Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 14, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Justin does not let Alex hang out with his friends or go into an R-Rated movie, so she uses magic to get in, but she winds up in the movie. Meanwhile, Theresa worries that her kids are growing up too quickly.

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  • Best Season 1 episode...yet just satisfying

    This episode could've easily been so much better for a Halloween episode. From all Disney episodes, Suite Life of Zack and Cody impressed me most with their Halloween specials, "Ghost in Suite 619", "Scary Movie" and "Arwinstein" Those episodes were extremely awesome, their ideas were very creative and both seriousness and comedy was thrown in superbly.

    Now I'll tell you why this one wasn't that great. Firstly, this episode doesn't really try to scare you or anything in any sort of way. The plot was good, but the episode itself certainly didn't impress me much as I was hoping for more. This episode also didn't have too much comedy or anything.

    Overall, for Disney fans who wanna see Halloween specials just check out Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Those were the best!moreless
  • The awesomest of awesome

    First of all, they used an overrused plot into such a fabulous episode. it is really hilarious and all their jokes were so funny. i just loved the scene where alec's mother finds them in the movies and walks towards them and how alex just abandons justin: classic.

    this is like the only good show on disney once Suite life is gone. its such a pity though. anyway, this episode is absoublutely fabulous. everyone would love this episode.

    and since ive gt many words left to go i shall say that this episode is funny, hilarious, awesome, cooliesy, freakin' sweet and best of the bestmoreless
  • It's basically Alex and Justin trying to sneak into an R-rated movie. Nothing special happened.

    In this episode, Alex wants to go see an R-rated movie after Justin decides to go see it with his older friends. It's the same type of plot you see in other shows like Lizzie McGuire and The Buzz on Maggie, only it involves Alex and Justin getting stuck inside the movie.

    Okay, this episode is kind of mediocre at best. I mean, the movie that they literally went in is not a really good one. I mean, come on. A masked midget with a hairdryer? That's just stupid. I mean, what was he planning to do in the movie? Give the sorority girls bad haircuts so that they die instantly? That's not scary. If Rogert Ebert were to give this movie a rating, he would give it One star for a terrible performance. Joking aside, this episode is just average and is not good, IMO. Overall, I give this episode a 5 out of 10.moreless
  • This one is my least-rated episode for me.

    I really don;t like this episode. All it is is that Jerry teaches the kids make'em up spells, which is pretty useful, I must say. But, then, Alex wants to join Justin's group, instead with Max and her parents.

    So, when Alex uses a spell to get in the r-rated movie, something smoehting, house 2, she really ment IN it! So, it seems that Justin goes in, too. Then, this whole bose chase, and, finally, they get a dead end and back they are. Jerry and Theresa finds, out unfortunatlly.

    Okay, this is my least favorite episode. I just gotta say it.moreless
  • Movies

    "Movies" is one of the best episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place that I have ever seen, and I mean that honestly. I was surprised with how early and often I was laughing during the show and while Wizards it always amusing, it was extra funny here tonight. I know some people did not like the episode, but I loved it, from the horror movie parodies, to Justin not wanting Alex to be with his friends, it was just a well done episode of a situational comedy from start to finish and one of the best episodes of this Disney series.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Zack's name changed after this episode, now he is called Zeke not Zack.

    • Goof: When Alex jumps up from behind the couch and meets Ruby, she says "Hi, Im Alec".

    • Justin and Alex aren't allowed in the R-rated movie because they're under 17. In reality, according to MPAA guidelines, American movie theaters can allow children under 17 into R-rated movies as long as they're accompanied by someone over 17. Since Alex and Justin were with their 17 year old friends, they would have been allowed in.

      Reply: In New York, where the Russo's live, you are not allowed to see an R rated movie under 17 unless you are with an adult over 21. Their friends were not over 21 therefore they could not go in with them.

    • Jerry believes that Alex is so wild that she should be drafted by the Air Force.

    • We learn that wizards are able to make their own spells. One of the few rules is that the incantations have to rhyme for the spell to be effective. Another problem is that it can be misinterpreted and do something completely different than originally intended, so the wizards have to be very literal.

      Spells Featured:

      "Satisfy my empty belly, make me a peanut butter and jelly" - This turned Max into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Alex turned Max back to human form by saying "Although I love such tasty snacks, I'd rather have my brother Max".

      "I'm old enough to hang with actress/model/spokeswoman Ruby Donahue, so get me into Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2" - Alex intended to transport herself into the movie theater, but she ended up actually being in the movie.

      "We've had enough of all this fear, so hurry up and get us out of here!" - Alex and Justin were trying to transport themselves out of the movie, but they ended up in a different part of the house in the movie.

      "I'm scared of what might happen next, so take us to the Mondoplex" - This successfully transports Alex and Justin back into the theater lobby.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Justin: (About Alex's fake I.D.) It's just a piece of construction paper a a clipping of that new weather girl I like. (Hesitates) You went into my room without asking!

    • Jerry: Today, we are learning spell improvisation, or make'em ups.

    • Jerry: (trying to teach spells) Okay, you haven't eaten for days and your starving, and in desperate need of a sandwich. What do you do?
      Alex: I go down to the sandwich shop and ask Mom to make me a sandwich.
      Jerry: Yes, but Mom's not there?
      Justin: Where's Mom?
      Jerry: She left the country.
      Justin: Left the country! Why? Is she okay?
      Jerry: She's fine!
      Alex: Well if she's fine I don't see why she couldn't make me a sandwich.

    • Alex: (to Susan) Please tell me you're talking about something incredibly lame right now.
      Susan: Actually, a lot of us are making plans to see Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2.
      (Susan crosses to the counter)
      Alex: You mean that new Ruby Donahue movie?
      Susan: Uh-huh!
      Alex: I love Ruby Donahue!
      Susan: Me too! She's like a role model of mine! I plan to follow exactly in her footsteps! I'm gonna grow up on a ranch in Montana, start my own charity for something sad, and then create my own price-conscious beret line.
      Alex: Have you heard her new CD of sensitive but mildly angry rock songs?

    • Alex: Excuse me, did you just laugh at something Justin Russo said?
      Math Geek: Of course I did, Justin's hilarious.
      Alex: Reeeeeeeeally? And would you normally describe yourself as a very boring person?
      Math Geek: Actually, I was voted least boring in the yearbook three years in a row.
      Alex: Wouldn't that be most exciting.
      Math Geek: No that's Sean Cunningham. He's very exciting.

    • Jerry: Max, what do you need right now?
      Max: Bagpipes!...I wasn't listening.

    • Justin: Face it, Alex. You're mad because I'm more mature than you.
      Alex: Mature? You're the only one in this family who still takes a bath.
      Justin: You try floating an aircraft carrier in the shower!

    • Justin: Alex Russo has messed up, and put herself in a movie, put me also in that movie! That didn't even sound like a spell! Now let's see. What rhymes with movie? Boovie? Joovie? Loovy? Plant!

    • Alex: I know it bothers you. But it's out of my control. We don't choose our friends.
      Justin: (hesitates) Yes we can!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Britney Spears:

      Jerry to Alex: "You're not a girl, not yet a woman."
      Jerry refers to the song "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman." song by pop star, Britney Spears.