Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 3

Monster Hunter

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 23, 2009 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In most episodes, Alex causes trouble by misusing magic and Justin has to help her. This is the first time Alex saves Justin, while Max is the one who caused the problem.

    • Max names his conscience Roy, but also calls by him Darren, and later Gordon.

    • Spells Featured:
      "Hair all frizzy, don't have a tizzy, thin lizzy!"- makes you thin.
      "My inner thoughts of right and wrong, Come out come out where you belong!"- brings your consience out, but you're supposed to stand in front of a mirror, then your reflection will become your conscience.
      "Hot monsters in the city, running wild what a pity!"- releases monsters into your city.
      "Leg'n'fita runamita!" or "Grow legs and go away"- gives something legs and makes it run away.
      "Train in vain, go to Spain!"- sends a train to Spain.

    • Goof: Jerry says that Justin's first spell was turning a brick into a rabbit and Justin replies 'Edgebonoutoosis'. It was actually Alex who accidentally turned a guinea pig into a brick in Report Card, and the spell was "This (object or person) is now a not, a (object or person) should fill its slot". In Crazy Ten Minute Sale, 'Edgebonoututoosis' was the duplication spell.

    • The version of the song that Alex sings in the train station is slightly different from the original one she was singing with Harper in the kitchen.

    • When Max enters Justin's room to discuss, with Alex, ways to sabotage Justin, a CD on the wall from Philadelphia's 90's punk-rock band "Thorazine" can be seen to the right of the doorway.

  • Quotes

    • Max: Your my conscience? This isn't what I meant to do. You gotta get out of here!
      Conscience: Well I wouldn't be here if you would have read the instructions.
      Max: Instructions are for cheaters.

    • Alex: (to Max) Dude, aren't you a little worried that Justin might beat us in the wizard competition?
      Max: Alex, I'm worried about a lot of things. This might be as tall as I get!

    • Max: How come you don't look like me?
      Conscience: I'm what you look like to other people.
      Max: (while observing Conscience) Well, I guess I'll have to admit it now; I don't have a mustache.

    • Justin: So I just decided what independent study course I'm going to take and it's called "ha-ha, I'm beating you in the wizard competition" (laughs), that was a good one. Just kidding, all seriousness, the course is called "Monster hunting".
      Alex: Oh good, then you can round up all of your ex-girlfriends.

    • Harper: Alex, when you called and said something about studying, I thought you were being held against your will and forced to say crazy stuff.

    • Justin: (on the phone) My monster detector is lit up like a Christmas tree! It's like there's monsters all around me, but I don't see any! (monsters appear and start coming toward Justin) Okay I see them. Quick question: (scared) What are they all doing here!?!

    • Justin: (reading the monster hunter booklet) "Fakehorseus", this looks like and easy one,"a cowardly monster...", good, "whose only tools in life are sarcasm and complaining".
      Jerry: Yeah, you can catch that. I mean, you grew up with Alex.

    • (Max casts a spell that brings all the monsters in the booklet to life in order to sabotage Justin)
      Conscience: You just released the most horrible monsters into New York! Ya' happy?!
      Max: I think so, it feels pretty good.
      Conscience: It feels pretty good. Well, when they come back here and eat your face off, I don't want to hear it!
      Max: They're not coming back here.
      Conscience: They could. They're loose in the city! That's what I was telling you!
      Max: Roy, you have got to be more clear next time! This is totally your fault.
      Conscience: Mine? YOU cast the spell!
      Max: Look, when something goes wrong, you blame whoever you're with. That's how it works in this family.
      Conscience: Well, you're kind of blaming yourself.
      Max: Alright, then. Let's go blame Alex.

    • (Alex and Harper are singing in the kitchen to the tune of "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain When She Comes")
      Alex: (singing) I am singing this whole song to learn a spell.
      Harper: Learn a spell.
      Alex: This is something that Justin does so well.
      Harper: Does so well.
      Alex: When I'm in a jam and need to scram, I use a spell called 'jackie chan', I'm singing this whole song and I learn spells. When I need something that's far away, I say a spell called... (pauses and reads what is written in book)...grow legs and come my way.
      Harper: It comes in handy if you're lazy, which you are and sometimes mean, (starts to sound angry) your best friend you don't even care or thank me for the things I do...
      Alex Harper!
      (Harper pauses)
      Alex: Is everything okay?
      Harper: Oh, you mean because it didn't rhyme? I'll work on that.

    • Alex: Max, I can't believe you would do something this stupid.
      Max: Alex, I think we all believe I can do something this stupid.

  • Notes

    • David Henrie and Moises Arias co-starred together in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped, which also had a voice role played by Jennifer Stone.

    • This is Fred Willard's second appearance as Mr. Stuffleby since the season two episode "Make It Happen".

    • This episode is the first part of "The Chronicles of Moises: Voice of Reason" trilogy.

  • Allusions

    • The potion-making song that plays from Justin's MP3 player has the same tune as the theme song from Barney the Dinosaur. Selena Gomez (Alex) got her acting debut on Barney and Friends.

      The song that Harper and Alex make up has the same tune as "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain".