Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 5

Night at the Lazerama

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 2009 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Justin is told that he must track down an evil mummy to complete his studies. When he is about to leave with Juliet for the museum where the mummy has been spotted, he is warned not to look into the mummies eyes, or he will become the mummies servant forever.
Meanwhile, Max and Gordon- his conscience-are studying for an upcoming wizard test. Alex comes downstair and spots them. She realizes that Max is doing better than her in her wizard studies, so she gets Harper to have Gordon come to the planetarium with her. Gordon is seperated from Max, and Max begins to do the wrong things.
At the museum, Justin and Juliet realize an exhibit is open and step inside to investigate. The glass door closes behind them, and they are trapped inside. They see the mummy and witness him enslave a group of kids. Justin tries to break the glass with one of the boulders, but it's styrofoam. Juliet trys to break out as a bat, but she cannot. Justin uses magic, but the glass doesn't break. Justin explains to Juliet that they can wait until morning when someone will open the case again. Juliet tells him that if she is out when the sun is up, she will turn into ash since she is a vampire.
At home, Alex gets in trouble with her parents and Jerry tells her to find Gordon. Meanwhile, Gordon is growing a conscience of his own, which means he is his own person now. When Alex arrives, she uses a spell to show him what's happening to Max. Gordon's new consience tells him it would be the right thing to go home and become one with Max again, but Gordon willingly ignores him. Alex asks him how much he weighs, and he answers skeptically. Alex tells his conscience to pick him up by his arms, and they leave the planetarium for the Russo's home.
Justin has had an idea about how to save Juliet from the sunshine. She'll have to look into the mummies eyes and become his slave. Juliet is worried about him, and he explains that someone will come get him in the morning. They both turn to the barrier and wave at the hypnotized kids who are facing them. The kids wave, and the mummy turns to see what they're waving at. Justin and Juliet hug goodbye, and the mummy removes Juliet from the exhibit. Juliet rubs noses with Justin through the glass, and then turn readily to the mummy. The mummy hypnotizes her and realizes she is a vampire. He tells her to grow her wings and to fan him on the way out. He asks her how fast they go, and Juliet replies that they go 45 miles per hour in the country, 25 in the city. Justin yells at her that he will come and save her if its the last thing he does.
Gordon's conscience and Alex return home. Gordon becomes one with Max again, and his conscience dissapears. Alex tells Jerry excitedly that she learned a spell that will turn Gordon into a pair of socks. Theresa says that Max can just wear conscience. Since he only has one pair of socks, it might as well be Conscience. Jerry tells Alex to turn Max into a clothes washer, and to turn Gordon into socks. Alex puts him in the washer and changes Max back. Max promises he'll clean everything and begins to. Alex does a spell to see what Justin and Juliet are doing, and sees Justin locked up. She leaves for the museum.
When she arrives, she frees Justin and promises she'll help him save Juliet.

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