Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 3

Monster Hunter

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 23, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Epic Character development.

    Justin finally completes his basic wizard training and decides to continue his advanced studies with monster hunting! Even Mr. Stufflby (from the gargoyle face guy from "make it happen") returns to congratulate him. Alex is very concerned about this, as Justin may actually become the family wizard, and then decides to knuckle down and start studying. With Alex finally applying herself, Max kinda takes the role as the mischievous younger sibling and looks for a way to sabotage Justin (with his usual naive shtick of course). This ultimately has him accedently separating his conscience from himself (and bringing Moises Arias into a guest appearance on the show). Moises Arias does a great performance as the one who is determined to teach Max right from wrong, but is faced with the difficult challenge of trying to get through that thick head of Max's. However, Max's lack of listening skills then has him freeing the wizard world's most wanted monsters into New York (with some very impressive special effects), while Justin is starting small on level 1 monsters (excluding 'Fakehorseus', the other monsters looked pretty good). Luckily, Alex is able to help by using a special song to help her remember spells and saves Justin for once. This then has her feeling reluctant to the idea that she becoming more like Justin! But I it's so cool to see Alex finally putting more effort into her wizard studies because the one who is destined to be the family wizard ain't so predictable anymore. Though, I hope this doesn't mean Max will be taking over her shtick from now on. The conscience thing was an interesting idea considering Max's unpredictable antics. In general, it's just good to see Moises getting out of that 'Rico' shtick and playing a good guy for once. Plus, he and Max are just a funny pair. And I would really like to see where it goes from here. Bottom line: Great episode, and hope it continues on.
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