Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 4 Episode 20

My Two Harpers

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 30, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • my two harpers


    A premise that could have been ripped right from an episode of Family Guy and just an enjoyable half hour of comedy right here. Only a few shows left before Wizards signs off for the final time, and I know that they are ending their run with strong episodes, not forgettable ones. Harper really signed in this show tonight and she has been great all season long after being hit or miss for most of the series for me. Good episode here, definitely recommend watching it.

  • To get over her breakup with Mason, Alex makes a clone of Harper so she can spend time with her while the original Harper has more time with Zeke.


    I was finally able to catch this episode, I missed it on the day that it premiered but I finally watched this episode. Thank god for the DVR, I love recording shows. Anyways, I really enjoyed this episode and I think the WoWP fans will enjoy this one as well. The plot is about when Alex has been getting in the way of Harper and Zeke from spend time with each other. Harper and Zeke tell Alex that they both need space so they can have alone time with each other. Alex is sad because she wants to spend time with Harper and get over her breakup with Mason (awwwww poor Alex, I did feel bad when he got a little sad after Harper and Zeke talked to her about giving them some space). Alex then decides to make a clone of Harper so she can spend time with her while the original Harper will get to have more time with Zeke. In the subplot, Jerry needs to budget some stuff in the restaurant and Max got the idea that they build a restaurant for the Wizards World. But will they manage to do both restaurants for the Wizard World and the diner?. I kinda thought Justin was being a little mean to Max in this episode. Justin was getting me a little mad in this episode but I'll let it slide especially since because Justin does irritate me sometimes. There were a lot of parts in this episode that really made me laugh such as when Zeke fainted after seeing two Harpers, original Harper threatening clone Harper, Alex interrupting Zeke and Harper's kiss in the beginning of the episode, Max's idea with the restaurant in the Wizard World, Jerry trying to cook fast when things get very crazy and busy, the very end of the episode with Alex bringing back clone Harper, and more. Overall, an excellent episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place". 10/10

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