some props.

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